Wordpress Plugins for Musicians

Worpress plugins for musicians

When you tour regularly, GigPress is a plugin that you want to have in your arsenal. stream music with Soundcloud or Spotify. You can sell digital downloads with Music Store. This is a simple calendar of events designed for musicians, but useful for everyone. WordPress plugins for musicians.

Requires WordPress plugins for musicians.

There is no exemption for the musical industries from this regulation. As CD and CD downloading continues to decrease as a result of free of charge audio streamers, a strong on-line experience is a mandated service for musicians. Fortunately, WordPress is available to the musicians. Even the most technically adept musician has been able to build a website that brings out his talent and opens up a whole new on-line world.

With a WordPress installation, the default utility kit is more than enough to get any player up and running quickly. But to really make your website chant (pun intended!), to make it a website that makes folks stick around longer, buy your tunes, go to your shows and make bright critiques, these WordPress plugins could be your new best mate.

Every musician's be-all and end-all is the actual concert itself. Often it is one of the major motivations why musicians become musicians - out of passion for the theatre and in front of an audience. Therefore it should come as no big wonder that we started our WordPress plugins to help us administer our tours and event schedule.

This is a wider range audio and video performance plug-in that is not specifically developed for musicians and artists, but can still be used for managing gigs. This is a very complete incident managment tools that allows the user to generate and manage incidents. This works with the'Custom post type' included in WordPress, which offers similar functions to postal messages, but with extra functions.

With this plug-in, you can replicate incidents (with sophisticated user-defined schedules), allocate locations, synchronize with iCal, apply rebate code, and more. There' also an Event Organiser Pro, a chargeable premier add-on that includes reservation administration features, PayPal payments gateway, speed dial for your meeting finder, user-defined location boxes and more.

When it comes to numbers, this is the Events Organizer plug-in for you - over half a million times in its life, of which 30,000 are currently in use. When touring or performing on a regular basis, you should really consider including GigPress in your WordPress music. GigPress was introduced in 2007 and allows you to organize coming and past performance through the WordPress administration panels and view it on your website via the GigPress website, PHP templates tag or plain shortcut.

It''s unbelievably simple to use and you can even customize the look with HTML or HTML/CSMSC. GigPress lets you organize more than one performer and view them either as a single list or grouped by performer - ideal if you have a single location for a lived meal. It even contains iCalendareeds as well as Google Calendar and iCal link downloads for single shows.

When you are a concert musician, your website must definitely contain all the necessary information or your concert or concert schedule, and this is an obvious way to do that. Featuring over 260,000 hits (20,000+ currently active) and a 4.7 stars score, this is definitely the most beloved route manager plug-in.

It is a rather basic events schedule that was originally made by a performer with musicians in view. New York jazzpianist Matthew Fries (from whom the artist is coming in Gig Calendar) designed the plug-in because he was looking for a customizable diary for his own website.

Functions included multiday meeting assistance, the possibility to add stylized text, pictures, hyperlinks and a variety of other items to the meeting lists, a great ease of use duplication of meetings and short-circuit variable so user can adjust the edition. You can also place an agenda on any page or posting in more than one location.

His statistics, however, are not quite as impressing as GigPress - 20,000 downloads (3,000 active). It' a bit more progressive than MF Gig Calendar than MF Gigalendar ( which acknowledges that it should be easy and flexible). It' for musicians and groups who want to publish a schedule of their gigs on their WordPress website.

It is so simple to use that it is suitable for both musicians and fans to use. Those plugins are supposed to help. NextGEN Picture Warehouse is the most complete WordPress Picture Warehouse plug-in available today, according to its developers. You can get this plug-in in a free and a professional-edition.

Plus, the Professional Edition lets you get more imaginative with your pictures - you can even make full-width pictures and slide shows. More than 14 million files are downloaded, of which 1 million are still in use, making it a dependable picture managing utility. Unless this picture plug-in is a fantasy, take a look at our latest review of 8 WordPress plugins to make impressive picture effects.

When you want to give your supporters an insight into your work, is there no better way than to integrate preview videos on your website? Many plugins exist that allow you to do this simply and with a minimal amount of effort. Probably the best choice out there if you want to put a high value plugin to your WordPress page.

This plug-in lets you easily load your tracks and allow your audiences to hear them whenever they want. Best of all, you can place this plug-in anywhere on a page where you want. It can be included on your store page and with the trial edition you can even add the "Buy Now" button next to each song.

and that' s the best way to do it. Spotify Master for WordPress lets you view your band and musician's spotify songs, play lists, and even whole records via the Spotify Musiknetzwerk. If you are a SoundCloud users (instead of Spotify), you can also choose this plug-in.

Much like the above plug-in, and made by the same guys (TechGasp) - this only works on the SoundCloud instead! The following applies to every musician: the more you become successfull, the less you will have to spend your personal moments with your supporters. Fortunately, there are a few WordPress plugins that can help you automatize these process.

It is possible to generate an automatic answer that will be published at a certain point in your website after a user has submitted a feedback. Rather than post a message, this plug-in will redirect your visitors to a page of your choosing as soon as they post a message. Browse to your "Music" page and write a memo saying something like "Thank you for your comment".

Have a look at our free musical rehearsals here'. The connection to your fan base and other musicians is the best way to establish a reputation and a good networking relationship. While there are many free plugins for making contacts, if you want something more compelling, you should consider Gravity Forms. Here we have it, a summary of some of the most important WordPress plugins for a volume or a performer.

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