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WordPress 32 must-have (and free) plugins WorldPress will never be able to do everything you expect it to do... and that's a good thing. Goodbye, five-minute installation!

Luckily, there are plugins. Many plugins. The WordPress add-ons compensate for what the kernel is missing. No wonder that the extensibility of plugins is one of the platform's greatest assets.

It' s no mystery that although there are ten thousand of plugins in the WordPress folder, the differences in build can be enormous. This is a listing of 32 free WordPress plugins for various uses in an effort to separate the straw from the maize. First, we'll take a look at some plugins that enhance the general usability of your WordPress page and make everyday work a little bit simpler.

How every WordPresser will quickly find out, the amount of spamming on the web is overwhelming. The Antispam Bee is a free plug-in that captures your comment on your web site very reliable. The Jetpack is not so much a plug-in, but a set of several add-ons with different functions. But Jetpack is so full of some many useful functions that I am willing to ignore it.

To learn more about the Jetpack plug-in, please refer to my Jetpack manual. If you' re among those who think the Jetpack is too big or just want some of the features it has to deliver, take a look at over 45 Jetpack options. Simply run the plug-in, let it compress your website, copy it to the new host and run the installation for you.

It even replaces all references to your old site location in the data base with the current one. Topic Checks to see if your topic complies with the latest WordPress industry best practice. Actually, this is the same procedure used by WordPress.org when submitting topics to the repository for evaluation, and the plug-in is strongly encouraged for development.

Upgrading WordPress can be a nuisance, especially if you run multiple websites at the same time. It is very adaptable. Specify whether main or secondary version should be updated auto-, as well as topics and plug-ins for one or more locations. If you didn't know for each picture that is posted on your site, WordPress will create multiple copies of it in different dimensions.

That'?s what this plug-in is for. Genuine lifesaver and timesaver. Fortunately this plug-in makes it a thing of the past. You can use this convenient plug-in to manage the comment feature from anywhere. Note only that if you want to deactivate comment per posting or per page, this is not the right plug-in for you.

The default WordPress settings are sufficient in this case. In order to ensure that your website doesn't go rotten undiscovered in a murky nook of the web, the following plugins will help you get the heart of the searching machine it merits. To me (and many others) this beautiful Team Yoast application is the go-to-SEO WordPress plug-in.

This is the right way if you want to take full responsibility for the optimisation of your website. On this website you can consult the detailed instructions for using WordPress by Yoast software. Not only does the redirection plug-in allow you to keep tabs on when someone ends up on a non-existent web page on your site (the feared 404 error), but you can also create 301 redirections to get them to the right contents next one.

Very useful if you want to modify your permission link tree, move parts of your contents or just send traffic to another page, site or site. An analytic approach is the enabler to understanding the behaviour of your traffic and most of us choose Google Analytics. Google analytics by Yoast lets you review your website's most important metrics directly from the WordPress dashboard.

There is also one of the simplest set-ups in the plugin sphere - you are done in seconds. Viewing a listing of contents with similar themes below your postings is a good way to keep traffic to your site longer, and there are a number of plugins that can do this.

Most of them, however, are a true burden on the data base and can seriously decelerate your website. In order to solve this problem, the Related Posts in Jetpack cartridge offloads the hard transport to the WordPress.com server, giving you the freedom to do what you want them to do. Pretty good for a free plug-in.

You can use this plug-in with the appropriate name to watch the link in your post, pages, your blog roll and more. Best of all, defective hyperlinks can be directly processed from the plug-in page. It is no longer enough to rely only on the traffics of searching machines. Fortunately, the following plugins will make the whole thing a little simpler.

The SumoMe is similar to Jetpack because it is not a single plug-in, but a set of free utilities in one. So if you are looking for extra share option, this is the plug-in for you. Whilst there are many form solution available, Contact Form 7 has proven to be one of the most common WordPress plugins.

In addition, it also provides support for anti-spam technologies such as CAPTCHA and Akismet. It also allows you to spontaneously edit contributions and manage the work of multiple writers simultaneously. Like the name says, this plug-in allows users to sign up for comments via e-mail. As WordPress becomes more popular, however, it will only become more important.

It' s your turn to be one step ahead with these plugins. iThemes is a respected WordPress firm known for a range of high-quality plugins and product. Once installed, the plug-in will almost always protect your website against external attack. Logon blocking limits the number of logon tries on your site that can be made from an IP site in a given period of the year.

Our aim is to help your website avoid malicious web site exploits, where a hacker tries to break a password by trying many different permutations in a hurry. Whilst this type of function is present in many safety plug-ins (including iThemes), it is here in its own part. A quick and reactive website is the most important thing for the satisfaction of your website's users and your team.

A cache plugin is one of the most important ways to accelerate your WordPress website. Consequently, fewer queries are made to the servers and databases, pages are loaded faster, visitor satisfaction is higher and results are improved. Like I said at the beginning, the plugins available for WordPress can be of very different qualities.

Fortunately, the puzzle guessing is taken out of the case by the patch's 3-pinboard. It measures the loading time of all plugins on your website and reports them back to you. Pictures make up the majority of a WordPress page or web page. That makes the file smaller and faster to download.

Another plug-in that helps your website reduce your website's bandwith and downloads. This is done by the use of the llazy loaded plug-in, which replaces all pictures on your website with wildcards and loads only those that your users can actually see. As with the remainder of WordPress, the WordPress data base can become overloaded slightly over the years.

Artefacts from deinstalled plugins, spamming commentaries, mail reviews, whatever. With the plug-in you can clear and optimise your databases with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, you can also use the plug-in to Destroyed commentaries and postings, reviews and spams are erased just as quickly as idle information. Used for a squeaky-clean WordPress-base. Finally, and a few handfuls of free WordPress plugins that don't really fall into one categories, but can still significantly enhance your website.

It' s fully interoperable with multi-sites, favourite videoservices like YouTube and many major galleries plugins. Boy, do I have good messages for you. sqTranslate used to be one of my favourite plugins. Fortunately, a new development squad has come together to make it come back to live. sqTranslate allows you to manipulate contents in multiple tongues on the same monitor.

I will be the first to say that not every page needs the possibility to show spreadsheets, so this plug-in is not absolutely necessary. In addition, the plug-in is able to load and unload Excel, CSV, HTML and other file types. The TinyMCE widget plug-in from Black Studio offers the WordPress generator in the sidebar for HTML legends.

Sorry, this plug-in supersedes the default WordPress toolbar. View results by relevancy rather than timeliness, enabling blurred match keywords and unambiguous or unambiguous searches. Free versions work for a standalone site, and even the Professional versions support searching across several sites. When you are located in a jurisdiction with stricter data protection laws, you will not warn your users not to use a cookie on your site.

Fortunately, this plug-in offers a simple way to do this. What WordPress plugins are important for you? Meanwhile a large number of plugins for WordPress is available. Below is a list of high-quality supplements to any WordPress website. This does not mean, however, that you must or should have installed them all.

Which are your must-have plugins that you deploy on almost every website? WordPress he found when he needed a website for his first company and immediately fallen in Love with him.

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