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Best 19 WordPress Topics for Podcaster Looking for the right WordPress theme for your podcast website? We' ve got an essay on how to launch a podcast in WordPress, and some of our reader's are asking for the best podcast advice. We have selected some of the best WordPress topics for podcasters in this review. WorldPress is a favorite website building tool for podcasts around the globe.

WordPress is of two different kinds, and it is very important that you make the right choice. WordPress.com, which is a hosted plattform, and WordPress.org, which is also known as self-hosted WordPress. See our WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org compare for detail. It is recommended that you use self-hosted WordPress.org to create your podcast website.

WordPress is a WordPress application that gives you instant and easy acces to all the power of WordPress. You also need a WordPress webhosting account, here the data of your website will be saved. You are one of the biggest web hosters in the word and an official WordPress recommendation web host. Next, you need to setup your podcast.

You can find details in our step-by-step podcast launch guides. However, let's take a look at some of the best WordPress topics for podcasters. The Satchmo is a WordPress podcasting theme specifically developed for the podcaster. Featuring a beautiful styling with a large wallpaper, a call to action key and the latest installment of episodesidget.

There are many podcast functions and a nice video clip that looks great on any device. ItĀ also comes with full plugin compatibility for dragging and dropping Page Builders and works with all popular WordPress Podcaster plugs. It is a universal WordPress theme that comes with ready-made themes and 1-click installation.

There is also a strong Page Builder to manipulate each page or make your own design. The Ultra has functions that make your podcast unmistakable. There' a gorgeous sound card in it that harmonizes with your design without any effort. It has a 1-click demonstration inserter and a page with user-defined design preferences for easy setup.

Goumbo is another great WordPress theme for Podcaster. Developed to make a sustainable first impact on your audience with a breathtaking and contemporary look. There is full blubrry podcasthosting and PowerPress podcast plugin functionality. There is also built-in connectivity for internally and externally embedded content from any hosts, such as Soundcloud, YouTube, Vimeo, and more.

Aesthetics is a wonderfully crafted WordPress theme for the podcaster and blogger. There are several posting style listings that are well suited for your podcast episodes. What's more, it's a great way to get your podcasts listed. There' a simple way to edit with the Page Builder and fast set-up features such as 1-click importers and theme choices. On the inside you'll also find a gorgeous audioplayer that's great for self-hosted podcast music.

The Pepper+ is a versatile WordPress theme that can be used for any type of website, even a podcast. This comes with several pre-built website themes with demos that you can easily set up with one click and then modify with your own customization. It' s really simple to use and works great with the major WordPress plug-ins, plus any podcast plug-ins you want to use.

Like the name implies, music is a WordPress theme developed for musician, artist, broadcast and podcast. Comes with a beautiful full-screen wallpaper and a full-width audioplayer at the bottom. It' s really simple to use and contains everything you need for your Podcast website.

The theme is simple to configure, and you can also easily upload demonstration contents to make setting up even simpler. OSCILATOR is a high-performance yet easy-to-use WordPress theme for musician and podcast. Comes with a gorgeous streamed audioplayer that looks great on even your portable device. There is a drag-and-drop home page with user-defined widgets for searching for contents and integrating into your community life.

The Lenscap is a beautiful WordPress theme for journals and all media-rich Web sites, as well as for podcasts. The homepage has a fully adjustable roundabout of contents that allows you to present the best of your podcast at the top. It' s really simple to use and all theme choices are clearly arranged. When you are looking for a minimal WordPress theme, you should take a look at Monochrome.

There' plenty of whitespace with sleek types tyle that makes your contents special. This is based on the Genesis theme frame, which is characterized by power and pace. There' a customizable headers, easily configurable home page with a number of widget-enabled areas where you can place an audioplayer Widget.

is a WordPress theme for musicians, performers, bands as well as for podcasts. Featuring a one-of-a-kind look with a slim side bar and navigational menu on the right side and your most important contents on the right. Contains streamed sound players and user-defined section to include artist, videogallery, photos and more.

Its widgettized homepage, high-performance controls and customized widgets make it quite simple to set up and use. Media is a high-performance WordPress theme for blogging, podcasting and creating your own website. And it comes with different layout and style to show your contributions and other contents. Noteworthy other functions included are Megamenu, slide control plug-in, user-defined headers and Google type.

You can also use it to build WordPress pages in multiple languages using WPML. The Amplify is a WordPress theme for musicans, performers, podcasters, and other Web publishers who use music. Delivered with a plugin that lets you quickly plug in your favorite sound players, discs, artists and more. Contains template for events pages, videos galeries, photogaleries, albums as well as track.

If you are looking for a more contemporary and classy WordPress theme, you will like Obsidian. The WordPress theme offers a sleek full-screen colour theme with an audioplayer. Provides full assistance for viewing your website's sound play lists and videos. The theme set-up is administered using the Living Customizing tool, which allows you to see your changes as you work on your website.

Designer is essentially a WordPress theme for all types of artist and design. One of the things that makes it great for podcasting is that it comes with nice artwork to present your sound contents, which is great for hosting on podcast sites. It' incredibly user-friendly and only comes with the choices you need.

It' s compliant with all of our plug-ins for Podcasting and comes with template for your Contacts page, Videoportfolio, Blog-Page and more. The Promenade blends a minimalist approach with a stylish, wonderfully styled WordPress theme. This design was developed for sound contents, artists and band and is perfectly suited for serious podcasts as it allows the user to concentrate more on contents than on other items.

Noteworthy other functions are full voice movie display assistance, associated postings, Google fonts and TypeKit assistance, full-width web pages and page templates that can be used with any Page builder plug-in. The Nayma is a versatile WordPress theme that can deal with any type of contents and make them look nice. It' s podcast ready and comes with an excellent podcast episode suited audiovisual mail size.

It comes with several pre-built themes with contents that you can easily substitute with your own for easy provision. Looking for a free track theme? Take a look at Tracks. Distinguished by a sleek, straightforward and minimalistic styling, it is ideal for publishing text and sound contents.

Remarkable functions included fringe visuals, browse bars, control comments, and more. It' re really straightforward to use and all theme choices are available under Livingustomizer. Stylish is a wonderfully processed WordPress theme to present all kinds of contents nicely with a distraction-free look. It' ideal for face-to-face blogging, podcasting and newspaper pages that need a sleek look.

There is a strong Page builder to take your website to the next step. The Dixie is a special WordPress theme for the podcaster. There is a breathtaking homepage theme with full screen wallpaper and video episodes players. Featuring podcast capabilities that make it quick and simple to set up your podcast website.

WordPress also provides support for all major plug-ins for the podcast and WordPress Page Builder. There are several layouts, a podcast host page, and a newsletter subscription page. There are many topic variations and the whole topic is ripe for translating. Hopefully this post has help you find the best WordPress theme for podcasts.

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