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Tags: activist, campaign, campaign, candidate, charity, democratic, donation, election, event, government, ngo, political, political party, politician, politician, public figure, volunteerSee all tags. WordPress political themes to create websites for political campaigns and elections or fundraising platforms to promote political ideas, goals and objectives. The Politics WordPress theme is easy to customize so you can get your website up and running quickly.

Best 15+ Political WordPress Topics 2018

Whatever kind of political website you create, there's probably a WordPress theme that's right for your work. Featuring this compilation of the best political WordPress topics, you'll find template files designed to help support specific contestants, administer campaigning, create sleek political blog posts, and more.

Most of these policy topics involve several pre-built demonstrations that will help you get your website up and running with very little work. Some of the best choices here also involve many Customize Adjustments and Custom Option to help you customize your website. A few other things you should be aware of includes the possibility to raise money on-line, a publication of events to exchange important data, and a portable, reactive look.

The nominator was set up to help you set up a website for a political figure, whether a member of the political community or a prospective head of state. The nomee has all the functionality you would want from one of the best political WordPress topics. Below these functions you will find four home page layout options that are ideally suited for a number of different political sites.

There is the major demonstration that was developed for the creation of a website for a political candidat. Whereas another of the demonstrations is more geared to support an electoral canvass. In this second demonstration you will find a countdown time for the vote, information about the candidates and an on-line money collection request to collect money.

Nominee demonstrations look great and have all the pages that most political sites need. But you can adapt this look to better suit your needs. Visual Composer, the premier plug-in, is also part of the theme pack. You' ll also get a set of preferences and choices that will give you good visibility into the look and feel of your website.

It also has full multi-lingual plug-in functionality, which helps make it a good option for political sites available in more than one languages. It is a WordPress theme designed to help you increase your sensitivity to your work. Though this topic can readily be used to further a charitable organisation or a local community, it is very well suited to create any type of political website.

Four political demonstrations are part of the 12 website demonstrations, so you can get your website up and running very quickly. Dependent on which political demonstration you select, your website could contain a great home page slide show, a fast donation widget, as well as a live feed of coming happenings, community service contents, and the latest messages from your blogs.

With full BuddyPress endorsement for the nominee theme, you can simply activate a number of favorite types of socially relevant functions, among them customization, home IM, groups, and more. Also included are the Visual Composer, Slider Revolution and Locker Pro plug-ins. We at Liberty want to help you launch your political website with as little hassle as possible.

Liberty offers you everything you need to start your new website, from one-click importers to ready-made layout and template files and packaged plug-ins and theme-adjustments. Since this theme has only recently been published, it has a very contemporary look that is ideally suited to promote a current political campaig.

Besides the classy styling Liberty also has some very useful feature. Choosing this theme for your website also makes it easy to launch and advertise your e-mail newsletters - an efficient way to stay in contact with your users. The Liberty theme was developed by an expert theme developer who has been creating WordPress theme for many years.

Front Runner is a multi-purpose feature in the political WordPress topics group. With the many demonstrations that make up Frontrunner, any political website you want to build for this topic should have a turnkey one. You can find among the demonstrations on the homepage a number of choices that have been developed for congress participants to help them with their local campaigning, a demonstration for town councillors and one for mayor participants.

Every one of the different demo versions has its own specially developed functions and attribute. But because it isn't a static political topic, you can combine and customize each of these items to make your own customized layouts. You will also find a page hosting submission that is perfect for creating more lead for your campaigns and collecting money through the fast donate function.

Frontrunner theme contains some extra features to help you run a winning marketing strategy, include customized logo, card design, visiting card, and Facebook artwork. Your campaigns are designed to help you create a stylish political website. Once your users reach your new website, they will be asked to fill in their e-mail addresses and sign up for your political newsletters.

By scrolling down the homepage of your website, your website users can immediately see the most important elements of your political campaig. You can also see the latest news from the action plan. With the full backing of the WooCommerce plug-in through the campaigns theme, you have the opportunity to sell goods and other items from your website to collect money for the campaigns.

The topic also has the opportunity to gather one-time and recurrent on-line funding from willing contributors. In order to help you get the right look and feel for your political website, the campaign theme offers a range of customisation options that covers the colours and type styles for your website. The Politist has three home page variants that provide you with a fast way to build a professionally political website.

The preset colour scheme makes it very easy to create your website in the tone of your political affiliation. Because many of the page styles that make up the political theme were created with Visual Composer, you can quickly change them using the tool's graphical environment. In order to help you give recognition to your employees behind the scene, the Political Science section contains a page design for viewing the profile of your campaign members and other members of your group.

The Politist has a high class style and lay out that will help you to raise your political website above the competitors. The Right Way is a cutting-edge theme for policy -makers and policy-makers. Designed for portable use, it features multi-skin functionality, an event calender, multiheaders and a visually inspired musician. The Right Way also offers the possibility to select different types of menus (icon, text, picture, columns or posts ), a bookmark pane, active Ayax searching, pallax and videos background, various postal format and a ratings/reviews system.

The choice will help political blogs and contestants build a styleful website for their projects. In order to help your website influence your traffic, the standard demo offers an animated slide show on your homepage. Or use the supplied Slider Revolution plug-in to add slide shows to the remainder of your website.

WordPress Eventcalendar plug-in is also available in the voting style. It makes it simple to generate and then publish to your website - something that comes in useful when you publish your stop on the campaigns path. The choice will include full WooCommerce technical assistance so you can resell items from your website or raise funds from your sponsors.

There is also a granular Topic Option Grid Controller that allows you to customise many aspect of your political blogs or website. Choice has a customizable look with many adjustment possibilities to help you create almost any kind of political website with WordPress. The PoliticalWP is a versatile WordPress theme for building political Web sites in a variety of differenttyles.

Four homepage layout and the choice of internal page contents make this one of the most impressing political WordPress topics available today. PoliticalWP has many different styles to offer whether you want to build a website for a nominee, a political faction, a political campaigns or any other kind of political work.

PoliticalWP gives you a wide range of choices, including full-screen slider controls, timer countdowns, player videos, sponsorship emblems, and online content in your homepage design. A further useful characteristic of this political WordPress theme is the possibility to raise funds from your users and increase your campaigns budgets.

Topic Option Controls should be useful for anyone who wants to brand their website, change font, color, layout, and more. All is well documentated, so if you are new to WordPress or working with topics, you should still be able to get the desired results from PoliticalWP.

Although this is a relatively new WordPress theme, PoliticalWP has already been upgraded to incorporate even more great functionality. Municipality is a fast-reacting and net-friendly topic with a contemporary and elegant user surface. One of the most beautiful functions of the theme are a Megamenu page, eventmanagement tool, a guided sightseeing trip and an infinite colour range.

The political press is a simple, reactive topic. Designed with four colored skin, three slide control choices, four customized widgets, three artwork galleries, and an event calender. The Political Press can also be integrated into existing online content and contains a full width land page and template for a high degree of individualization. is a WordPress theme developed specifically for political and civic personalities.

A few easy customizations can turn your website from a serious marketing pitch into a basic informational one. It is a fast-reacting topic and contains an infinite colour range, a revolutionary slide control, an event plug-in and a WooCommerce interface. Whilst the artwork is supplied with pre-set background, this area can be customised as well as the remainder of the work.

It is a fast-reacting theme that has been developed only for policy. It comes with four default colour themes (blue, white, orange, green und yellow), a donation badge, two textures, six wallpaper design choices and two context layouts. It also comes with the FEC word requested by the United States Political Affairs Committees web sites.

There are also four user-defined widgets and the ad campaigns integrate smoothly with your existing online community, as well as your online community. Political is an appealing theme with a great picture slide on the homepage. This theme is retinal and contains many adjustment possibilities from head to color and a choice count down engine. Politicalico also offers a "Donate" pushbutton, tool tips, font awesome assistance and two slide show choices.

Legislation is a fast-reacting issue with six fully featured issues (blue, white, lilac, green, lilac, black and light) available for a political drive. This topic is full of specific functions such as an event organizer, a donation generator, an e-mail integrator with MailChimp and many widgets. This theme has a contemporary look and works on any machine as it is based on the Zurb Foundation 5 frameworks.

Parliament is a political WordPress topic characterized by a high level of interactivity and retina, a fully reactive approach to deployment, and a strong emphasis on UI experiences, ease of use, and power. This topic also contains WooCommerce and BuddyPress as well as other functions like WooCommerce and BuddyPress as well as extra functions like WooCommerce and BuddyPress as well as WooCommerce.

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