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The WordPress Poll Plugin is one of the best. simple and useful Polls Plugins. Compare 5 Best WordPress Survey Plugins (2018) Looking for the best WordPress survey plug-ins for your website? On-line surveys are very appealing and can be used to increase users' involvement with your website. We' ll be comparing the best WordPress survey plug-ins in this post.

In a WordPress Poll Plugin, what should I pay attention to? On-line surveys provide an entertaining and simple way to motivate your audiences.

That' s why beloved sites like BuzzFeed use them on a regular basis to generate virtual contents and extend the length of stay of their websiteers. Many WordPress survey plug-ins are available to help you include surveys to your website. Below are a few things we will look for in a WordPress pollin:

But let's take a look at the best WordPress poll plug-ins and how they pile up against each other. WordPressForms is the best WordPress Contactsheet plug-in, and its proprietary plans include a high-performance Survey and Survey add-on. Enables you to simply build your own survey by embedding it anywhere on your website and displaying the results with nice graphs.

Move more than one field in the forms using simple click and drag, enabling the user to choose more than one answer or individual ones. Allows you to use pictures as a survey selection along with text. Survey results can be viewed on the same page once a user has cast their votes. And you can view survey results anywhere on your website.

If you want, WebForms allows you to easily import survey results into your PowerPoint presentations or other off-line sessions. You can find details in our articles about creating an informative survey in WordPress. is a WordPress plug-in that allows you to upload your own survey to your website.

It' free and simple to download and use in WordPress. Plan surveys, view surveys on more than one page, view survey results in numbers and percents, always back up the survey, and more. Helping to limit the survey to guest/registered user and blocking user by cookies, IP or user names. You can view results in different style with your favorite settings.

You can use its archiving function to display earlier survey results according to the survey starting and ending dates. WinPolls is a free, quick and free survey tool for your WordPress page. Allows you to include surveys in your WordPress pages, articles and widgets. In the survey, the user can choose more than one option.

By customizing the look of your survey and knowing a little encoding, you can modify the design and include a customized stylesheet in your survey. Polldaddy Surveys and Reviews is another popular WordPress Surveys plug-in. Allows you to build and administer surveys from your WordPress Dashboard.

It lets you build a multiple-choice survey, schedule a survey completion date, show/hide survey results on your website, adjust your survey style, and more. With Polldaddy you can integrate your surveys into other WordPress pages. Avoids several replies from the same user with a simple IP filter.

It' a free plug-in. You do, however, need a WordPress.com Web site or WordPress.com Web site user interface to be able to generate a WordPress.com key. Responsible Poll is another WordPress Poll plug-in. Allows you to easily conduct surveys on your website. Now you can insert more than one survey on the same page, build multiple-choice surveys, view survey results with animated effect, specify the survey starting and ending dates, and more.

You can use the response poll to insert an additional picture for each item in your survey. You can also klone the survey and generate double surveys. Freeware versions of the plug-in are very restricted in functionality. Hopefully this post has help you find the best WordPress survey plug-ins for your website.

Also you can see our experts selection of the best WordPress poll plug-ins to build your own webpage. Please unsubscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress Videos tutorial if you liked this one.

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