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Enable a portfolio and post portfolio projects per page. The GridKit is an ultimate multi-purpose media grid designed primarily for creating portfolios, photos or video galleries. collections There are also a number of different ways you can view them on your website. You can enable the Portfolio function if your design does not have it enabled by setting My Pages to www. mypages.

com Preferences Write Content Types and enable the Portfolio Projects checkbox.

Select the number of properties you want to view on the Portfolio pages. Note that some topics may overwrite this number for styling purposes, e.g. when you are holding a portfolio raster. Your portfolio can be managed under the Portfolio option in the side bar. Like adding new blogs, you can create a new portfolio under Portfolio at ? and then add a new one.

Portfolioprojects are ordered by creation date, with the most recent first. It is strongly advised that you add a featured image and a custom cropping to each and every item, as topics and the portfolio short code can make your items more visually visible. In addition to the Portfolio contents there are two ways to categorize your projects:

Project-Types (similar to Categories) and Project-Tags (similar to Tags). Portfolioprojekte also supports commentary, so your readership can communicate with you, and the publishing function, which allows you to publish your project to a range of different online sites as well. You have several options for displaying your portfolio project after it has been set up.

Following link will be generated when adding portfolio objects, portfolio categories and portfolio tag. Portfolio has a short code that you can use to show your portfolio on articles and pages. portfolio ] will embed an archived version of your portfolio objects. Topics have repository and portfolio short-circuit style specifics and can include custom page layouts to show your portfolio in a different way.

When one of the Portfolio page references leads to a "Page not found" bug, this can be corrected by deactivating and reactivating the Portfolio contents style. Navigate to Preferences Write Custom Contents Types , clear the Portfolio Projects checkbox, store your changes, and then re-enable the Portfolio Projects checkbox and store your changes again.

Comprehending how to build a portfolio is the first stage - now you need to find out what you need to involve and how to organise and describe your work to maximise it.

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