Wordpress Portfolio page

Worpress Portfolio Page

Login to your WordPress administration area (Dashboard). Find out how you can use this simple tutorial to view a section of portfolio posts with featured images and titles on each WordPress page. What is the best way to place multiple Portfolio or Gallery grids on a page? By default, WordPress provides an easy way to view your blog entries.

WordPress. Adding a Portfolio Page

Login to your WordPress administration area (Dashboard). In the Portfolio Categories on the sidebar on the left, choose the portfolio type or types. In order to append the new portfolio page to the list of available options, go to Appearance -> Options. From the pages on the right, choose the page, click the menu item named '...', then click on '...' and then on '... Choose and click on '... Choose your page.

If you need a broader range of website creation tools, we also suggest you check out the Wordpress Designer portfolio template or Wordpress Art theme.

What to do: How to insert a portfolio section into a WordPress page

Portfolio Widget section shows a portfolio of items from a chosen categorie or user-defined Jetpack mailstream. Once you have installed and activated the Organic Builders Widgets plug-in, you can create a Portfolio section by performing easy customization steps: Customize your page with the organic page style.

Refresh or publicize the page. Press the Customize Page Buttons. Press the + Ad A button wideget. Choose the Organic Portfolio Widget. Enter a security and a descriptive text in your portfolio area. Choose a portfolio category. Fill in the rest of the boxes at will (Maximum number of posts, Number of columns, and Section background options).

This is an example of a section on an organic portfolio.

Theme:: What can I do to modify the Portfolio page? Can' find it.

Portfolio page is dynamic created by the application so that it does not appear as a page displayed in your Dashboard. About the projects: Archives page, what is this for? is either a specific kind of page or a day. Visit Portfolio > Portfolio Types, or Portfolio Tags and you will find it there.

Here is the HTML on this 'Portfolio/Archive' page: Here is the most similar HTML to the one in another page with portfolio templates: God, I found it, it's in the Customize Portfolio dialogue under the headline: If I wanted, how can I make the /portfolio page the standard home page? This homepage shows my self-created 'Portfolio All' page.

Using the default portfolio as homepage would result in loading tens of pictures. At the bottom of this page, you can customize the number of portfolio objects to view by choosing Preferences > Write under your custom content types. My guess is that I don't really need the built-in /portfolio page to show it as home.

I have more oversight over a self-created portfolio page anyway.

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