Wordpress Portfolio page Template

Worpress Portfolio Page Template

Use the custom organic page template on your page. Press the Customize Page button. This tutorial shows you how to create the various WordPress page templates to display the Portfolio custom mail type.

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By default, WordPress provides an easy way to show your blogs. We' ve made 6 user-defined screens to show your contributions. In order to see all 6 available features, you can visit the demonstration page here. Just take these easy steps to give your blogs a refreshing look: Navigate to the Pages > Adds new and then titled the Portfolio page "Portfolio" (It can be different if you want).

Adds any contents or descriptions to the page, if necessary it will be shown above the post. You can now go to the right side and under "Page Attributes" choose the Newest Post Types for the template to use. After selecting the Latest Potss Types page template, browse down and back to the right side bar, there is a "Latest Posts" section.

In this section you will find all pertinent choices for your blogs page. Refer to the following option details: Choose Post Typ - Choose "Galleries" (there are also post and page options). This is useful for building portfolio pages with categories types. When you want all contributions to be displayed, skip the selection.

Views - There are 6 different views available. Map views alternate - these are picture and text alternately displayed either side. Listview - single track and selected picture. You can also select an item to display the full contents pane when this item is on. Raster Viewer - This is the default raster viewer with titles held down, there is also an optional raster viewer if you want different size pictures.

This is the same as above, but the caption is below the picture. The number of entries - Specify the number of galleries entries per page. Column count - This option is available for chosen view(s). The number of column in which the contributions are shown can be chosen.

Activate brickwork - This is only applicable for the normal raster display. Allow different size pictures and a preview like Pinterest Feeds. Channel type - Again, this is only of relevance for raster displays. That is the distance between the poles. Activate page break - If you want to display more pages for contributions, choose Yes.

No, only shows the number of contributions you chose in the Number of contributions section. Once you have chosen the appropriate layouts, you can choose a side bar if necessary. There' three ways: You can now scrolls to the top right, post the page and you can now include it in your menus.

Now all your galeries will be added to this page.

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