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Having a professional, stylish portfolio site is an excellent way to present your skills and achievements. Creating a WordPress Portfolio Site The portfolio determines who you are in your selected market segment. Finally, it provides an opportunity for you to showcase the results you can deliver to prospective customers. Portfolio site gives you the opportunity to do all this on-line, where you have the opportunity to expand your customer base to an internationally competitive one.

Creating a portfolio website can be an daunting job, especially if you are a freelance creator who doesn't know anything about how to create a website. Therefore we suggest the use of WordPress. Beginning with the setup of the hostings and the selection of a WordPress topic to the decision on contents to be added to your website, we will go through everything you need to know to create a WordPress portfolio site.

Which is a portfolio site? Portfolio is a compilation of all or at least some of your works. Contractors and businesses of all scales use portfolio to help prospective customers see their capabilities and competencies. People who are just beginning can even use their portfolio to present their own individual project to show their competence.

One of the primary purposes of using a website to create your portfolio is to present your work in a much easier and more comfortable way. Prospective customers do not need to ask to see your work to date, nor do they need to contact you to find out more about the service you provide.

There are a number of different kinds of portfolio site you can set up. And because most portfolio companies use pictures to present a project, these kinds of Web pages are usually used by freelance creatives such as photography and graphics. Is a WordPress Portfolio Site? WorldPress is a web page authoring system that simplifies the creation, creation and administration of pages and blogs.

That makes them a great candidates for portfolio locations. The reason for this is that WordPress has something it has called "Custom Mail Types". "It' s something a developer can use to append different kinds of postings that a user can build and maintain in the WordPress user interface. The " Projekt " or " Portfolio Element " mail style is a user-defined mail style that is often used by programmers.

Rather than create new pages or blogs, you create new project for each portfolio item. You will need a few things if you want to create a portfolio site with WordPress, which we will discuss in this brief. Specifically, we will discuss with SiteGround how to host them and why we suggest them, WordPress portfolio topics, WordPress plug-ins and more.

Let's start our hosted. We' ll continue right away to set up a hosted schedule with a hosted server that we really suggest to make things easier for you. WebsiteGround is a favourite webmaster offering layouts for a wide range of different CMS but specialising in WordPress.

If you are a new portfolio site, we suggest you start with one of your share offerings. Please click on this hyperlink to go to SiteGround and view the hosted offers you are interested in. There are three SiteGround hostings, which depend on the site you create in relation to the real filesize and the number of users.

Because you are creating a portfolio website (as distinct from a blogs or web store), you will be able to start with one of the better priced StartUp and GrowBig schedules. When you move the mouse over the "Premium WordPress Features" button, you will see that the GrowBig schedule has the following functions that are not available in the Startup Plan:

WorldPress SuperCacher - Caching is important for website speeds and overall website efficiency. Complimentary back-up restores - All schedules come with free day-to-day restores, only this schedule allows you to recover your website from a back-up if it gets damaged. Either by registering a domainname with a registered user such as Namecheap or GoDaddy or by registering it with SiteGround.

A SiteGround $15 is a $15. 95/year rate, so you should probably work better with a top level domain registration agency if you want to make savings. Concerning the use as your Domainname, it is best to use your own name if it is a private portfolio website, or your own name if you run a business.

When you have a name, select one of the following items, enter it and continue to the next one. The next item displayed is Hosted Period. It is recommended that you pay 12 month in advance instead of 24 or 36 if you decide to switch your opinion about SiteGround during this period.

It is strongly recommended to registrate your domains elsewhere. Namecheap allows you to purchase a $13.86/year protected domainname from SiteGround for $15.95/year for the domainname and $24/year for the deed. After all, SG Site Scanner is a great safety device, but if you don't have the means to afford it, there are many free WordPress plug-ins that allow you to deploy the same features.

Of course, the most important thing to consider when dealing with a WordPress portfolio topic is the portfolio itself. Otherwise, you should consider what measures your portfolio website's homepage should take. Would you like them to see your portfolio before they contact you, or would you like to have it converted on the homepage?

Briefly, make sure that the topic you select helps you achieve your company's objectives. We will make things even easier and suggest our own Weston topic. The Weston is a breathtaking multi-purpose WordPress topic that we provide that comes with 12 homepage demonstrations, many of which contain portfolio content.

Available in a variety of different layout, our portfolio includes overlay, filtering animation, light box effect and AJAX charge. It' s a topic full to the brim but its most remarkable are the ones that make it easier for anyone to record and use it. The only thing you need to do is modify the contents you want to modify.

Design is available for $58. Included in this prize are Visual Composer ($34 worth), Silver Revolution ($18 worth of Super Classic Silver Plug-in ), and one year of full technical maintenance and update. As soon as you have purchased the design, please feel free to browse the downloadable PDF file and use our online help to find out how to get it installed in WordPress.

That section refers to what I said in the last section about finding out the objective you want to achieve on the home page of your portfolio site. Minimalistic Styles - No content whatsoever you want to include in your homepage or portfolio website in general, make sure it uses a minimalistic look.

" This way, prospective buyers don't have to flip through your home or about pages to find out exactly what you're doing. Ministries - This can be an area on your home page, a single page, or both. Oral propaganda means a great deal, so make sure you ask previous buyers for a brief endorsement that you can use for your portfolio.

They can be displayed in a slide bar on the homepage, integrated on their own page or integrated into single portfolio elements. On the section - This is best if you add it to a single page, but you can also add a roundup of your history on the home page. Contacts - Many portfolio sites place contacts on the home page so clients can instantly ask for offers.

They should also set up a special Contacts page that will list all the ways prospective customers can get in touch with you. Blogs - This is an option, but a blogs full of contents related to your particular market segment can help you develop your skills and eventually win more customers. These are the fundamentals of everything you need to know to make a WordPress Portfolio website.

But WordPress is a self-hosted application, so the first thing you need to do is create a hosted user interface and have WordPress installed on it. Here, too, we suggest SiteGround. Next, you must select a WordPress portfolio topic. Decide on a free portfolio topic or view a listing of the best WordPress portfolio topics.

On the other hand, we suggest getting to the point by taking up our Weston topic and installing/configuring one of our portfolio demonstrations. After all, you need to actually create your portfolio website and adding it. Again, any additional information you post to your site should help in encouraging your visitors to take the actions you want so that you can reach the objectives you want to reach with your portfolio site.

There' a whole bunch more things to do to keep your website going smooth and secure, so we strongly suggest you take a look at the definitive WordPress plugin listing we've put together:

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