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The Wordpress Post Builder for Wordpress

The Post Type Builder is an all-in-one WordPress plugin for creating custom post types, taxonomies and post type templates. Mail and Page Builder by MailGrid - Imagine Drag and Drop Editor for Mail and Page Builder

Which is the Post and Page Builder from BuoldGrid? Post and Page Builder is an easy-to-use draft and fall editing plug-in and the simplest way to build and modify pages for any topic. Build your layout and pages quicker and simpler than ever with block files from BlockGrid. A block is a prefabricated page section that consists of different layout of lines and column filled with contents that can be manipulated either visual or with HTML and CSS. It can be used as a page block.

Blocs use a multitude of contents that can be fully customised to your needs, such as symbols, button pads, free and high-quality pictures, fonts packages and more. BoldGrid's Post and Page Builder is developed to build pages that are loaded quickly. Enable Post and Page Builder on your plugin page.

I have tried some of the other page makers and this one drops in the center of the package featuring & level of sorts. Some of the functions that a more famous constructor like Elementor has are missing, but I frankly don't find the additional functions necessary. "The " Post and Page Builder from Baldgrid - The Visual Drag and Drop Editor " is open code work.

Six updates. Font preview now also includes font preview in used block. Corrected block viewing problems when switching between filtering back and forth. Preview the full altitude in each block.

Fix the height of the frame in the Notepad. Troubleshooting: Save available blocs in the absent section wrapper now. Troubleshooting: Problem where the Notepad fails when an empty notepad is stored in your notepad book. Fixes incompatibility problems with the Advanced Custom Fields plug-in. Corrected an activation problem with the old plug-in name. Fixes JS errors when you add text on the Text page.

SASS Compiler updates. New post type - Block added. User can now store and re-use block. Bugfix: Problem with cropping images with http vs. sttps. Troubleshooting: Problem with the arrangement of brickwork in case of boxes. Bump release available. Corrects notes that were output during the installation of block files. Added allowed_post_typees filters to load the editors.

Updated: Improved the block load notification timings. Updated: Improve the perfomance of block on websites with a large amount of contents. Updated: Updated the wallpaper URLs. Updated: Updated the font Awesome icons selection. Updated: Add alternate picture requirement method. Refresh: Use the latest release of the released asset. Fix an issue on the appendix page. Add a filtering for contributions that should be removed from my block.

Various troubleshooting for dynamical block. Integration of new dynamical blocs. Updates: Updates plug-in URI. The automatic plug-in updater has been corrected. Refresh: Remove the standard category btn-flat. Updates: Updates the plug-in-desciption. There was a problem with the installation of plug-in from the Tools Import page. Immediately close the cropping images window. Refresh section wallpaper wallpapers using a URL. Fix automatic scrolling when dragging chromium.

Corrected the check for updating plugins for some sceneries (WP-CLI, Plesk, etc.). The border of the columns is the incorrect colour. Columns not centred vertical. Refresh: Prioritize post boxes when reviewing post. Updated: Added underlining to the tinymce symbol bar. Refresh: Adjust the location of the standard section wallpaper to centred. Corrected a problem where the pop-up window for columns was no longer displayed.

Fixed a problem where exchanging pictures did not work properly. Corrected addition of symbols to empty areas. Fixed a problem with the display of system scripts in the dropdown lists of the editors. Correction of a problem when inserting a block. A new user interface for block has been added. Refresh: Crop screen - Refresh picture sources option. Refresh: Added neutrals to the section backgrounds.

Updated: Update: Added hyperlink to Google Map editing. Updated: Dependency updates. There was a problem with the text colour and the background of the sections. Fix a problem with an upgrade hint that blocks UI interactions when a load error occurs. Refresh: Fix the panelling error after the first notification. Updated: Added upgrade notification for 1.3 upgradeers. Updated: Add a converting option from statical to embedded cards.

There was a problem with system scripts used in designs. The problem with popup window elements has been solved. Updated: Smooth the automatic scrolling while dragging. Updated: Disable poppover controls if not true. Refresh: Set standard text colors for columns background. Updated: Standard added to character set selector. Updated: Added media now in the drop-down list > Append New.

The problem with the popup window of the side window has been solved. Fix of the Z-Index problem with the popup window of the section. Interleaved gaps are permitted for the background of the superordinate gaps. The problem with resizing the line pointer has been solved. WBP-2426 Customize the way how crops modally hide the Router tab. Refresh: Corrected a problem with the popup menus for the section directions. Corrected a problem where the section boundary was not displayed.

Corrected a problem where the edit symbol was not displayed. Corrected a problem that caused the Pictures bar to be absent. Corrected a problem that made it impossible to adjust the buttons. Enveloping unincluded contents in standard design container. Updated: Set the release constants from the plug-in now. Updated: The look of the dragging item has been changed. Problem where popover did not return after dragging.

A move of the columns to empty areas within the line was added. The size of the first columns on the leftside has been added. Problems with a triple click to erase have been resolved. Corrected problems with the elevation of the editors. There were problems with the preselection of the colour check. Fix the problem with the standard-containerclass. Fix for JS bug when Galerie plug-in is absent.

The problem with selecting the fontfamily has been solved. Problem where the superordinate line is cleared when the symbol or anchors are removed. Problem with typing in an empty . line > . columns. Corrected a problem with image refreshed block. Corrected a problem with the zoom out effect of the pop over sized columns. Occasional problem, pictures are loaded, but then vanish in the text area.

The addition of a new line did not allow you to enter it. There was a problem with non-BG topics and blocks modally. Add control elements for fonts families and sizes to customized Widget. Refresh: Change the boundaries to outlines for dragable items. Java script errors in the shell after load block. Troubleshooting problems with dragging and dropping in Safari and Microsoft Edge with WP 4.5.

Troubleshooting problems with dragging & dropping in Chrome and FF with WP 4.5. Corrected the problem with the updating classes on the Add Plugins page. The "ction " was not defined for some sceneries. Streamlined upgrade classes and added CodeSniffer elements. Propose cutting: Propose cutting: The standard choice should be as broad as possible.

Propose cutting: Centre the standard choice. Updated: Proposal for the harvest: Updated: Proposal for the harvest: Propose the cropping when substituting pictures with different page proportions. Corrected the requirement to verify the PHP release (

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