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Powered Wordpress Websites

Create your website with WordPress. Seven of our favourite photography pages run by WordPress. WordPress runs 5% of the web, so you might wonder if it's the right site for your photo page. However, the beauty of WordPress is the versatility and customisation it provides. Featuring a wide range of topics and an enormous choice of plug-ins and widgets available, you don't have to be concerned that your WordPress-based photo website is anything but new.

Although they vary from portfolio to photos blog, they all have one thing in common: WordPress. Amy Paul's gallery website, Amy Paul's Gallery, is a great window for our own Emporia theming. Slim and minimalistic, this website allows the professional to present his work cleanly and to offer the visitor a visual impact.

So if there are any ideas you can take away from this side, it's definitely the neat screen that makes the work of art the focal point. Functions can include brandspecific pictures, logo and more. is an excellent way to turn any website into a floor photographic power plant while maintaining ease of use. Its stunning look is enhanced by a host of functions, such as an ultra-large head area and a perfect collection area.

Find pictures by codeword, dataype, licensetype and even by pricing. Unrestricted collection and galleries: So you can present your photos in various ways and always have room. Although the difference between Daniel Burgas and Gen StockPhoto is small, they show the diversity of StockPhoto - and WordPress - very well.

On both sides there are distinctive ribbons, a personalised head picture and a collection. Gen StockPhoto, however, is characterized by the comprehensive use of the Collection Galerie function. It''s an eye-catching function that's fantastic to use - an excellent way for users to browse a collection of floor pictures. Shop windows of the collections: Pictures are intended for visibility, and this function allows optimal lighting.

Selected photos: No matter whether you operate a stick company website or a photoportfolio, the placing of photographs is a must. Another website for photographers created with one of our topics. Huth uses the Gallery's rich viewing capabilities as well as the user-defined text orientations and text field views available with the Full Frame WordPress topic.

When you want your photograph to conduct the whole conversation on your own website, be inspired by Markus Huth. Prominente Galerie ad: Its full width screen and placing in the galleries is perfect for creating portfolios of websites. Allows you to customize text on pictures and place it exactly where you want it on your website.

Whether it' standards, pictures or galleries - various format options provide inspiration for the production of singular and varied contributions. Peta Pixel is a favorite photographic messaging site that makes full use of WordPress's website authoring features. Offering the best advice and the latest information to the photographer, this site still succeeds in bringing the photograph itself to the fore, with large pictures built into the homepage and an intelligent use of whitespace.

In order to give your own website something different, take the leadership from Peta Pixel and scatter bigger pictures and screens among smaller or less famous ones. Trnending Mail Sidebar: Mark favorite post and topic with this function. Custom item display: View your contributions consistently or have some highlighted more than others.

Photofocus offers the latest photo-related headlines and tutorials and runs on StudioPress' Genesis Framework. Photofocus underlines the diversity of WordPress with its smooth blend of text and photograph with a large slide show placed at the front and centre, as well as the possibility to view both pictures and excerpts of text in a photo album.

The website is an outstanding example of how to use text and pictures in combination on your own website. Selected contents slideshow: Practical function that allows the menubar to stay at the top of the page even when website users are scrolling down. Features Shoot, another photographic newsletter page, is very different from Peta Pixel and Photofocus.

Featuring a stronger focus on the presented pictures and an optimized screen, this WordPress powered website favors minimumism over bustle and makes its pictures attract the most interest. Feature Shoot is a great example of how ease and whiteness can help your most important assets stand out for a photographer who wants to build their first website.

In this way, you can put the contributions and photos presented in the foreground of your website. Prominente categories display: This function makes navigating the site a snap and allows users to switch between categories with ease. WordPress is the perfect plattform if you want to build a unique website for your photographic needs. No matter if you are an accomplished professional free-lance professional still image editor, a photojournalist, or an emerging creator, WordPress provides you with all the necessary customisation utilities to build a website that's tailored to your needs.

We' ve gone through seven websites with a photographic emphasis in this article - all with WordPress topics to their benefit. Photogallery page that makes the most of your photos, your photos and your slide shows. Daniela Burgas photography: This is a stick photos website with a large head area that emphasizes nice pictures. An additional floor-photographic website that shows the advantages of a collection galery.

Full width website with a minimum and impressing aesthetics. This is a photographic messaging blogs that integrate pictures into text smoothly. An additional photos new page with a slide show contents, perfect for viewing pictures, blogs and more. Features shoot: An easy page of photos that easily shows nice photos and text without attracting your eye.

What of the above mentioned photos do you like best and why?

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