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ssql class="mw-headline" id="Code_Within_Paragraphs">Code Within Paragraphs". Note that the visible text editors view the text as plain text and converts (encodes) the < and > signs into their < and > sign elements so that the text is not read by a web navigator. The HTML editors don't translate any of these signs, so be careful that the HTML and CSS markups you use in your sample codes will be recognised by a web browsers and you will end up with a funny looking text and a filthy outfit.

This latter is seldom used today, superseded by the more useful and semantically accurate , which differentiates text that is computer text from plaintext. It' ideal for making a non-HTML text look like HTML but what about HTML Tags that you want to present? You can use the HTML Tag to put your HTML aside so that it looks like a Codebox that can be duplicated and inserted into another HTML source document or another style sheet.

Each room, each line feed, each piece of coding is accurately replicated. Good relationship between you and me......... Still, it displays the exact location of the source for you. When you have a long line of coding, it will be run down from the page because there are no commands to package the coding. In order to prevent this type of drain on the monitor, use line feeds.

Unfortunately, it is hard to decide where to insert these line feeds when presenting a copy of your work. When you are comfortable with the coding idiom, you will know when a line feed does not confuse a line of coding, so select there. When you don't know where to place line feeds, try experimenting.

Enter the passcode, make the line feeds, and then test the passcode. When you have long rows of coding, consider presenting only extracts and linking to the full text placed on your site in a text or PHP or using one of the many on-line pastbins available for temporary presentation of it.

Notice that the automatic fix function (also referred to as Smarter Quotes) is used regardless of whether you wrote the quotation marks in a visible or HTML mail editors. You can prevent this from happening in the HTML mail editors by enclosing the quotation marks with , , or tags. The text with the following characters , and is inserted into a single spaced typeface by standard and the text type taken from the is used.

To use these styles: Direction: litre; Text orientation: leftside; pre {border: solidl 1px blau; Text size: 1. 3 em; Color: blau; Margin: c10px; Padding:c10px; Text type {font-size:1. 1em; Using the day would look like this and the day would look like this: Direction: litre; Text orientation: leftside; pre {border: solidl lpx blau; Text size: 1.

em; Color: blau; Margin: v10px; Padding:v10px; Text {font-size:1. v2em; If you are consistent in using many formula, function and coding in your postings, you should use a plug-in or PHP tools to simplify the whole proces. And if you have a tendency to pose many block codes, consider inserting the block into a paste bin and link it to your website.

SyntaxHighlighter Evolved - allows you to simply place syntax-highlighted text on your website without leaving the format.

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