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It' like Blogger or Tumblr; WordPress itself hosts your blog, with a blogname.wordpress.com URL. When it'?

s not free, it's premium. First-rate WordPress Themes and Responsive WP Templates with countless options!

Start today for free!

Gain instant acces to high-quality e-mail and instant messaging assistance. Ideal for entrepreneurs and freelancers Create a truly stunning website with sophisticated web site layout features, custom style sheeting, plenty of room for voice and visual, and the option to monetise your site with advertisements. Enter the deck from which you will not grow out. Built on the foundation that runs more than 30% of the Internets.


Personal, Premium and Professional, each of which is tailor-made to your needs. This page introduces the most important functions you will receive from each map. Each of our blueprints comes with a customized TLD and we currently provide about 250 different TDs, plus major enhancements such as . com, . org, . me and .live.

Advertisements that you see on your contributions vanish with the Private Maps. Premium Planner capabilities allow you to create a truly original website with sophisticated web site layout utilities, premium topics and the option to monetise your website with advertisements. The Premium Package allows you to add any of these topics for free, including the ones with costs!

Here you can see our complete set of topics and try them out before you install them. A further benefit of the premium scheme is its individuality. The Premium-Plan gives you the opportunity to directly modify the look and feel of your website with the help of your own HTML-codes. However, with the Premium and the Businesssplan you can keep it with WordAds, our ad space, and earn with it.

Businessplan helps you optimize your corporate website with premium and premium limitless template content, Google Analytics technical assistance, limitless space, and the option to use third-party service providers. Everyone with a businessplan has the possibility to talk to our Happiness Engineers for half an hours. Explore our maps to see how they perform and how we price them.

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