Wordpress Premium Features

Worldpress Premium Features

It is an additional feature that you pay to add to your website. First thing you get from Premium is a domain credit. A second premium feature is the ability to upload HD videos to WordPress.com. Premium's third feature is the ability to create an individual design.

Fourth feature is the No Ads function.

Threaded WordPress topics: There are 5 good reason why you should be Premium

For those of you who have spend some of your life searching the WordPress Free Themes Directory, you will know that there are a large number of free WordPress theme sites that you can add to your website. As of the date of the letter, there are amazing 1,482 topics, and the index is growing by another 20-30 each and every months.

Featuring so many free topics available, you may wonder why on Earth you would ever want to afford a premium topic. This is a sensible one to ask, but there are indeed a variety of grounds why you should select a premium topic for your WordPress page.

Which is a "Premium" WordPressme? Through its simplest redefinition, a premium WordPress topic will cost you dear. When it'?s not free, it's premium. We do not have any firm standard or certifications that would describe a topic as premium. Anybody can create a WordPress topic, register it as a premium trademark and put it up for purchase.

However, a typical premium topic will have been created by web design professionals with the goal of serving a particular audience that is willing to spend more on a better quality webpage. In this sense, we take a look at five good reason why you should decide on a premium topic.

When you decide on a serious premium themed store (which of course you should do), you can be sure of a top of the line item with free topics. When you want your weblog to be different from the rest, a free design usually won't beat the cake. This is because many other bloggers will already use the same topic.

Rather, premium topics are created in consideration of the latest web standard. Buy premium topics that have been specifically developed for an appealing look. Buying a premium topic from a renowned resource ensures a premium brand experience. One cannot say the same of many free topics.

And for those of us who are not technology adept, trying to make even small changes to free WordPress topics can be an utterly nightmare. This is not the case with premium topics that are functionally structured. The best premium themed stores pack their product with easy-to-use interface that allows you to make changes to the look and feel of your website with a single click.

Almost too good to be correct, there are so many free topics. Much of the available free designs is actually packed with evil coding. To fully uncover the dangers of free installation topics on your website, read this sparkling articles about at WPMU.

Premier topics are usually regularly upgraded to keep pace with new WordPress releases. You can' say the same about free topics. Suppose you are installing a free design on your website and spending a great deal of your attention optimizing it according to your needs. WordPress then releases a new WordPress release that is not compatible with the topic.

Do not update WordPress. As a result, your site may be vulnerable to vulnerabilities and you will, of course, miss all the new features. Begin all over again with a fresh topic. Just take a look at the WordPress Free Threads Directory to see that many of the topics are outdated.

Many of the newer topics will soon be outdated in view of the passage of an age. The premium designer must keep all his topics up to date - otherwise this would lead to irrecoverable reputational damages. If you buy a premium topic, you can be sure that it will pass the test of light.

There are two ways to set up and customize themes: Using a free topic - look for help, ask in forum, hoping someone is friendly enough to help you. Purchase a premium topic and count on the prompt assistance of expert topic creators. There is no free topic creator who has the responsibility to help you if you have a problem implementing or adapting a topic.

Conversely, all premium contributors provide a kind of supporting system. The top themed stores (such as WooThemes) provide excellent assistance that is virtually entirely valuable in terms of the costs of the topics. When you have a problem with a free topic, you can find the answer by browsing the web and asking in bulletin boards, but it will take a while.

However, as a rule, premium issues can be resolved very quickly and simply. At the beginning of the paper we pointed out that a topic can be regarded as "premium" if someone sticks a pricing label on it. Certainly some premium topics can be just as poor as the free ones?

This could well be the case, which is why you should only opt for serious themed stores. Do you have a free or Premium account? Are you using free topics, or are you lucky to spend a few dollars to get all the additional advantages included above?

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