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You can find all kinds of topics ranging from portfolio, magazine, personal blog Wordpress theme, music, video, business, a page and many more. 35-plus free Premium WordPress Topics 2018 You are Premium and free. The best fast-reacting and free Premium WordPress topics for the start of 2018. You can find all types of topics that range from portfolios, magazines, personal Wordpress blogs, topics, music, videos, businesses, a page and many more. Select only the best from an inflated charge of free WordPress topics I've come across in the last few weeks.

Have a look at the free topics below and let us know if they were useful for you. The WordPress Topic section grows every day with free and best WordPress topics available to you, so make sure you Bookmark us for further updating. Take a look at our related free topic 40 Best FreeResponsive WordPress Topics for more topics. dBlogger is a free premium-like Wordpress blogs topic published last month that has a single goal, which is to give the user a high-performance WordPress topic that is completely free, has a slim, neat lay-out look, has a portable, appealing look, is easily personalized, and is well placed in Google results.

Backing the Forums is another remarkable characteristic of this free topic. This is done by backing up the most efficient forums plug-in for WordPress, i. e. dbpress. Thanks to our forums, you can answer your customers' questions, contact your customers' bases, manage your team's threads, cut down on your spamming ticket, etc. You can also use the wooCommerce plug-in with the blogger topic to set up your store to market your goods and provide your service on-line.

More than 600 scripts and important themes are available in the Customize Live option, giving you better creative freedom and better creative freedom to customize your website with a look and feel that''s second to none. Well encoded with best programming practice, the topic will give your website a push with visible signage so that you can achieve a worldwide audience. dBlogger is an all-in-one blogger application for start-up companies who want to engage in pro blogging and move to a fun, high-performance and contemporary blogs topic to generate income on-line.

A premium, exclusively word-press topic developed by us for companies, businesses and start-up sites. It comes with a fast reacting look and looks great on smart phones, spreadsheets and more. With this free WordPress topic you can modify your homepage with Live-Customizer. WordPress Interactive Customer Builder will help you customize your website logos, descriptions, information, service, price plan and your product range in the most efficient way.

Journaling can be very useful for new Blogger or even for website owner who already have a news paper layout and need a better option. It offers minimum styling with optional features to present better layout with appealing styling. You can use the Banners preferences to adjust the display of banners in the topic's side bar.

User-defined settings will be your best friends here, you have so many choices to customize a headline wallpaper, highlight color, linkfor color and more. In addition, the Journaling Topic features an overlays box, an overlay-sensitive menus, endless scrolling capabilities, and literally appealing symbols. A sleek WordPress topic, Vertex is perfectly suited for blogging and creating web portfolios.

Design is fast reacting and has a clear and minimalistic lay-out to emphasize your contents (texts, photographs or videos). The Vertex is a good option for blogs, photographs, illustrators and anyone who enjoys blogging. A full-screen slide bar is added to the homepage, and you can also post up to 6 feature postings and 3 latest blogs.

Please click on the link below to take a closer look at the Vertex topic. By the way, in addition to watching the demonstration you can also view the meeting videos, which explain how to adjust the topic. Premium Grade Topic offering sleek, clear and minimalistic designs mainly used for search - blogs, portfolios, eCommerce, magazines, photographs.....

Featuring fast-response web conferencing, web page building, web drag-and-drop to display your contents and many other unique functions. An impeccable WordPress topic for papers, journals, news, publishers, etc. Colormag is a great topic for a free topic and is equipped with many functions. It' re integrated into 8 user-defined widgets that are specifically tailored to your homepage.

Using these Widgets you can create a multi-purpose lay-out in a very short period of your work. Incorporates built-in style symbols that you can include in your headers or footers. It is a universal topic with many impressing functions. They have more than 600 scripts and, powerfull theming, custom style sheet, beautiful picture sliders and can easy upload your company name.

Optimierer is 100% fast, 100% reactive, 100% reactive, optimised for mobility and created with CSS3 & HTML. The optimiser topic has been tried and enhanced to reduce page loading times and speeds. This topic is ideal for photographers, portfolios, corporates, personnel, small businesses and eCommerce sites. Easy to customize with many topic interface choices is a neat, easy and retina-capable WordPress design.

Several of the remarkable peculiarities are 4 page layout for each page and each contribution, it also has two page layouts: Broad and slim, 10 soft symbols, 8 broad areas, a slide control to emphasize your page or message, 6 customized broads and a bottom information panel to emphasize email/email/contact and other more.

Create nice topics with Interface and make your website appealing and nice. Orega is a scaleable, fast reacting and searching engine-optimized superior design for WordPress. Based on the Hybrid Core Frameworks, Themehall engineers are to be appreciated for its marvelous functionality. There are several page layout, translations can be done and it is child-friendly.

The Maskitto is a lightweight, neat and tidy WordPress topic for everyday use. Among the useful functions are a slide control with many choices, a quick to understand administrative interface lay-out, a clear and straightforward interface and an appealing look. With all these functions in one topic and guessed what? It'?s free.

With all these functions you can work wonderfully and build a nice website. It' a fast, easy, contemporary, fully adjustable, high-DPI, classy WordPress topic for the blogs. Receieptar is characterized by a divided, book-like layout, driven by a state-of-the-art cookbook that focuses on fine typefaces and visual language. There is also support for Jetpack plug-in, Beaver Builders Page Builders and Schema. org mark-up, Hook Alliance Hook themes, Allianceaction Hooks.

There' a translation-friendly coding, adjustable colours, a slide show on the title page and many other functions. It works on Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Explorer 9+ web browser. ProtocolPress was developed for photographs, magazines, blogs or other creatives. It has several functions like fast response designs, return on investment and 3D sliders to get you excited.

Loading with lots of functions ProtoPress could be the ultimate goal for your quest for a good WordPress. You' ll have a wide range of typefaces with Google Font, Featured Images and High Quality Animation directly through the subject. It' s a 100% reactive design and can work on all your tabs and mobiles alongside a notebook or computer.

The Opportune is a free, reactive, neat topic to present your interiors and gallery work with a pro style. All in all, a busi-ness model with highly reactive designs with a unique lay-out, a number of side bar choices, and unrestricted color combinations as well. The Opportune range provides a superior line of designs with clear lines and subtle edging that is just right for your work.

Flexibly equipped with many functions, Opportune is a serious topic for business-oriented individuals. Choose from many different types of blogs, 19 slide bar locations, post format, header types, many page width choices and hundred of functions to create this stylish website. Check out this topic if you want to create your own web page portfolios or a grid-style blogscape.

Each topic in Luna comes with one-of-a-kind and default layouts and lets your website run in a few moments. It' SEO-friendly, with an appealing skeleton designed specifically to look good in all kinds of devices: laptops, computers, cell phones andtables. Google has a sea of scripts that you can choose from, and it contains an HTML so you can easily post it after installing the topic to make it look like a demonstration.

You' ll see how your website is embellished with Luna WordPress themed. Best of all, all of Luna's fixes are free for a lifetime, you will never have to spend any of his upgrade money available now. A new full-page cover design with a clear user experience and side bar menu.

It''s fast to respond and offers full controls over layouts, colour, navigation and other functions from the Life Customiser Dashboard. Designed with the latest boatstrap frameworks on HTTP5 and CS3, this themes offers an appealing look and feel. The full-screen homepage browser window includes banners with videos and images and the pull & dropping builders in the themes option to administer the paragraphs on your site are all neat functions of this WordPress site.

Its design is encoded in HTML5 and CSS3 languages and is bootstrap oriented, making it fully applicable to mobile phones, desktop and computer environments. An Wordpress blogs topic with one- and two-column layouts with side bar and calendar link. Allows you to do almost anything you need to set up a customized blogspanning experience by modifying headers, wallpapers, callouts, titles, colors, and more.

The topic is ripe for translating and includes support for functions such as Schema. org mircodata and Right to left languages. Org is a language that can be translated into any language. With Sydney, you have a fast-reacting business opportunity to present your portfolios. Featuring full colour controls, full monitor sliders, gooey navigations, etc., this topic is a dignified one. Sydney' s high-performance business case can give your business an amazing on-line experience.

It' a topic that is actually suitable for all kinds of blogs, but the large still picture that appears on the front page is great for presenting your bridal snaps. It is a llite copy of the topic called Matches Per, but this free copy will give you a free blogsayout. Here you can see the design of the blogs.

You can instantly modify the headers, backgrounds, and side bar widths in the Wordpress Customizing. Use it as your WordPress tumbler and organise your blogs to be published in format by deleting the entire side bar. Match Wedding Blogs themes can also be used in galleries, private and portfoliosites.

You will find another premium-oriented free downloadable topic with all functions on a WordPress topic that reacts on one side. Another remarkable characteristic of this topic is the neat product range and the slide controls. Font, colour, header etc. can be adjusted with the built-in administration pane for this topic. You will find this topic in one of the best Premium WordPress themes of our collections.

It is easy to use all functions to create a nice website for your company. A top-of-the-line WordPress look is uniquely self-contained with a built-in lay-out building tool that lets you quickly create your own lays. It responds with stunning palladium backgrounds that make it even more appealing, along with its completely slim front panel styling.

Featuring boundless colour scheme and the unparalleled graphical experience of displaying web items, it's what makes this topic the best among the free WordPress topics. OneEngine' major features are the spur-of-the-moment topic choices and Layout Builder. Those credentials help create a stunning commercial or investment website. This is an excellent free topic for visiting your website with a variety of design opportunities including blogs, portfolios etc.

Fast-reacting, this topic comes with an awesome slide control that lets you slide through pictures, a proper actions position, 4 mail layout, 6 template files, and more. It is a full frame WordPress topic perfect to set up a premium photograph related website. It comes with so many customization choices and the theme's colour schemes are also customisable.

The Adament themes are powered by the Bootstrap 3 frameworks and are developed for sites that are photographic oriented. JQuery's homepage offers jQuery inspired titles and room to attach a caption for each slides. The design can be created and adapted to your needs. The Zenith is a free WordPress topic using the Bootstrap 3 frame.

Here is a WordPress shallow draft for the marriage. The many colors and typefaces you can select allow you to create and create an appealing website for your company. The Socute is a clear and minimalist Woo Commerce topic, created with a great, appealing look. Uses a powerfull plug-in, Woo Commerce, which allows the user to create a diverse and wealthy WordPress store with thousands of layouts and many functions to tailor your store to your needs.

Fully reactive, high-resolution WordPress magazines and blogs with fun typographic features that make it simple to browse and include full topic widget management functionality. This topic was developed to present the contents and images well. Evaluations for this website are marvelous and the topic is used by more than 70K sites around the globe.

A WordPress topic under development, created with HTML5 and CSS3. The Sixteen is a very creative Wordpress topic that is suited for most blogging. There is a raster on the homepage of this topic to show the latest contributions. It' a fully responsive Nivo slider, raster homepage design, full width pages and customizable header and footer.

Ready WordPress is an easy, neat and reactive Retina Ready WordPress application that adjusts itself to your tables and portable workstations. Together with the sleek styling, the styling is easy to customize with multiple themes to choose from. Support 9 home page designs with contained company logo, 11 style symbols, builder tool, a user-defined mail style to display the galleries, 5 designs for each contribution and a slide bar to emphasize your contribution.

The Attitude is a smart, easy, clean Retina Ready WordPress application that adjusts to your tables and portable device instantly. The Pytheas is a fully reactive WordPress topic for enterprise, commercial and asset management Web sites. Constructed without disorder and with a minimum outfit. The Pytheas is a great topic for small web sites or new businesses looking for start-up topics.

It' s an sleek, easy and yet appealing design with various functions like user-defined headers and backgrounds. The Alhena is a fast, neat and enterprise-wide WordPressme. It supports all major browser platforms such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 and uses the latest technology such as HTML5 and CSS3.

WooCommerce compliant, Alhena themme will help you make your store beautiful, managed and more professionally looking. The Point is a FREE, liquid reacting topic that is versatile and versatile. Using the expanded option window, you can select from several site laysouts, background and colour scheme choices and customise your look and feel.

Premium layouts, stylish Widget and customized Post-Meta Information box make it easy to use. POINT, like most other topics, works on all types of equipment, mobile phones and tables included, and has been tried and trusted to work with most major browser platforms. The Sugar & Spice is a stylish, female subject developed with the WordPress Blog and the marriage business in view.

Functions includes the ability to load your own logos and favorites, adjustable color and wallpapers, 3 different mapping settings. You know what? It reacts too! Sugar & Spice offers a number of special things: adjustable color and wallpaper, you can create your own custom avicon and your own logos and you can select from 3 different designs.

This topic works miracles for the web sites of photojournalists, bakers, flower designers and marriage designers. The Corpo is a fast-response commercial and investment topic that can be used for either face-to-face or commercial Web sites. By responding to the topic, it makes your website look nice and noteworthy in all your equipment and works with all major browser types.

There is a large slide control on the homepage and many page layouts for portfolio, blog etc.. Developed to present your work, perfectly suited for Wordpress Creative Agency themes and Freelancer. Equipped with all the necessary functions to ensure the pro visibility you need. Fertile - WordPress themes with high performance themes option panels and easy, neat frontend designs.

Possibility to customize style and option to your needs. There are two different layout choices: solid and fast. A few of the topic's functionalities are sliders, text, colors that can be edited, easy logos loading, footers, soft symbols and much more. Not only is it another standard out-of-the-box Wordpress topic, it has many functionality and feature set, it has 5 support for Multiple Homepage Layout, tonnes of short codes, the best of all short codes come from a plug-in built by wopexplorer, and of course a topic is not completely without a couple of topic settings, this topic is equipped with SmartPanel topic settings provided by wafpress frame.

Easy addressable shallow Wordpress topic goes by its name a easy Wordpress topic with enough functions and choices to give your contentment a big push.  Before, WordPress topic support several 5 colour scheme, to be precise, and 2 Primaries, which are black and knows. Â His homepage can be fully customizable, with a number of shortcuts can be unique homepage creation.

Simple is a fast reacting and slim WordPress with great functions to make you a memorable website and to fully please you. One of SiteOrigin's free, multi-purpose, versatile WordPress themes, with full compatibility for favorite plug-ins such as Page Builder, MetaSlider, WooCommerce, etc., was created by SiteOrigin.

You can use it to launch a commercial site, a product range or an on-line shop. Designed to be retinalized and built with some of the most advanced plug-ins like Page Builder, it is suitable for all kinds of equipment. This is a classy and sleek shop interface with a nice look and great functionality.

The ShopIsle has a beautiful, tidy and tidy shopping area designed to bring your product to the fore. It is also fast reacting, translatable and satisfies your requirements for advancedEO. It can be customized to your needs because it also offers user-friendly adjustment possibilities. An one-sided buisness topic, with a clear and easy look and a soft scroll.

It comes with user-defined block and box themes for your businesses, giving you a better and more streamlined way to organize your work. Partallax One is fast, WooCommerce-enabled, translateable and SEO-friendly. Can be used for any type of commercial use, be it for a start-up or a company website. It also includes price charts, a blogs page, customization features, and SiteOrigin Page Builder compliance.

All in all a tidy, easy and stylish look for a company with high ambitions. They can use full-screen pictures almost anywhere in the entire topic. We' ve pulverized all postal styles, 8 layout styles inclusive magazines and blogs, more than 40 soft icon and even faded in a top adjustable border for additional pop.

A few functions of the topic are that you can select from several home page sliders and different widgets. Evaluations for the topic are quite good and there are many people swearing by Tempera.

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