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Get the best Premium WordPress plugins for free! Best-of-breed free & premium WordPress plugins. You can even find a handful of helpful extensions on WordPress.org.

The GPL Clubs offer you a cheap or free way to download Premium WordPress Themes & Plugins to legally test and save thousands of dollars.

Top Premium WordPress Plugins

Division Builders WordPress plug-in take everything from Elegant Themes' Division themes and pack it into a design plug-in that can be used with any WordPress themes, giving you unlimited design choices for WordPress post and page layouts. With the elegant Shortcodes WordPress plug-in you can use pre-defined buttons, boxes, toggled content, tabbed content, slideshows, image sliders, password protection, columns, social media, tooltips, author information, custom lists, price tables, testimonials, dropcaps and quotes on your WordPress page.

Allows you to easily customize the amount of your own purchased seats to a specific meeting and completely resell them within your WordPress page - no third-party sites, no additional ticketing charges and well embedded into your preferred e-commerce solutions (WooCommerce, Shop, WP eCommerce and Easy Digital downloads supported).

The Eventbrite Ticket is an add-on to the WordPress Plugin meeting planner that allows you to take full advantage of a conferencing ticket system by providing essential Eventbrite ticket sales and participant tracking checks (requires The Events Call Plugin and an Eventbrite account). Filterbar add-on for calendars of upcoming and upcoming shows added a customizable filter sets to your show pages, enabling your visitors to browse by show categories, mail days, venues, organizers, weekdays, times of the days, and prices and distances when using the Show Locations plugin of Show Calendars ESRO ( requiring the free'The Events Call Core Plugin' from Wordpress.org and/or'Events Calling Pro').

Event Calendar Power WordPress plug-in is the premium/professional add-on to the very favorite Event Calendar WordPress plug-in that allows you to easily administer any kind of event on your website (requires the free'The Event Events Callendar Core Plugin' from wordpress.org). Addon for Gravity Forms allows you to use Project Management Integration with Gravity Forms and generate a Gravity Project Management Integration with Gravity Forms when sending a Gravity Forms list (requires Gravity Forms Plugin).

The Gravity forms WordPress Plugin add-on allows you to add the Gravity forms WordPress plugin with Dropbox so that your user can use Gravity forms to upload a file to their Dropbox box user interface and add a file from their Dropbox user interface (requires Gravity forces Plugin). Partial Entries Addon for Gravity Forms helps you not to miss any possible lead by collecting all the information you enter on your web pages and implement an abandoned cart technique known from WooCommerce, Shopify and similar basket application into a Gravity forms abandoned shape technique (requires Gravity forms plugin).

Gravity Forms Paypal Addon incorporates Gravity Forms with PayPal's obsolete PayPal Payments module - does NOT work with PayPal Payments module set up to use PayPal's new PayPal Payments module, and only works with PayPal pro account holders using the old PayPal API (requires Gravity Forms plugin).

Trello Addon for Gravity Forms allows you to remain organised and incorporate Gravity Forms with Trello, with automated Trello card generation and assignment of members and tags when submitting a request (requires Gravity Forms Plugin). WP All Exporter Pro Premium WordPress Plugin allows you to simply extract information from posts, pages, users, or any other custom post type (such as WooCommerce products, orders, etc.) into an exported Excel, CSV, XML, etc. document, modify the exported document layouts, modify your information, and later reimport it with WP All Importer.

Advanced Custom Spaces Addon for WP All Import Pro Premium WordPress plug-in allows you to add custom Spaces to WP All Export Pro Premium WordPress plug-in, which supports tens of different Spaces Type, which include relations, gallery and Spaces within a repeater (requires WP All Export Plugin). Link Clicking Addon for WP All Importer Pro Premium WordPress plug-in allows you to camouflage all existing link during a WP All Importer Pro WordPress plug-in - useful for your Affiliate and works with WooCommerce (requires WP All Importer Pro Plugin).

WP All Import Pro Premium WordPress Plug-in allows you to easily pull and drop the files of your WordPress or CSV files into the appropriate WordPress boxes - for any topic or plug-in that supports pictures, custom boxes, taxes, custom posts, files, and just about any other WordPress box.

WP All Import Pro Premium WordPress Plugin allows you to add custom information to all available custom panels, plus custom metas (requires WP All import Pro Plugin). You can use the BG Movie Slider Addon to view more than one movie as a line wallpaper. It will help you accelerate page load time by caching large movie wallpapers - needs WordPress Plugin!

Addon allows you to select any date and hour, with the possibility to set a counter on any line on your website, showing the number of years and the specified number of day, hour, minute and second - requiring WordPress plugin! You can use the Counter Addon to creatively and interactively display numbers on your website - WordPress plugin required!

Addon allows you to show contributions in endlessly scrollable form in Parametric, Graphic, or Listview; adjust the mail types, category, order, border, and even the appearance of your contributions; show more contributions with either a Load More icon, endless roll, or page break - needs WordPress Plugin!

You can use themeify bbuilder mappings pro to add Google mappings with different site marks with user-defined symbols, symbol tip text and different mapping style - needs themeify bbuilder wordpress plug-in! This is a builders add-on to hide pictures in any form with an SVG or PNG image files. Use with the latest release of a themes topic or the themeify builders plug-in is required.

Licence: Builders Sileshow is an add-on for use with the latest themes or themes of themes. Convert the Builders design to a snapshot. Every transparency can have different effect (select the transparency effect in the builders line options) - needs WordPress plug-in WordPress Thumbnail! You can use WordPress to create flipable tile like Windows 8 Metro layingouts with WordPress plug-in - needs WordPress plug-in!

If you want to highlight different text messaging on your website, the themeify builders typewriter addon is just right, so you can show your text with an appealing type animation - needs the themesify builders WordPress plugin! Using the WordPress plugin to create fast-response layout suitable for desktops, tables, and portable devices, you can use the WordPress theme editor to create a highly interactive layout using an easy-to-use rich draft and drop environment with real-time editing and previewing.

Using the Themify post Type Builders Relations addon, you can link 2 of your mail items that have been built with the PostType Builder, you can get the mail item A while presenting the mail item B2, which is great if you want to present a mail, but also have some related items that you think will interest your audience - needs Themify Post Tip Builders WordPress plugin!

With the Themify Mail Types Builder Find add-on, you can build extended find requests form for mail typs generated with the Mail Type Builder that help your end user find a particular mail typ by filternv by requiring Themify Mail Type Builder WordPress plug-in for keys, folders, taxonomies, and user-defined fields! WooThemes Sensei Learning Management System plug-in for WordPress enables students to achieve success and badge from practically any course, lecture and trivia action and bridges the gap between Sensei and the WooThemes Sensei LMS plug-in (requires WooThemes LMS Plugin).

With this add-on for the WooThemes Sensei Learning Management System Plugin for WordPress you can choose for each session in a course when students can get the lessons - either as a set period after the course starts or on a set date (requires WooThemes Sensei LMS Plugin).

The ' glue' plug-in facilitates translation with WordPress Multilingual Contents provided in Advanced Custom FieldsĀ  - requiring WordPress Multilingual plug-in. The WordPress Multilingual add-on is used to include features such as a breadcrumb trailer, drop-down lists, and side bar to your WordPress site (requires WordPress Multilingual Plugin).

The WordPress CMS is a premium WordPress plugin that makes it simple to create multiple language websites and translating pages, postings, user-defined type, taxionomy, menus and topics - various add-ons are available. The WordPress multilingual add-on allows you to use multi-language formats with Gravity Forms and WPML, so you can compile formulas title and description, fields names, fields value, page title, text and picture button, acknowledgement and redirection message, and e-mail notification (requires WordPress plugin).

The ' glue' plug-in makes it easy to use WordPress to translate multilingual contents contained in MailChimp for WordPress plug-in. The WordPress Multilingual add-on allows you to use certain WordPress Multilingual Mediafiles with different languages - WordPress Multilingual plug-in required. Page Builders Add-on for WordPress Multilingual plug-in provides build capability for the most common Page Builder plugins (e.g. Visual Composer, Divi, Cornerstone in X-Theme) - needs WordPress Multilingual plug-in.

The WordPress Multilingual add-on makes sure that your WordPress Multilingual link will never be broken, even if you modify the permission link tree, hierarchy or page plugins - WordPress Multilingual plug-in required. The WordPress Multilingual add-on allows you to compile WordPress multilingual text string interfaces that do not require mo file - WordPress Multilingual plug-in required.

The WordPress Multilingual add-on will help you turn normal WordPress user into translator, allocate orders to them and keep up with the pace of your translations - needs WordPress Multilingual plug-in. The WordPress Multilingual add-on allows you to upload and download XLIFF translated text files in the XLIFF dashboard - WordPress Multilingual plug-in required.

WorldPMU DEV Tutorial allows you to setup different kinds of online conversations: open conversations, single conversations, conversations between registrated members, BuddyPress group conversations, etc. WPMUDEV's CoursePress Pro WordPress plug-in allows you to build and run entire e-learning programs with full blown multimedia contents, interactivity Q&A, forum, chat and assessment.

WPMUDEV's Custom Sidebars Pro WordPress plug-in allows you to overload your website's WordPress widgets by simply building and viewing dynamic customized areas for articles, folders, pages, or by your own style. Wolpmu DEV Flotating Mobile will add a hovering mobile web interface to your WordPress site that will follow your visitors as they browse your site and help them publish your site on mobile devices.

Integrate, customise and use Google Map on your WordPress page - in postings, pages or as an easy-to-use broadget, view your own pictures and give your website traffic within seconds. WPMU DEV Membership Pro Plugin allows you to build a pay page with WordPress contents, which includes repeating payment subscription, context drip, multi-level user experience and context security.

WPMUDEV's WordPress Plug-in allows you to easily create a pay-per-view system to bill your website visitors for a one-time fee or subscriptions to your website's contents. Specifically, the DEV Post Indexer plug-in allows you to move your post over a single location over a single networking connection to extend the ways in which multisite contents can be shared by all.

WPMUDEV's Pro Sites WordPress plug-in allows you to build a web site with premium service offerings such as purchased updates, additional disk space, and similar to WordPress domains mappings. WPMUDEV's Reader WordPress plug-in transforms your WordPress multi-site into a multi-site environment with the following features: Tumblr, WordPress.com or Edublogs.

Featuring the DEV Report plug-in, it gives you visibility into what's going on on your WordPress page by generating and viewing mail, page and comments activities report - per page or per users. SmartCrawl SWPMU DEV SmartCrawl Web site management plug-in allows you to configure any Web site that needs a Web site management feature in a simple package to increase the ranking of your WordPress site.

With this plug-in, you can quickly create on-demand backups of your working WordPress databases. Choose from both standard WordPress spreadsheets and user-defined plug-in spreadsheets within the data base tree. WinWPMU DEV Social Marketing plug-in allows you to create an incentive for people to share your product or service on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

WordPress Plus plug-in will add Facebook functionality to your WordPress site and allow your visitors to easily upload your WordPress files to your website and easily upload and download your WordPress files. Ultimate Facebook plug-in fully integrate your WordPress blogs into Facebook (autopost to your Facebook page or board, Facebook login to your blogs, comment imports, photo sharing, etc.).

With the SEO Premium WordPress plugin, your website can be found by prospective clients in your own WordPress website and you can add Google Maps, opening hours and contact information to your WordPress website. SEO News Premium WordPress Plugin will help you optimise your WordPress website for Google News by generating XML News Sitemaps, Editor Picked RSS Feeds, Standout Tags, Meta News Keyword Tags and others.

Formerly known as WordPress Premium, the WordPress Premium WordPress plug-in is the most widely used WordPress plug-in and provides several premium functions such as a WordPress Re-direct manager and a number of additional words compared to the free WordPress plug-in release.

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