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Updated Setup Press This" feature allows fast publication with a dedicated web browsers markup. Download the Press This plug-in from the WP Plugins page or browse to /wp-admin/press-this.php on your website. Click This has been deleted from the Tools sub-menu in WP Core 4.9 and higher.

Once the plug-in has been installed, go to the Tools sub-menu.

Then you can either drop the Press this button into your browser's taskbar or use the Open Press This shortcut to directly access a menus for your PDA. When surfing, choose a text (optional) and click on the favourite in your favourite web page (bookmark). In contrast to the former version, this new version will not work with NoScript and RequestPolicy (the Firefox safety add-ons and most advanced browsers).

These are the precautions to make the bootmarklet work with one or both of your existing add-ons: Enter the following (change mydomain.com to your domain) in the field with anti-XSS exceptions: Enter the name of your website in the white square below that contains the wildcard target. They should see your domains in the bigger boxes above.

Now the new Press This bookmarklet should work properly, and you can still benefit from the protection provided by NoScript and RequestPolicy. Use of this Bookmarklet to publicize articles does not return the $_POST['post_type'] value "post" tag. Modify the favorites in your web browsers to modify the transferred value if necessary.

Sometimes when I use Press This, I get a NOT FOUND page. Enforcement end user can modify the attributes of their favorite to resolve the 404 Not Found issue. Click on the marker in the directory with the markers of your web brower or in the marker list with the right mouse button Press this, choose Modify or Property and modify it to this:

Continuous further developments of Press This (v1.1. 1) will be further developed as a plug-in at GitHub. and changed to the state of the plug-in.

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