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Enhance your content with Press's elegant design and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you have flatlayer support on your side. WorldPress is a great theme for any design agency and any business site, with clear design, minimal layout and scroll sliders. Media - Elegant Responsive WordPress Blog Topic from FlatLayers

The Press is a great, portable, fun WordPress blogs theme that offers easy, neat and stylish styling. The press topic is perfect for imaginative blogs and authors from all walks of life. Embed your favorite messages in your favorite format with 7 home page layout, 2 column contents options, 7 customized Widgets and much more.

The press topic is the ideal selection for your own private blogs or your own newsletters. Enhance your contents with the sleek Press look and feel and be confident that you have flatlayer endorsement on your side. Completely responsive - The press topic is ready for the job, regardless of the machine. It is scaled so that the contents can be adapted to any monitor, so that no matter what type of equipment, the press theme always looks nice.

Heimvorlagen - The press design has 7 home masters. Glutinous Message Slider - You don't need to build a class to view messages in Slider. Simply make mail tacky and conserve your mail space. Postformats - The press topic has 7 postformats (standard, image, audio, video, gallery, quote, link).

Sibbars - The press topic contains 3 kinds of page bars for home page, pages and postings + 4 footer widgets section. Pages can be controlled and the positions of the sibe bars (right, left or none) can be adjusted. Widget - Press theme has 6 custom widgets + original custom widgets. Customizing - Press theme designed to be customized by WordPress Customizer.

With the customizer you can customize your own favoricon, wallpaper, logo, Google Analytics, user defined style sheet, adding colours, selecting from over 600 Google scripts, hiding parts.... etc. Archive - The press topic has 2 archive documents (Archive, Timeline). Technical Assistance - The topic comes with comprehensive technical assistance to help you better grasp and modify every facet of the topic.

  • This theme is released.

Politische Presse - Responsive WordPress Theme through Inspiration Topics

Politische Presse is a purpose-oriented WordPress topic for policy-related web sites and blogs. Here you will find a list of the most important topics. The use of the topic Press is not restricted to the creation of a website for campaigning candidates and can be used for other sites or blogging related to policy. Simple & Extensive Customizer Preferences - The Political Press theme has very simple and extensive range of preferences that will help you to customize and change things around your website easier.

Responsible Layouts - Political Press Theme has a fast reacting lay-out and is build with the help of Twitter Bootstrap 3.0. Searchengine optimized - The topic political press is completely handcoded and its HTML is typed, whereby your pages have a good rank in searching machines. Topic has a good use of h1,h2,h3 tag.

Support of calendars and calendars of upcoming and upcoming calendars - Use the plugin for the event calender. Support for WP Email Capture Plugin - To include a subscription wide plugin with standard sliders. Easy subscription plugin support - To include a subscription plugin on your landings page. Tweets Plugin Support - To show tweets support in the bottom line. Thank you for buying Political Press Theme.

You can get help for all our topics via our Supportsite. Added wp-email-capture plug-in interoperability for the target page.

The plug-in style of the event calendars has been enhanced. Enhanced testimonials that list templatestyles. Enhanced landing page response style. Solved problem installing the sub-topic. Added landing page templates with count down time and subscription forms. Testimonials added mail style and templates. Added WPML plug-in functionality. Added compatiblity to plug-in'The event calendar'.

Added content rendering for ' Homepage Template'. Provide topic option to view tags or category-based postings on the home page. Enhanced plugin for ' contactformular 7' plugin.

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