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This is a small tool that lets you grab bits from the web and easily create new posts. To add the Press This bookmarklet to your browser, you must go to the Tools " Available Tools page in your WordPress Dashboard. This is a small tool that lets you grab bits from the web and easily create new posts.


This is a small utility that lets you pick web bit from the web and easily add new postings. You can even select from the pictures or video on the page and use them in your posting. You can use Press This as a fast and easy way to bring out another page on the web.

Added 5 and a new "Press This" in 2.6. So far this has been done with the importers. Well, I went through the kernel and found out it's a plug-in now. It' s a bit of a pity that we like this new release of the postscreen so much that we want to come back and process contributions from this screens as well.... but we can't do that.

Perhaps now that it's a plug-in, you can give us a way to include an "Edit in press this" icon in the wp-admin toolbar or on the postscreen? Your inquiry to this website identified a potentially insecure op. Fortunately, as everyone can see, the bookmarklet was added to the 1. 1 plug-in release after even MM did support it:

Release 1.1. #1 returned all the features I used when this was in the kernel. Could "press" that from the Bookmarks. Now the feature is substituted by this dumb plug-in. First you need to set up two plugs "press this" and "press this new post" to use the feature.

Secondly, if you click on "Press this" in the "NEW" pull-down list, only an empty screen will be displayed, no titles, no images, no text will be captured. You have to copy the hyperlink into it and click on Scanning. OK, you get medias in the links; but anyway, titles, text, sources, none has been captured.

Thirdly, you must copy the track, click on the medias you want to be added, copy the text and copy the original hyperlink into the new article. Just click on "New Post" and copy all elements from the original hyperlink into the new one. "This is open sourcecode." Following persons have added to this plug-in.

Fixes a problem with the packing of the SVN plug-in. First released as plug-in.

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