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Projects - is the free and most advanced mobile touch slider with hardware-accelerated transitions and amazing native behavior. Portfolios and Projects For more information, see Demos and Functions in Demos and PROdemos. Portfolio/Projects - is the free and most advanced handheld video editor with hardware-accelerated transition and stunning natively behaved. Designed for use on desktop and portable Web sites. Each project has a slide control for the screenshots.

Raster: grid="2 (Show article in raster format, you can use Raster:1,2,3,4). Features of PT : Portfolio with title, descriptions and picture gallery. Browsing Portfolio view. By portfolio category. Simple drag-n-drop function to show the portfolio in any order. Portfoliofiltration. Restrict yourself to displaying the number of contributions. Completely responsive and touch-based slider control.

For more information, see PRO DEMO and Functions.

1. a href="https://wordpress.org/plugins/portfolio-gallery/">Portfolio gallery by gigantic IT (free of charge)

Build your own WordPress themes with our Get a Bare-bones WordPress Topic From Scratch Tutorial. When you work on-line, you need a portfolio. There can be a lot of fun typefaces and all the pop-up plug-ins you could ever need. The ability to present your project attractively is an inestimable tool because it can show the readers why you are better at what you do than anyone else.

There are two possibilities for a breathtaking portfolio. They can either use a portfolio topic or receive a portfolio plug-in. But if you don't want to favour any of the portfolio topics or just want to use another one, then a portfolio plug-in is for you. Below are 9 of the best WordPress portfolio plug-ins available, they are the best of the best.

Loaded with useful functions and easy to use. It is one of the most versatile portfolio plug-ins on the schedule, and it is the one I use. There are seven different ways to present your portfolio as an attractive art work. User friendly user interfaces are intuitively designed to fit any WordPress topic.

In order to create a project, just insert a transparency or an illustration and type in the project detail. The only thing you have to do is insert a line of short code on the page of your choosing and you have a brilliant new portfolio. This free edition includes everything you need to get up and running and customise your portfolio.

The Career Portfolio is a lean, grid-based portfolio plug-in. Free edition includes a lay-out and fullscreen browser styles, which is good if you are looking for a basic portfolio. Career Portfolio payable edition ($30-$50) provides several additional benefits: The Nimble Portfolio provides a clear and concise presentation of your work.

You' ll have plenty of room to gamble with this plug-in because you can change almost anything. Select stunning preview lifestyles, category your project, and even include video or PDF thumbnails. The Nimble Portfolio also includes several premier add-ons, among them several skin and light box choices. It is one of the most feature-rich free portfolio plug-ins on the market.

This is another grid-based portfolio that uses shortcuts for adjustment. It' easy to append a project, and users can apply filters using categories from the frontend. Visitors can click on your project to see a popup with more details. It is a great choice for creative people who want a straightforward portfolio management solution.

Select from a bright or black colored skins and adjust the size/dimensions of the portfolio item. When you need a portfolio that is to be used on a regular basis and does not involve complex servicing, Waving Portfolio is a sound one. BestWebSoft's Portfolio plug-in is a free plug-in that offers several functions to help you personalise your portfolio.

This results in a vibrant portfolio that presents your work well. Chargeable $25 provides added functionality, which includes categories and enhanced technical assistance. Free is a good way to start creating your own portfolio of professionals. This is exactly what Awesome Portfolio provides - a uniquely filtering portfolio that presents your work in a stylish way.

Contains a variety of motion graphics and images to give your portfolio a boost. Order portfolio catagories and elements simply and set the motion characteristics. The Aeolus is the ideal portfolio plug-in for creative professionals looking for an impressing base for their work. Your works can be presented in the pallax cabinet or as miniatures in a pillar cabinet.

Aeolus has some of the best functions available for a free plug-in. When you like the display case Parallaxenvitrine, this is the portfolio plug-in for you. As a Behance practitioner, portfolio management has become much simpler. With this sophisticated portfolio plug-in, you can easily embed Behance project into your WordPress page and use the Behance API to administer everything.

It is a clear, minimalist lay-out that is raster-based, but not bulky or artificial. It' fast and fast and allows your audience to browse through your portfolio with ease. It provides categorying, tabs adjustment, customized style, and more. It is a marvelous plug-in that is the Behance user's vision. The Go Portfolio provides a variety of functions and designs for as little as $23, with a percentage-based raster display that gives every site a compelling look.

The Go Portfolio offers four standard lifestyles, Google Web Font assistance, adjustable portrait and landscape space, and a host of other useful functions. They can have infinite portfolio and user-defined mailboxes. So if you are looking for a rugged portfolio plug-in that offers many choices, then Go Portfolio is easy enough for $23. In a global environment where almost every box is becoming more competitively priced from top to bottom, a great portfolio will make your work stand out.

This portfolio plugin provides an easy way to organise your work, and you can customise anything you want. Just put it on the topic of your choosing and you're good to go. Once you've completed adjusting your portfolio, you can easily split it with everyone, and don't be amazed if you're paying more attention to your work.

Build your own WordPress themes with our Get a Bare-bones WordPress Topic From Scratch Tutorial.

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