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Best Wordpress freelancer or tender script and theme to create a service marketplace where customers can outsource their work for freelancers or vendors. The HireBee is a freelance marketplace theme for WordPress. Companies publish projects and freelancers start the tender.

Projekt - Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme by Ecological Theme

PURPOSE - Multi-purpose WordPress theme with a contemporary, clear and distinctive look. It is a trend theme for your business website, agency or startup. Simply take the best theme of your choosing, modify the text, insert your pictures and you're done! Have a look at this beautiful WordPress theme and you will be even more astonished!

Project- Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme Kernel Features: All pictures are only used for previews and are NOT part of the actual purchased file. Children's theme added according to customers' wishes.

WorldPress Project Tender Topic / Order Script

The Project Theme for WordPress is the word press theme and the number one theme on the web that you can use to create a free-lance marketing website. You can also create a project bidder website or a choir website. Featuring a great package of functions, pay modes and plug-and-play capabilities, Project Theme is the best choice for your freelancer website.

Publish in our topic Employer Project and Free lance offers. By the end of the project, the employer awards the project to the most highly skilled supplier on the shortlist. This is all complemented by some great features like privacy messaging, so your user can interact and exchange data.

It also comes with many monetisation features for the website user, such as calculating quotes, removing percentages from each project, project charges and many others. When you need help on the subject or have a pre-order query, please feel free to get in touch with us or use our forum to ask your queries.

This theme works well on any machine. Our theme's theme expands or shrinks to suit your display sizes and your equipment. For an example of how Response Designs works with our theme, see here. The project theme allows you to levy a percentage commission (or lump sum) on each project/product handled through your website.

You can do this directly through PayPal (with chain to chain adapter payments) or through the system using your balance sheet or perhaps through another means of billing that we can work with. Multiple monetisation utilities can be used to earn cash from your website created using our project theme. There is also an escrrow function with the loan system, which is supplied with the project theme.

It is the project owner's intention to pay virtually into the trust for the winning offer until he has completed the project. A great addition to our theme is that your visitors can browse for an article by location, postcode, and a specific range of mileage.

The function is modeled on Google's geo-coordinates and the presentation of the results on a Google maps on the query page. The project theme allows your contractors and project managers to share download able data. Using this function, you can have a free-lance IT store website where humans share data and finish the project.

Consumers buy virtually and use it to purchase project payments, post project suggestions, or create a listing of new projects/tasks. Members can buy the task with their balance and members can take out the amount they have earn. Freelancers and contractors evaluate each other after each project and each individual has their own general feed-back that other individuals can see.

Allow your people to " like " the project and split it on their own facing up. A free plug-in also allows you to log in to the website with your own personal interface. Prior to applying for a project, the freelancer can increase their chances of winning a project by creating a full username and password for the project.

They do not need any specific payments integrations, as the topic has already implemented a payments system. It currently support PayPal, PayPal Adaptive, Payza, Moneybookers / Skrill, iDeal (Dutch), iDeal Mollie, Sisow, Payfast, Quickpay and Authorize. net, but we can provide solutions to individually incorporate any other locally based payments portal.

You' ll notify your subscribers via e-mail when they place a bet, when they are surpassed, when they get new offers for their project, or when they get personal notices. This topic has e-mail alerts for contractors when they have been paid for their work. Best of all, contractors can sign up for specific category and get e-mail alerts when a project is published in their area of interest.

The PayPal is one of the most widely used online banking solutions in the United States. We also support the new PayPal Adaptive and Delayed Chained Paypal. It' very simple to use, just enter your PayPal e-mail in the backend and begin the collection process. A plug and play function. This project theme is supported by the latest WordPress release.

This topic was extensively debugged in Wordpress 4.9. We also keep the topic up to date with the latest Wordpress releases each year. It helps your contractors and project vendors better interact through a secure system, without disclosing personally identifiable information to each other, and maintains all activities on your website and keeps you in full command of them.

This project topic uses the GNU gettext WordPress locale system. Using a specific POEDIT utility, you can compile the files in your mother tongue or in the required languages. Due to the user-defined posting type, the blogs function of your Wordpress site is still backed up as before and not bothered by the project theme activities, so you can still blogs about anything you want in your website.

Just post your email address to your back-end and your friends can join you. In addition, each project page has a sharing on the Twitter button. You can also log in using your own personal twitter user name. You will have unrestricted availability of upcoming upgrades and lifelong technical assistance for all issues you may have when you install and use the topic.

In our forum you will find many frequently asked question and answered topics. We can help with any issue by helping you via e-mail or Skype. If you have specific needs or changes that you would like to make, and change the theme's basic functions or include other specific functions, we can provide tailor-made service.

Or we can include any other Wordpress theme as a theme and keep the same Project Theme functions.

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