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use Regardless of what kind of electronic files you have, you can resell them with the plug-in and make them safely available to your clients. It delivers the digitized produkt immediately to the customer by emailing them an encoded downloading hyperlink, so the initial position of the produkt is never known. This plug-in allows you to configurate your own variants with various features (e.g. sizes, colors, styles, etc.

) at extra cost. The plug-in provides category items to view items in order and make it easy for your clients to find them. Just like digital and physical goods, you can also resell your service. You can use different versions of our software to set performance stages with their own prices.

You can use this function to obtain customer instruction for particular types of use. Final withholding taxes A final withholding taxes must be applied to the chosen or all chosen goods. Lump -sum delivery costs Application of product-specific delivery costs for single articles. It is also possible to set a flat-rate delivery charge independent of the number of articles in the shopping cart or a flat-rate delivery charge for each of them.

Application of rebates on select items. Enforce rebate on the basis of the number of items. Enforce rebate basing on the amount of the shopping basket. Taxes and delivery costs on the order page. Put your product on every article or page. User-defined key options for single product. Our "Simple Ecommerce Shopping Card Plugin" offers all important features without complicating the operation.

First, use the " Add/Edit Produkte " link to create your own on-line shopping cart. In order to include the'Add to cart' icon, just insert the Triggertext [simpleecommcart_add_to_cart id="prodcutID" ] to a contribution or page next to the item.

Managing your shopping

Pick any purchase to see its management choices. Available choices vary depending on the type of upgrades you have chosen. Below the desired subscription, click Upgrades and you will be taken to a page to finalize your purchase. This means that you will not be calculated the full amount of the schedule you updated or added.

Instead, you will get a voucher for the part of your existing unsubscribed account that will be used for your purchase. Full pricing for your purchase will be calculated in the following accounting period. Firstly, to get the amount left on your actual plan: The full costs of the individual plans at 48 $ for 12 month / 12 = 4 $ per month.

Multiplied by $4 by 10 (the number of monthly remainders of your individual subscription) to receive $40. That is the amount that will be added to your purchase of your upgraded version of our software. Eventually, to determine the end cost you would be paying to upgraded to Business: Company's full rate at $299 for 12 month - $40 (amount left on your existing subscription) = $259.

Reimbursement for domain registrations and renewals is 48hrs. Reimbursement deadline for guided transfers ends 30 business days after purchase or as soon as your website is postponed, whichever comes first. Click the Abort pushbutton to abort an update. When you want to delete a purchase entirely, you can do so after the cancellation.

Voided buys have a distance left in buys: Deleting a purchase will cancel the remainder of your purchase and all functionality will be immediately deleted from your site. You can publish your registrations if you want to move your domains to another Registrar but have upgraded your personal registrations by pressing the Cancel Personal Registry icon to do so.

There is also a direct hyperlink to your domains preferences under your name. That will take you to the Domains Manager. Each upgrade is configured to be updated manually by the system. While we will email you notice before we top up your Prepaid Cards, we will extend updates 30 calendar days prior to the expiry date.

Because the expiration of an update can lead to undesirable changes to your website or the deletion of domain names, we want to make sure that everything is done in time. Please consult our technical team if you would rather update your updates by hand and disable automatic renewal. If your purchase is automatically extended 30 calendar days prior to expiration, you will receive the full 12 month subscription for each purchase.

When you try to administer an Upgrade on one of your websites and do not see it on the Purchases page, make sure you are signed in to the email address used to purchase that Upgrades. In case you have problems with one of your updates, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the technical department who can help you.

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