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The Wordpress radio theme

It can be used for any kind of music, band, radio, melody blog, entertainment and music business. Onair2: WordPress radio station theme from QantumThemes All-in-one WordPress theme, OnAir2 is the all-in-one WordPress theme to build a radio stations website that already includes non-stop radio players, radio broadcasts, schedules, podcasts, WooCommerce, fundraisers, and more. The OnAir2 is fully compliant with all popular streams such as ShoutCAST, lceCAST, Radio. co, Airtime, Radionomy and many more. 6 month Help Deskupport, topic, kid's topic and package licence for your plug-ins:

WooCommerce and GIVE donation plug-in supports, Header Players, Slider Revolutions, new demonstrations, banner in the players, and more are now included! Includes GDPR WordPress compatible download. In recent years, radio has developed at a rapid pace with the emergence of new, better and more cost-effective sales technology such as Streaming, Podcasting and of course on-line radio broadcasting.

With OnAir2, a full WordPress suite for creating and maintaining your own radio network, radio programmes, radio broadcasts, network, podcasts, radio independently and Internet-based radio channel sites, you want your radio channel to accept this. With the radio player function, which is extremely portable, you can use any channel and every audio file for high-quality, bandwidth-saving audio streaming.

OnAir2 is equipped with the latest technology for streamed media and can be used with either audio stream files such as Icecast, SHOUTcast or audio stream files such as audio stream files, etc. It has a radio pop-up player that allows playback to be played continuously. Song fed with ShoutCAST 2, IceCast, Radio. co, AirTime or Radionomy? You can also view the song titles in this topic!

Building a world-class radio station takes a certain amount of subtlety, and that's what OnAir2 puts on the board for you. Specially designed show pages let you anticipate a gooey sensation that makes your audience want more. Features Day, Week or Month plan in a easy but stylish and proffesional way that incorporates an elegant way to gently encouraging social media to share on every page.

Point Pages also have an automated schedule, can view a podcast show and utilize an eye-catching para-lax head that adjusts smoothly to a user's machine and scrolls as if by magic. What is more, you can also view a podcast show and use an eye-catching para-lax head that adjusts itself smoothly to a user's machine and scrolls as if by magic. What is more, you can also use the Show Pages function to view a podcast show. Today, every radio station has to put its data off-line and into the fan community's capable hand with a technological and professionally trained podcast.

Using all of today's best podcast technology, OnAir2 guarantees your audiences anywhere they are. Fully SoundCloud, YouTube, MixCloud compliant, OnAir2 also includes a feature-rich MP3 player so you can deploy any of these technology without programming.

A charting function on your new radio stations website simply makes perfect business. Produce gooey contents with beautiful embedded voice and visual on specially created pages that include complete track lists and view voice using any of the popular web technology or the built-in MP-3 author. Featuring 11 custom post types, 7 custom widgets, and 14 custom shortcuts to help you build the Ultimate Radio Stations website, we're sure you'll enjoy OnAir2 along with over 500 satisfied clients.

Build almost any web item with the drag & drop ease of the best-selling plugin for WordPress, Visual Composer. On-air2 V3.0 is off! With the latest Revolution slider, WooCommerce product launch, donations launch, new shortcuts, Top Cash and more! x ] ADDED OPTIONS button in Customizing > Radio Setting: Change Radio - sets the radio station while visiting a station page.

FIXED QT Contact form'People can post without checking the box'[x] FIXED Banners Widget fix wp_reset_post(); * ADDED supported for "Give - Donation Plugin and Fundraising Platform" Have a look at our current topic: 16 Kentha - Visionary music WordPress theme.

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