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Worldpress Radio Theme Free

Earphones - Headphones Free WordPress Theme. A free WordPress theme that is a unique & powerful WordPress theme with an attractive display for music and albums. There are templates for bands, DJs and radio stations. The theme comes with a beautiful flat design concept and an appealing layout.

It is very quick to set up and easy to customize and comes with free support.

Band, DJ and Radio WordPress Theme

Free Download Vice v1.8.1 - WordPress Volume Dj and Radio Theme | If you need to build a professional WordPress website, Vice is the theme for you. It' s functions and functions have been developed especially for creation: Singer Websites Producer Websites Radiostation Websites Membership Websites Musicians Websites Singer Websites And much more!

Sounders | Online Radio WordPress Theme by themesREX

Sounders is an amazingly colourful, light WordPress theme with a practical, sleek look. It' perfect for on-line radio, radio, bands, DJs, attractive singers, artists' offices, agencies for culture event and entertaining companies web sites. This theme contains 3 homepage-layout, which allow you to give all necessary information about DJs, radio hit, diskography service, radio resident solution and all forthcoming musicals.

Sounder allows you to present your photos and videos of the past or future event. This topic can also be interesting for musical directors, artists or anyone in the musical business or in blogs. Its design is fully reactive and Retina Ready, so it looks fantastic on any stage. Efficient thematic framework: ....and much more!

PLEASE NOTE: The design is intended for the free WordPress edition, which can only be obtained from Wordpress.org. It is not guaranteed that the theme will be fully compatible with Wordpress.com installation, as the website controls and theme customizations are limited. - The plugins are upgraded to the latest releases; - An added radio stream radio feature is added to the sound Widget.

15+ Top 15+ The Best Radio Stations WordPress Topics 2018 Musik

Listening to it has always been a good form of conversation. In addition, the artist and the radio operator are one of the most celebrated people who exist today. This is how we want our musicans, vocalists, performers, bands and radio broadcasters to design an appealing website on the basis of musical content. We' ve chosen the best evaluated and best working WordPress topics for your website.

Below we have listed the topics where you will find most of the benefits a music-based website needs. The majority of topics do not need programming skills or special skills in designing. If you are a novice, you can still use these topics to create and embellish your website anytime. Every topic provides the user with dependable assistance.

It is now very simple to launch a website for radio stations. Take a look at our radio theme series. Hopefully you'll enjoy looking at these topics. One of the best Wordpress topics for a radio broadcaster is Onair2. It has 11 mail type and 7 user-defined design widgets.

This topic is very quick as the functionality of Avax is added. Its greatest benefit is that it offers a 7-day money-back guarantee. Only very few topics offer this possibility. There' also a non-stop musical play. Thank the theme for the addition of woodcommerce. There' also the Top-Page-Builder D&D-Builder, which was added to the theme.

You offer very impressing plugs. There are also some free of charge plug-ins available. This theme works very well in all types of equipment. Onair2 is therefore the best website for a radio broadcaster. The Sonik comes with a Wordpress theme for the musician. The theme is ideal for vocalists, bands, DJs, bands, radio stations and others.

To create a professionally designed website, Song is the best for everyone. There' a lot of shows that are loved on the radio. The radio theme is also suitable for these web sites. With 4 demonstrations the topic is really appealing. Demo's of major, pop, rock, musicians and radio stations are available on the topic.

It is possible to make a musical albums or videos to draw people. It' simple to build a store page on the website. Whereocommerce system allows you to build a store page that is really useful. More than 600 Google scripts are available and the design is optimised for MEO. This topic is also fully reactive.

Sonik is one of the best Wordpress topics for every singer. Sounders is a port-radio theme specifically developed for the group, DJ, singer, artist and others. There' a side bar manger in this topic of the radio channel Wordpress. Moreover, the radio theme is well SEO-friendly.

There are some themes that do not offer good plug-ins, mainly the ones in our Preferred Plug-ins. Sounders offers premier plug-ins such as revolutionary sliders, wbbakery page builders and others, some of which are free. A few ready-made demonstrations, home pages and pages are provided free of charge. You can use infinite colour options to make the theme very beautiful. You' gonna like the theme's support group.

This theme is suitable for all types of equipment. Decide on a sound system for your music-based website. Searching for a radio and wordpress theme for your favorite songs? The Vice offers a one-stop shop for groups, dj' s, vocalists and radio broadcasters. It is an astonishing WordPress theme for the creation of a music-based website.

Twenty-five symbolic symbols in the theme. In this way you can create well and use the benefits of the topic. For radio stations or a music-based website, a sound processor is always required. The theme offers a great number of choices for a great gambler. To select this radio stations website templates Wordpress theme for your website.

MusicalPlay is a radio site website submission Wordpress theme that is specially designed for musician, singer, radio broadcaster for their website about their store. Full width audioplayer is also a good plug-in. On this Wordpress radio theme, the radio features this quick function which is a very good benefit for the user.

Musicband is a multi-purpose wordpress theme, which is mainly intended for the bands and any kind of organisation. One of the radio station's best Wordpress topics, this is equipped with a high-performance Page Builders revolutionarylider. It is possible to set up activities for any ceremonies or festivals with ticketing facilities and information on them.

Three different types of events are available for the theme. Below on the website, the user can build a floating-music-player. The Wordpress theme of the radio channel is very appealing and you can listen to your favorite tunes with just one click on the radio button. This theme is very quick and simple to use.

View your website easily on all your equipment because the design is fully reactive and retinal. Whereocommerce function is also added to the theme. The SoundWave is a very trusted musical and radio theme for the performer and even for everyone. This is a favorite theme on the radio, and since it has many functions and choices, the sites created with this theme are very appealing and classy.

Besides many benefits, the Audioplayer is a very appealing one. Galerie has always been a good way to make the website appealing. There is a fashionable and classy galery in the theme there you can show the important pictures and video. One large and one small; two slide controls are available on the topic.

Periodic updates are also given by the topic and a very thoughtful support staff is there for the user. This Wordpress radio theme must be a good option for you. Radios, solos, musicians always need an appealing website to enhance their reputations and businesses. A good website needs a good topic.

Accords come for the Wordpress radio theme solving. Voocommerce functions are now very useful with which you can build your own store page on your website. There' s also an appended children's theme. The topic is boatstrap oriented and can be translated. There are a large number of feature and shortcut codes available in the theme.

Ceronchong is a fantastic Wordpress theme that can be used for many purposes including clubs, parties, soundtracks, radio stations, and other websites. This theme has an impressing perfomance. Adds this function to the website where you can build your own store page and offer various products to people.

HTML5 and CSS3 are available in the design. User can simply build any kind of events on their website. Also there is a very good musical performer on the site. There is also a children's theme with the primary theme of the mission. The theme is ideal for all types of device such as portable, handheld or desk-top.

There is also an appealing photogallery where you can show important pictures and video. All in all, this topic is very beneficial for everyone. In order to make the dreams of a musician, singer or artist come true, Slide comes with an astonishing Wordpress theme. This theme will help to build a website for your passions and your company.

Having tested many useful functions, the theme also offers great benefits of useful and premier plug-ins. All in all, this radio topic is very useful. Approximately 20+ page items have been added to the theme. It is also a versatile musical display where the listener can easily add songs, pictures and link files.

You can also use the voocommerce functions to build your own store page on the website. Using the Theme Customizing tool it is very simple to adjust the design. So, since folks like this subject, you have no doubts about getting this subject. Lucilla is a full musical theme that is perfectly the sites on the basis of musical theme.

Performers, vocalists and radio stations can also use this theme to advertise their website and make it more so. You can use the Events Managementsystem to generate different business events with all their information. This theme also has a good albums where the beautiful pictures and video can be thumbnailed. Infinite colour options allow you to make the design smoother.

The Wordpress radio theme is ideal for both portable and desktop use.

There' also a very beautiful jukebox. Easily play individual pieces of your favorite tunes without delay. Its design is WPML-enabled and supports Jetpack. Portrait radio theme is constructed with boatstrap. There is also an appealing galery in the theme. This theme has more than 2700 clients and does not hesitate to get this port-radio theme....

Kartha is a versatile Wordpress theme that is particularly suited to musical sites. DJ, performer, singer, vocalist, act and clubs can easily create their music-based website with Kenneth. The mounting of the Djax musical instrument has made it more attractive. The visitor can hear fluent musical sounds as there is a unique charging facility.

Design is very simple to set up as there is a nice theme field fordmin. There are also many plugs available on the theme. Several good Widget and Short codes are also offered by the theme. No programming skills are needed to execute the design. Mainchimp, Kontakt von 7, envato markt etc. Plugs are available in the topic.

This topic is therefore appropriate if you are ready to build a music-based website. The Decibel is a Wordpress theme that can be the best for the musician, singer, act or anyone involved in the musical world. This theme is SEO-optimized and the high-performance wolf slider is assigned to this theme.

This theme offers a great plug-in advantage. Together with user-defined useful plug-ins, the design provides the plug-ins for your use. At least $50 of the user will save these plugs. You can present and resell your musical works on-line using the diskography function of this programme theme. In addition to voocommerce function, you can build store page and sale product on-line.

So, don't be worried about the musical theme that has decibels. A multi-purpose theme for those involved in the musical world. This theme is well optimised and a great picture galery is available in the Theme. Approximately 26 user-defined design models are available.

User can generate an event with all information. It is a fully reactive topic and the eye is prepared to receive good assistance from the authorities. There is no programming required to run the theme. This theme is very quick and very simple to dress up your website with this theme.

Well, certainly this topic is a great one for musicians.

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