Wordpress Reader

The Wordpress Reader

Keep up to date with everything WordPress has to offer, including topics, plugins, news, tutorials, hacks and tricks! assistance The Reader shows the contributions of all the websites you open in order of publication, with the most recent contents at the top. You will see an extract from each contribution, an icon, if any, and miniature views of all other icons in the contribution. At any time, click on Reader in the upper-right corner of your computer monitor to go back to Reader.

Following pages shows you the latest contributions from the pages you are tracking, and is the standard reader interface. Here you can administer your settings for these pages - you can select whether you would like to get new contributions both by e-mail and in your reader. Using the Find feature, you can browse for articles and websites on any subject and suggest great reading results depending on your work.

On the Manage Followed Sites page, you can also select to select your own source from your selection of files by clicking the Import icon and choosing your own PHP format. Find out more about how to add and manage the blog (s) you are following. Listen allows you to organize the blog (s) you are following into groups. To open the roster of tag (s) you are following or to open more tag (s) you are following, click Tag.

In order to view the latest postings on a thread, click Submit, then paste the tags into the field that is displayed and press Sub. Their reader downloads the latest articles that have been posted with that day, and the day is added to your reader so you can find it easy on your return:

And you can track as many days as you want. If you are in Reader, the day you are currently searching is marked in turquoise. Click the "X" to the right of the day to delete a day from your schedule at any given moment. Find out more about how to add and leverage your own postings.

The reader will use one of the following maps to view your contribution, based on the contents of your post: When your contribution contains at least one useful picture (350px+ wide) and an appropriate amount of text (over 100 characters), the default map will be displayed. This map shows the first picture in the mail contents in miniature view together with an extract from the text of the item.

When your message contains only text, a two-line extract is shown. Contributions with four or more useful pictures will be shown with the gallery map showing a series of miniature views of the first four pictures in the contribution above the contribution clipping. A photo card is used for contributions that contain a useful picture and less than 100 chars of text.

At first, the picture is displayed trimmed, but you can click on the picture to see the entire picture without changing to the individual item overview. Rather than displaying text contained in the contribution, this map displays the caption of the contribution overlayed on the picture. In the case of a contribution that contains an embeded Youtube or Vimeo movie, the reader displays a miniature of the movie with an overlay playback key and an extract of the text of the contribution.

Productive websites that release multiple articles per diary or even an entire session will show the articles with combination maps, as long as no articles from other websites you are following have been posted in between. How come I can't like a piece? What can I do to stop my e-mail alerts from being sent to each of the websites I use?

Next to the following websites, click Administer. Disable the option next to New post emails. Where can I disable e-mail subscription for all websites I follow? In the upper part of the screen, go to Reader subscriptions. But why aren't my contributions displayed on the Reader Tags pages? In order to appear on the reader tags pages, your website must be open to the general public and must be indexable by searching machines.

Please make sure that you use the right languages in the Reader. Pictures must be over 350 pixel in width to be useable. When the picture on the contribution is less than 350 pixel, it is skiped.

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