Wordpress Register

Worldpress Register

Go to Settings " General in your WordPress administration area. Browse down to the "Membership" section and select the checkbox next to the "Anyone can register" option. You will see a checkbox next to "Anyone can register", as shown in the picture above.

Functions and options:

Users register plug-in gives you an easier way to build front-end users register and logon templates. Drag-and-drop boxes make organizing and building custom formulas simple. It is light, flexible and can be used to generate any kind of registry application. Support the front-end Profiles accounts page for editing profiles, changing passwords, logging out and more.

Custom registry plugin in action: Registering your account can be enhanced by adding some additional features. Socially Connected - Allows your site's visitors to register/login to your site using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn community sites. Contents Limitation - Allows you to limit all or part of the contents from the site, send posts to registered or registered members with certain privileges.

Files up-load - Allows you to include an up-load box in the registry format so your visitors can easily submit files, pictures and more. Integrate WooCommerce - Integrates and synchronizes WooCommerce related information with the page of the visitor sign-up page such as orders, client data, invoices. EmailChimp - Allows you to synchronize your registrated email addresses with the EmailChimp mailing lists.

When you register, your MailChimp account adds people to your MailChimp account as well. Extended Field - Allows you to include extended additional field such as WYSIWYG, time picker, phone number, HTML, section header in the field. Profiles connection - Allows the administrator to link existing subscribers to the chosen subscriber subscription request via other subscription request formats. Supports PDF document delivery - Allows exporting to PDF document, PDF document as e-mail attachments during document delivery.

Payment (PayPal) - Integrates PayPal into your payment submissions, donation payment and more. Navigate to User Registration->Add New and begin to create a registry entry from there. Navigate to User Registration->Add New and begin to create a registry entry from there. Which is the plug-in-licence? The GPL licence is valid for this plug-in.

Which other services does an end consumer need from a supplier? Great help. add_filter( 'user_registration_vor_register_user_action', 'registration_data', 10, 2 ); 'form data...'; Thanks. Following persons have added to this plug-in. Fixed - Loading custom registry objects on the logon page.

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