Wordpress Requirements

Worldpress requirements

Minimum WordPress server requirements are listed below: Raw data for this graphic is based on the official page "Requirements" in WordPress.org. Check the WordPress requirements as well.

Apache? What is Apache? - And what is a web server?

The Apache is the most widely used web browser application. Apache was created and maintains by the Apache Foundation and is open code free of charge. Many WordPress hosters use Apache as their web serving application. WordPress can also run on other webservers. Which is a webhost?

You' re asking yourself, what the hell is a webserver? Well, a web site is like a dinner guest. Arriving at a dinner place, the hosts will greet you, check your reservation information and take you to your dinner tables. Much like the hospitality hosts, the web servers search for the website you request and pick it up for your enjoyment.

A webservers is not only your hosting but also your servers. As soon as it has found the website you asked for, it also supports the website. Apache is also the Maitre D' of the restaurants. Thus, in general, a web-server is the software that gets your query to visit a web page.

This will perform some safety check for your HTTP query and take you to the web page. Dependent on the page you are requesting, the site may ask the webmaster to run some additional module while it generates the available documentation. You then use it as a template for the desired documents.


My MySQL 5.6 or higher OR MaryDB 10.0 or higher. However, we cannot test every possible setting and each of the hosted on our site support the above and more without any problem. Here is a mail you can copy and paste to your home! Contact your prospective hosted person to ask what action they are taking to keep your bankroll secure.

ssung class="mw-headline" id="Installation">Installation

Which is the famous 5-minute setup? With cPanel / cPanel Winter, how do I instal? Need I build a data base? Now you need a data base. If you want, you can build a new database: You are a large hosts offering more than one data base, and you wish to have a seperate data base for the website you set up.

When you set up a new base for a new website, you will need to modify wp-config. php and make sure that the base name and other particulars are accurate. Standard servers are configured to store index. htm, index. html, default. htm, default. htm, default. htm, default. html, default. asp file. Don't use MySQL 4.1 databases.

Don't use MySQL 4.1. It is the issue if you get "Error setting up a data base connect! MYSQL 4.0 is recommended. and MySQL 4.1.7. It took me two whole day to check my wp-config. php 100 different time; make changes; fix my data base with every known name for my hosting (localhost, 1, , computer name, etc...) without success.

"Incorrect setting up of a data base link! So, thanks to ADAMANT's proposal, I deinstalled MySQL 4.1. and MySQL 4.0 are available for download and installation. So after all the waste of your precious MySQL resources, I suggest the following to those who can manage their environment: and MySQL 4.0.22. Seven MySQL credentials to use the old passwords.

Using the SQL console commands line interfaces, as a human who can modify the missgl files (most likely root): How can I have my blogs in a directory but my index in the roots? What can I do to keep my blogs hidden from others? A . ttaccess can also be used to stop others from creating "hot links" to your pictures (bandwidth theft) or to create a password-protected blogs.

In order to need a username and passwort to be able to access your website with . ataccess and . htpasswd. If you want to request a passphrase when your Web site is hosting on the IIS, you can disable Allow Anonymous Authentication and choose Basic Authentication. Where can I download the file and folder? What can I do to create my own SMODs? The requirements of PHP and MySQL/MariaDB are listed:

May I use a different data base than MySQL/MariaDB? MaryDB and My SQL are incredibly quick. This is also the most widely used data base serving system in the whole you. In addition, the fact that people are able to directly tamper with either MaryDB or MySQL using phpMyAdmin, which is specifically designed for this use, and it is evident that MaryDB and MarySQL are the best choices.

Otherwise, you will not change any of the PHP executables. What is my PHP release? How do I find out which one? In this way you also get information about your Apache and PHP versions and mod_rewrite. This will tell you the number of your installer. Several themes contain the release number in the base line style sheet.

What can I do to back up my data? What do I do to recover my data base? Once the update is complete, you will see the following message: "It doesn't look like you haven't already WPed. "It doesn't look like you haven't WP yet." Notice that the meta_keys used on these table and these two meta_keys use your base meta prefix.

If your preferred data base is mywp_ then the two spreadsheets are mysp_user and cusermeta and the two meta_keys are mysp_capabilities and mysp_user_level. What is the best way to enforce a data base update? In certain circumstances, it may be necessary for a DB to run through the upgrading procedure again.

In order to do this, you must lower the value wp_options in the value field corresponding to the value of your current update. Example, if you want to enforce the 2.0 or higher update of the data base. In order to enforce an upgrading from 2.5 to 2.8, set this value to 7558.

As soon as the db_version has been modified, a download URL to update the data base will be provided on your weblog. One of the past upgrading methods was to disable all plug-ins, but with the kernel upgrading procedure approved with version 2. While upgrading, your blogs will be put into service and will stop downloading at the beginning of wp-settings.php.

Only the DB update is permitted, which ensures that plug-ins are not cached. Kernel upgrades don't work, what can I do? One of these fixes can help if the kernel update, e.g. the 2.7 to 2.71 update, does not work:

When upgrading in an infinite loop and you are using the MemcacheObjectCache back end, update the Memcache (see Trac Ticket 8407).

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