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Four WordPress plug-ins to make your website mobile - fast and responsive. Welcomely with "Plugged In", where we throw a view of WordPress plugins in different catagories. We' re looking this weekend at how you can make your WordPress page more responsive and portable with a WordPress plug-in. For the first consecutive month in November, for the first consecutive month, mobility exceeded Black Friday's desktops.

It just shows how important it is to have portable designs and responsive capabilities to provide the best possible experiences on the web. In order to be agile and responsive, you want your website to be not only quick to download but also simple to browse, text easily readable, images loaded accurately and form submitted well.

While it can be difficult to make your website look aesthetic and enjoyable on your phone, these plug-ins can help you achieve reactivity and ease of use. WPtouch makes it really portable to use your WordPress page. Add ing a sleek and sleek design for your users without compromising your ranking or creating a new webpage.

A further advantage of this plug-in is that every topic you select passes the Google Mobility test, which means that your website is marked as wireless. Whilst the Pro is free, it will cost $69 upwards, which is a good return on your initial purchase if you want an extended range of topics and enhancements for your portable website.

With the smaller dimensions of a portable display, navigating can't be as complicated as with a bigger display. Touchy makes it easy to compile your desktopsite to fit it to a smaller display and allow error-free surfing. Designed for ease of use on the go, its capabilities give you full command of what your portable website should look like while leaving parts of your desktops site untouched.

Let us be honest, besides the aesthetics, the ease of navigating is one of the most important elements of a great usability environment. For many, Supersuperfly is the first option when it comes to creating a 100% responsive WordPress menus that is usable both on the screen and on the phone. This plug-in is designed to make website browsing simple by eliminating additional clicking, while offering a variety of customisation features such as advanced wireless connectivity, a style bar, and display controls for different pages.

An responsive website suitable for mobiles is all for free if your website is not loaded quickly. The implementation of AcceleratedMobilePages ( "AMP") on your WordPress site ensures that your pages are loaded immediately through the light weight frame. The reason for this is that the open code ASP works in such a way that it removes all unwanted "fluff" so that you get a slim, reduced size portable copy of your website.

It is a great choice for websites with a wide variety of contents (e.g. message sites) and can also help your contents be better ranked in searching machines. Click here to find out more about AMP integration with WordPress and some more ways to accelerate your WordPress page. Then you can perform a WordPress Velocity Test to get a complete review of what could affect the overall website experience.

This way, the next person who comes to your desktops or your web site will not only be responsive and easy to use, but the contents will be loaded in no time!

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