Wordpress Responsive Theme free Download for Service

Worldpress Responsive Theme free download for the service

This template can be tested for free and downloaded from the official WordPress page. The Enter theme is a completely responsive, free One Page WordPress theme. Do not hesitate to contact our pre-sales department to verify the code for you. Use the WooCommerce plugin to sell your event tickets, services or products.

Complimentary Limousine Themes, Complimentary Limo WordPress Theme - Kingcabs

The Kingcabs is a responsive WordPress theme for sedan rental, sedan service, auto repair, bus, coach, taxi, airport transfers and other similar service. That theme comes with well landscaped sedan fleets layouts, call for action and nice reservation forms. The theme is fully customizable, allowing you to adjust most theme preferences using the preview function. The theme is fully customizable, so you can change most theme preferences using the preview function.

The King Cabs software provides many third-party plug-ins compliant with Jetpack, Contact Form 7 and many more.

LT eService - Free Responsive Business / Online Services WordPress Topic

In this way you can present your eService solutions to your clients and present a singular e-mail service solutions in a very efficient way with the topic WordPress Service! eService is a Responsive WordPress theme developed specifically for corporate or on-line service Web sites. Use this topic to show your prospective clients a truly powerful and unmatched e-mail service delivery option.

The theme is 100% endorsed, so your website will look fantastic on all your portable and personal computer monitors. This design lets you anticipate that you will find many enhanced features such as powerful shortcuts, extremely customisable design choices, limitless colours and a colour selection in the administration area. In addition, the latest Bootstrap CSS, hybrids and drag-drop layouts are included and always available to help you comfortably build your website.

Star- Multi-purpose Conference & Events WordPress Theme

Event Star is a versatile WordPress Theme with extensive options and functions for managing events and conferences. No matter if you only organise a one-off meeting or operate an event/conference business, our theme offers you countless opportunities to attract your clients to your team. The Feature Slider with counter down time, Count Down Widget, Even schedule feature make the topic stand out and are perfect for events managements agency or events managers.

Its design has the very individual and extended widget feature that allows your website to remain uniquely and beautifully. We' d already worked really hard to develop easy to customize theme usability features without programming skills. Since the subject is fully responsive and it's sort of cheerful help your company with the best Google rankings to remain on it.

Over/Service, Meeting Plan, Speakers/Team, FAQ/Accordion, Gallery/Coming events, Testimonial, Blog, Contact and Footer Widget make these topics a multi-purpose WordPress topic. You can also use the Star Theme for business, corporate or blog websites. Have one or more pages prepared, conference, event, business, corporate, blog or any type of website you desire.

Use 10+ custom widgets for all the necessary parts of your websites with enhanced design and control capabilities. A custom page style is also available. Use the WooCommerce plug-in to resell your events ticket, service or product. Complete the complete management company. If you want to build a page and a multi-page website, the theme is there.

You' ll get a page of menue items for your setup lists and your own built-in features. Star Theme is a widget-based theme. More than 10 available broadgets or user-defined broadgets can be added from the title page and inside pages plug-in, all using simple simple Drag & Drops. You don't have to be concerned about losing your information because the page for using the theme is not open.

Simply choose the available page on the Widget and Customizing to create the entire website. There was a new epoch with the introduction of Widget and Customizing. Allows you to choose the limitless number of sections and sliders in a widget or feature slide. There are no limitations for pages on any section created by a widget. Add any number of pages to each section available about the topic.

Fantastic feature area with the possibility to date the timing. Shows your Count Down in the Feature area. Simply organize the slide area with many slide control settings, among them repeat box, slide orientation, hiding text on the slide, and so on. Fast response picture or full-screen slide control wallpaper for the slide control.

The AT About/Service Widget helps you to view your business data or service that your business provides. View the last events or features events on the count down to inform your website users about them. Simply build the speaker area with customized widgets in the integrated design. You can use the Widget to build your teamspace.

Use this topic to show common questions or other information on your website. The extended section of the blogs helps to display the latest messages or the blogs, with various choices for selecting categories, column, etc. Use the AT contact widget to create the contacts area either on the home page or on the inside pages.

Floor area contains Floor Widget, Copyrights text and social icons or menu. Simply administer the area of the bottom line using theustomizer. Customize your own theme with your own design from the Theme Topic box and show it with page titles, page descriptions or both on your website. Have full power over the customization of the cover page with drop/ drag/reorder and drag-n-drag widgets and theme choices.

Applies to the sliders wallpaper on the home/front side and the title pictures of the inside pages. This theme has more than 7 user-defined side bar areas for the management/design of content on the home page, side bars and bottom bar. User-defined text can be entered in the bottom line of the topic option. Side bar option with links, right, without side bar on the home page and inside pages.

It' easy to fade out the title page contents or the title page blogs contents and, like the Home Main Contents section only, the Home Main Contents area only. It is easy to modify the elementary colour, the upper head colour, the wallpaper colour, the upper and lower wallpaper colours of the bottom part. Turn the wallpaper of your website into great. Each wallpaper can be added to your website with various enhanced choices.

Using the theme option, you can enable/disable to display spreadcrumb on the website. The subject is ripe for interpretation. Changing your theme in your own tongue. The design is fully compliant with all popular browsers. The design is fully compliant with all kinds of equipment. Topic car works on all equipment.

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