Wordpress Responsive Themes free Download Professional

Worldpress Responsive Themes free download Professional

Sign up to download your favorite template with one click and start customizing your portfolio right away. Subject-matter portfolios are a more professional way to present your CV.more. WordPress Path Responsive Free Business Theme Screenshot.

Professional-looking 66 WordPress Business Themes

A lot of folks see WordPress as a CMS developed for Blogger, but in fact you can do much more with WordPress. For this reason, many companies have opted for WordPress to supply their shops, catalogues and shop pages with electricity. For this to work, WordPress must of course be adapted to look a bit more professional.

In order to help, I chose to compile this listing of some of the most professional web based professional topics I could find. Our listing contains free and premier themes in a variety of different content areas. Common topics of business: Some companies find that a basic, neat look is all they need, and the Skeleton topic does it all, while taking advantage of the responsive web styling that immediately transforms any website into a portable, fun website.

With a professional-looking bright bluish lattice backdrop with deep crimson highlights, Pathway gives any website a pleasant welcome that won't be overwhelming. There are 5 widgets, 3 menus and 9 page styles. Featuring over 15 different styles to select from, BeTheme can work with many different kinds of companies.

If you look at these topics, you will immediately see that the designer has not given up using qualitiy instead of quantities. Rather, each topic looks just as good, if not better, than some of the topics selling separately on the web. There are also many extra functions such as a 1-click skins creator and a page Builder that allow you to quickly and simply add extra themes.

The BeTheme contains ready-made patterns for general stores, boutiques, beauty, hotel, lawyers, doctor's surgeries, restaurant, schools, vans, weddings and more. Company topics: The PepBiz offers a professional look in the colours Bourgogne, Whites and Woodcoal. It' s designed to be interoperable with all popular web browser's, is portable and allows you to connect to your network via the administration console.

Experts' topic is characterized by a beautiful grey finish with golden highlights that give it a beautiful, sound and dignified feeling. This free edition is SEO-friendly; you can include free of charge search able searchable search engines, searchable search engines, searchable search engines, free of charge search engines, free of charge SEO-friendly versions; you can add social sharing buttons, custom favicon and logo, custom CSS and more. Featuring a beautiful sleek navy red graphic display, this website designer will give your website a professional, contemporary look.

Topic also covers advanced functions and styling, including softkeys, a tagged slide bar, menus orientation choices, user-defined logos choices, and more. Topics for legal firms: The WP Jurist is characterised by a luminous red-white invention. Whilst the topic is free, it comes with many professional functions such as: the possibility to attach employee profile, comes with a large picture slide bar for the homepage, provides a way to attach an author's biography at the end of articles and much more.

Lawyer topics are contemporary, professional looking, light and have a pleasant welcome feeling. Additional functions are also available, such as: the possibility to adapt the design with different background, logo, symbols, pictures and colours; it is available in several languages; it contains a revolutionary slide control and many other functions. Offering a beautiful professional, classic look with beautiful contemporary accents such as the unique sculpted pictures used for the picture control, the latest tweet columns, online tweeters, and more, Themis Law provides you with a beautiful professional, classic look.

Business Law is Retina ready-to-use, lets you create a customized wallpaper, comes with customized Widgets, offers a draft n dropping composers, has an Sliders, has enhanced functions and much more. Professionally professional topics in the field of properties: Contemporary Estates uses HTML5, CSS3; allows you to select from various colour scheme and page styles; allows you to include agents profile, properties ads and more.

RealWord does a good job by integrating a grey, granular backdrop with a glossy navi list. It also offers multi-layered navigational features; different selectable page styles, such as a stretch style, a right pane page, a contact page, and more. Ideal for any property biz page.

One of the best-selling topics on the Internet is properties at home, and there is a good case for it. Topic provides enhanced features such as: the possibility to append extra site properties detail, has a site properties finder, support pictures and videos, provides PayPal payment processing capabilities, lets user select between easy and raster layouts on site properties listings pages, allows user to sign up and log in to the site and much more.

Topics for architects: The apartment has a beautiful home look where we can create a home look and it works great. Featuring Google Map shortcuts, a community sharing list, customized Widgets and Sliders, Active Web Loaders and more, the themes are set to take your enterprise to the next step. The Solid Structure has a unique embossing pattern that gives the designer a beautiful look and feeling.

There is also a text area on the slide control that makes it both user-friendly and easy to find. You can also select different page layout from which you can have built-in Google map assistance and more. An attractive monochrome look with a professional look and many professional functions.

Topics of internal architecture: Parker's themes are ideal for an architectural or indoor website. There are 4 different themes to select from, either in bright or deep colours. Below these you will find layouts: Homebox: which is like the one in the picture above. With this function you can also load a wallpaper, but with a different navigation link lay-out.

Heimvideo: Here you can load a wallpaper movie. Big Home: Here you can add large pictures for the wallpaper slide show and a custom theme for any link that appears in the slide show. The Home Blogs offers a beautiful neat, fresh modern look with its fresh mix of oranges, greys and whites.

You can be sure that your website will look professional and fit for work. It also includes endless scrolling, an enhanced edge slide show, different page styles to select from, and much more. Topics for photographers: Every photo website will be thrilled with Ignite's beautifully broad picture placement, perfect over every entry.

Delicate colours used in the subject also help to keep the viewer's attention where it is most appropriate. This vintage cam offers a great classical professional look with a wonderful design that gives your website a great gallery feeling. You can also select from six different themes - each offers its own work of art and colour combination.

Does SOE kind, easy to use, web browsers compliant, translations prepared with. mo or . po data sets and the layouts are ideal for bridal photographers website. Hochzeitsbusiness topics: You can choose either a broad columns or a 2-column version. It has a beautiful classic look that makes any bridal boutique site look professional and stylish at the same forever.

It supports smooth pictures and video, user-defined widgets, uses various style sheets according to your web browsersize, jQuery drop-down menu, full-width page layouts, cross-browser functionality and much more. It is retina -enabled, has cross-browser capability, adjusts pictures auto-, has a number of layouts that let you select between a right or right hand placed row, has a slide bar and more.

Businessthema flower: At Sugar & Spice, we have a clear, stylish look that makes your clients stay cosy and cosy inside. Featuring 10 colour themes to select from, 3 layout choices, a slide show galleries, cross-browser capabilities and more. Families or couple tours Topic of business:

The Circumference Lite offers a nice Pastell colour pattern, contains 4 page layouts, several mail sizes, 2 page sizes to select from and much more. Topics for day nurseries: The Pachyderm offers a cartoon-like look with various animals sketches and a funny colouring. It has a single-column lay-out and allows you to load your own wallpaper.

Created with CSS3 and HTML5, Peekaboo lets you easily create and load your own backgrounds, supports YouTube and Vimeo movies, supports Google Map, uses spreadcrumb browsing, Google font insertion, and more. The kindergarten offers a professional looking auto booth look that is ideal for educators, nurseries, preschools and more.

Designed for retinal use; includes an auto upload control that converts any picture you upload into a virtual picture format; support Google Map, support community content and more. Topics for medically oriented companies: This is a big free topic for clinics, centres of medicine, healthcare companies or other medically relevant companies in this respect.

The Health & Care website has a professional design that gives every website a beautiful, contemporary look. Functions include a homepage slide, a sample wallpaper, an endless scrolls and many other favorite functions that are in great demand today. There are 5 pre-defined backgrounds, a full colour switcher, a user-defined page creator that lets you select how your contents are viewed, thumbnail views for images, videos or sliders, and more.

Topics related to healthcare & fitness: The Personal Trainer has a fresh mix of colours, ranging from greens to whites, which is ideal for your healthcare or exercise website. Its design has been engineered to be easy to find and use. The FIT is a well thought-out exercise topic that allows you to post for each of the coaches in your workouts.

The Fitness Gym has many advanced functions such as the possibility to create user-defined backgrounds for each page, contribution or folder; it is fully compliant with all popular web browser; you can select from 6 different mail types (standard, picture, movie, gallery, quote or links) and more. Cardio is characterized by a contemporary, athletic styling that looks neat and well-designed.

Topic includes Contacts page, picture slide bar, community link and more. The Spa Salon has an elegantly designed, high quality, sexy and neat look. There is a right side bar, a slide bar and much more. With a beautiful tropic look, your spa press gives your guests the feeling of being in paradise.

Luckily for us, there is more to this topic than just good looks as there are shortcuts for Google Map, anti-spam function that is not based on captcha and more. There are 4 Wellness styles to select from: a yoga salon style, a hospital, a retreat or a healthcare facility. Topic is SEO-optimized, has a query sheet that allows the user to select a date from a diary, is cross-browser compatibility and much more.

Beauty Salon was created with jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5. It' s optimised for performance and smoothEO, lets you select from limitless colour schemes, has a tile display pattern for service display and much more. Spalon will give your website a professional, stylish and high-quality look with a golden and dark colourway.

It offers many neat choices such as an appointments sheet; customized mail type such as checklist, personal, gallery, credentials and sliders; is WooCommerce compliant and more. Professionally designed hotels and holiday themes: With its professional styling and amber colouring, the subject of the room is ideal for a professional looking room or guest house.

It looks as if the subject has a backdrop of motifs from a nearby motel. Fourieras would be a great topic for any hotels or resort website that wants to bring in a bit of quality. It has an integrated reservation template, a switch function, has been converted into 7 different tongues, has 3 layout options for room pages and more.

Professionally looking restaurants: The impressive dining experience combines reds and golds with sleek lettering, symbols and layouts. Has a Flexslider for pictures, a portfolio-layout that can be used to view a menue, 5 user-defined Widget, 2 menue items, softkeys and more. The Foodeez is available as a free or paid download.

Free design is fully responsive, lets you customise the design with limitless colour blends, is independent of browsers, translatable and much more. The Chooko Lite is a funny yet professional looking topic that would look good on a website related to Casino foods. ORGANIC FRYN Restaurants has a tradition look and was inspired by the Sixteen WordPress wordpage.

The Cooking Book has a classic yet stylish look and many beautiful features such as the navigational menus that resemble a meal table and the picture control that looks like a photo with raised corners. It is a perfect topic for an exclusive and sophisticated eatery or a modern eatery.

Topics for pubs, caf├ęs or clubs: The Sunrise looks fashionable and really has an inviting feeling. It' s very fashionable designed and the picture effect mice on the homepage are quite awesome and reminiscent of record players. A chequered checkered button motif in off-white is also a lovely note.

Created with CSS3 and HTML5, Cefemio has a built-in booking template, an audioplayer, a full wallpaper slide bar that uses the jQuery Vegas plug-in and more. It is a great topic for club members who want to give their site a beautiful contemporary look. Topics for the music:

This is a monochrome topic that has an underlying look. An issue like this would look good on a website that promotes skirt, rapp, metal, alternatives or similar musical styles. There is a deep bluish backdrop with a spot light on the top of the portal.

Its overall appearance is fashionable and would look good on a website that sells concerts or presents its own clubs tunes, live gigs, etc. It has a combination of shades of black und rose and has a very contemporary look with computer created effect. It would look good on a website that is oriented towards technology, houses, clubs or similar types of work.

Professionally looking topic: The Cinema Club has a professional look and feeling and really gives you the feeling of being in the cinema, with its backdrop of curtains and the logos of the roll of films and the symbols. It would look great on a website that aims to offer cinema seats or distribute films locally etc.

Topics for the automobile industry: The Carzine has a sleek deep green colour and a distinctive black backdrop of pierced leathers. It would look good on a website promoting rental cars, auto parts, camping equipment, etc. This is a beautiful, neat looking motive with a silvery and greyscale colourway.

For example, the bike would look good in a bike shops, tunnel shops, etc. The Auto Zone has a black-grey colour scheme that gives a pleasant sporting feeling. Designed for dealerships, shops that sell equipment and upgrades, etc. Moreover, the subject can also cause your website to act as an automobile market place where consumers can afford to place their cars on your website.

Driver comes with a multi-tier revolutionary slide bar, registration sheet, Testimonials section, pricing section, it's multi-lingual and more. This is the ideal topic for a mechanic's workshop as there is an area for operating times, a user request page and much more. Design is also very adaptable with infinite colours, layout and more.

Topic for clock workshops: The Time Tuner offers a classical look and a blue-green backdrop reminiscent of buckskin. It also uses a large typeface that makes things easy to read, and it is evident that the site has been designed with a great deal of work in mind, considering the great love of detail.

Topics for non-profit organizations: The latest release of this topic includes the possibility for the designers to add their own picture. Salvation is a great topic for an orphanage website. It has a built-in function that can synchronize your website with the Petfinder-API by just typing in your Shelter-ID.

It also includes a wide range of widgets for office opening times and location, Google Map and more.

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