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Digital menu and restaurant ordering When you activate the order, your customer can order directly from their phone or computer. The wMenu plug-in can be used to insert your menus and wines into the page or contribution or to display them on an outside page. Simply configurate a simple submenu that looks and works astonishing. There are several stunning looking ready-made menus available to make the integration of the menus into any topic much simpler.

Just type[wmenu] on any page to try it out. As a result, the standard web site is displayed on the computer or portable unit with all settings changed to standard. "This is your subdomain from wmenu.com." Standard ly, dmenu uses the computer layouts on desktops and the "mobile" layouts on portable workstations. You use this setting to enforce the "mobile" or "iphone" or "iphoneblack" layouts on the screen.

Helpful to encourage the portable viewing of your portable menus on your website. mobdisplay= "iphone" or "iphoneblack" - Use this setting to transfer the wallpaper of the portable device to a portable device. Normally, the menus are shown as a wallpaper on a cell without a cell picture. pctop="""", pcleft=""", pcbottom=""""", pcright="""", pcwidth="""", pcheight=""" - use these settings to change the location and size of the menus on desktops.

In case these parameter are not specified, the menu uses the defaults. mobtop="""", mobleft=""", mobbottom=""""", mobright=""", mobwidth=""", mobheight="""" - use these parameter to customize the location and size of the menu view on portable devices. Failure to specify these constants will cause fmenu to use the defaults. Nice plug-in so far!!!!!!!

A great idea for any restaurant so far. "The wMenu Digital Menu and Restaurant Ordering" is open code programming language. Following persons have added to this plug-in.

Hosts your own restaurant ordering system with WooCommerce

Would you like to use WordPress to create your own restaurant ordering system? These third parties ordering schemes are certainly handy, but they usually take up a lot of your selling - and that is shit! WordPress and WooCommerce allow you to build your own fully functional restaurant ordering system where you can store all your cash.

In this article I will show you exactly how you can use WordPress and WooCommerce to build such an ordering system for restaurants: You want to go through with this, you need a WordPress page. Congratulations if you have already created your restaurant's website with WordPress! Otherwise, it is quite dangerous to use WordPress to build your own restaurant site.

Creating a website with WordPress - guides you step-by-step through setting up a working WordPress site. Top 12 restaurant WordPress themes - these will help you make this site look like a restaurant website. As soon as you have a working WordPress page for your restaurant, you will use the following two plug-ins to setup your restaurant ordering system:

Free WooCommerce - this plug-in expands your shop with e-commerce functions. WooCommerce is according to the figures the most beloved e-commerce plattform in the whole world wide web. The WooCommerce Product Table - $75 - this plug-in will help you build a restaurant order sheet that will display your complete menus. Use WooCommerce to administer menus and category, to handle payment and to administer client data.

The WooCommerce product table to generate the current restaurant order sheet from which consumers can choose groceries. Please be aware that you have both plug-ins on your website for this example. In case you have trouble setting up WooCommerce, you can refer to our WooCommerce Getting Started Manual for additional help.

Don't be concerned about configuring with the WooCommerce Product Table - that's what I'll discuss in this review. Would you like to see an example of how ordering meals with this technique works before you interfere? As soon as you have both WooCommerce and WooCommerce Product Table on your WordPress page you will find here a step-by-step tutorial on how to setup your own self-hosted restaurant ordering system.

There are probably several different menus in your restaurant. As an example, an Italo restaurant could have classes for: In order to maintain the same order system in your restaurant, use the WooCommerce products category. In order to make category for your menue, go to Products at ? Category in your WordPress dashboard and make as many category as necessary:

Continue until you have WooCommerce products for each section of the menus you want to incorporate into your on-line ordering system. After you have now set up the main category for your menus, it is your turn to create your own custom menus. In order to do this, simply insert each article as a WooCommerce article.

In order to make a new creation, go to Tools at ? Add New. Then you have to jump into the text field that will appear below the text area. First select the desired category from the dropdown menu. You can use SimpleProduct if you have only one "version" of the grocery - like a solid ingredient lettuce.

In case the grocery has several "versions" - e.g. different sizes of pizza, optionally add-ons (e.g. hen to a salad), you should use a variable product. If you want to make it possible for the buyers to design their articles really individually (e.g. choose from many different rubbers), then you should also use the Product Add-Ons plug-in.

Here is a screenshots showing the differences between a flexible version and the Version Add-Ons plugin: A simple item can be priced fairly accurately and finished for one day: To create a flexible item, you must first specify some parameters (e.g. the different dimensions of a pie would fall under the "Size" parameter):

Well, I know vary product can be a little fiddly. Once you get the knack out, it will be much simpler for your next menus - I swear! As soon as you have added your first option, do the same for all other foods. After you have added all your menus, the next stage is to provide your users with a user-friendly way to order them.

This is where the WooCommerce Products Table comes in. Your single menus are recorded and displayed as a front end listing, completed with choices for your customers to choose from and put into their shopping cart. In order to use the WooCommerce products table, you can either set the style of the plug-in in a graphic user area by going to WooCommerce Settings Products Downloads Downloads Downloads.

In order to make your lifestyle simpler, I will simply jump forward and give you a speed dial that should work well for most restaurant order forms: Be sure to substitute category="pizza" with the current meal type you want to use. If, for example, you are adding two distinct shortcuts for two menus such as these:

Your order for the restaurant at the front end will look like this: Users can either use the check boxes to choose more than one option. Or if you just want to order a particular article, you can directly attach it to your cart. Keep in mind that you can use the short code as often as necessary to include all your different menus.

As soon as a visitor adds an item to their shopping cart, they can simply use the standard WooCommerce cash register system to perform a cash check-out. Here you have a working restaurant ordering system based on WooCommerce. They can use WooCommerce Shipping Area Pro to limit the shipping area by postal codes (visitors can even type their own postal codes to verify that the shipment is available).

In order to shut down your ordering system when your restaurant is shut, you can use the WooCommerce Opening Hours & Chosen Times plug-in. While WooCommerce sends you email messages, you can receive notifications about various ways by using plug-ins such as WooCommerce Order SMS Notification to get a text. WooCommerce also has many other great WooCommerce enhancements that you can use to include other useful features.

WordPress once again shows its diversity! WooCommerce and the WooCommerce Product Table plug-in make it simple to build your own restaurant ordering system and stop selling this 13% fee to a middleman! WooCommerce provides you with the ability to use its main features to administer most parts of your system. Then you can contact the WooCommerce Product Table to complete your order forms, as well as some of the other additional options I listed to further improve how your order works now.

Do you have any further queries about creating a restaurant ordering system with WordPress? Helping customers increase their web presence by mainly focusing on issues related to digitally marketed products, WordPress and business-to-business issues.

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