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Discover which topics we recommend and why! The Newsmag is a clean and modern WordPress theme that lets you efficiently write and publish reviews online. A challenging and feature-rich topic, perfect for building a trusted and credible online review site. When you buy this theme, you get six unique and highly customizable stacks. The NanoMag is a simple news and journal topic that can be used to create a rating system.

40-plus Best WordPress Review Topics from 2018

More and more companies are using WordPress to market their wares. Evaluations are one of the most important things people like to see when they are looking for items or a service. There is nothing that gives a better feeling to a customer than to see a thorough and informed evaluation of the searched item. In order to help you find the best review site, we have put together a listing of some of the best WordPress topics.

divi is one of those review WordPress topics that can be used for almost anything. This is probably your best choice if you want almost total flexibility in creating your review page and want to be convinced of a breathtaking outcome. Functions: fast-response redesign, drag-and-drop builders, WooCommerce-enabled, integrated review system, parallel and videotape wallpapers, fully customizable. 3D and 3D editing, full color and color editing.

The BookRev is a review WordPress theme that is optimised for reviewing books, but with some optimisations it can be used for any period of the review website. You can also use it with Google' snippets so the rating in your postings appears in your results. There are several Widgets and Module that allow you to design your website the way you want it, and they most likely have what you want on your website.

Functions: fast response, user-defined widgets, limitless colours, translatable, social symbols, integrated rating system, WooCommerce integrated. This is a contemporary and neat WordPress theme for journals and blogging, with a great integrated review system. This theme is sleek and has well-organized contents, faders, widgets as well as embedded videos. Functions: fast response time, WP Product Review plug-in plug-in integrated, user-defined widgets, infinite colours, post merry-go-round, break down Newsticker, marked slide control, advertising banner.

This is an interesting topic developed for on-line film review. There is no system for user ratings, but they can still add comments to the author's ratings. Functions: fast response, user-defined mail type and format, endless colours, 80+ shortcuts, SEO-enabled, integrated review system, user-defined Widgets. Characteristics: contemporary and attractive styling, product rotary slide control, fast reacting, functional slide control, translation-friendly, fast reacting styling, WP Product Review Integrator, widget feet.

The MagXP is a great review topic for journals and offers many homepage layout options. There comes with a full width slide control, a rating system, many Widgets and softkeys. Scoring system allows you to provide detailed product descriptions and allows your customers to give their own scores directly from the comment field.

Functions: fast response, drag-and-drop homepage section, infinite side bars, WooCommerce ready-, WEO-safe, review system integration, user-defined widgets. The Gauge is a very interesting suggestion for review websites of any kind. The WordPress theme provides good-looking scoring tags with an embedded scoring system (which presents either the publisher's score or readers' scores).

This has a contemporary storeroom look, uses a lightweight, slim styling and is also very reactive. Functions: fast-reacting, user-defined mail format, AJAX filter, header for videos, WooCommerce and BuddyPress supports, ready-made layout, folder pages. Contemporary and memorable theme for periodicals with a cheerful look. With IsleMag, you can serve many advertisements, feed your website with community content, create review articles, and use different colours to make your site even more memorable.

Inspection system is provided by WP Product Review plug-in, which provides a great and simple way to analyse and evaluate any type of material. Functions: Roundabout slide control, high performance rating system, infinite colours, fast response time, advertising banner, widget feet, instagram feedback. It is a contemporary and professionally designed WordPress review topic that can be used for blogs or journals.

This comes with a review system so you can review and annotate your blogs. It' s a clear and straightforward concept, with plenty of space. Functions: fast reactions, several home pages, limitless colour choices, softwares, AJAX shop, authors box. The Valenti is an eye-friendly high-definition retina-ready, fast-reacting magazine/review theme. Functions: fast response, integrated evaluation system, drag-and-drop interfaces, retina-capable, integrated bbPresses, user-defined mail type, widget-capable.

Animation using JavaScript was used to generate the page scroll effect, making the topic very memorable and interesting.

Functions: fully reactive, integrated review system, WooCommerce capable, 7 pre-defined skin and infinite schema, AdSense capable, multi format mail, easy access to all SEOs. In fact, it has a very similar look to Windows'iles. Reviewers can display and submit scores with three available scoring system choices. Functions: fully reactive, boundless homepage layout, 3 variations of the blogs streaming page, 9 colour scheme, powerful web site management, boundless side bars, WooCommerce, BuddyPress and BuddyPress integrated.

The WordPress theme is intended for all types of publishing houses and critics. Supporting voice and visual, the headers are sliders, the theme has advertising space, soft keys and many broads. It' s fully reactive, easily customizable, and has limitless review metrics (and limitless slide shows after release).

Functions: fast response time, drag-and-drop page layout, fully customisable, WooCommerce enabled, limitless rating metrics, AdSense inclusion, multiple mail format. Newspapers are a great topic for newsgroups, journals and the publication or review of webpages. Then, this review WordPress theme shows the best reviewed items. Functions: fast reacting redesign, AdSense readiness, optimised AdSense, optimised AdSense, WooCommerce readiness, embedded review system, user-defined Widget.

There are three different themes: one for automobiles, one for portable shops and one for cams. Everything you need to make your company fit for the web: softwares, broadgets, advertising space, a blog-like homepage, galeries and a weblog. The most important thing is that there are ratings for every single item.

Functions: fast response time, AdSense capable, embedded videos, integrated portfolios, embedded ranking system, integrated community link, integrated community link, integrated partner integration. The PowerMag is a review WordPress theme developed for journals and review sites. We check each and every item for its characteristics, and below there is a place for the overall grade. It' s a really interesting system, the review board has a really nice look and help the readers to get an honest idea about the items they want to buy.

Functions: fast response time, AdSense enabled, community link, broadget enabled, BuddyPress enabled, integrated review system, video writer. It is a great theme for magazines, and it can help you deal with contemporary themes such as games, technology, music, lifestyles and so on. Comes with a review section where you can post your opinion about the latest product on the shelves.

AdSense's optimised look includes many Widgets, Tag, Social Link and a different statically designed wallpaper for each section. Functions: fast response time, AdSense capable, 4 mail-format, wide screen capable, bb press capable, integrated review system, various layouts. With this topic you can use a very powerful rating system.

You can, for example, use both the editor's and the user's scores when presenting a particular work. In addition, end-consumers can point out the advantages and disadvantages of a given products. WooCommerce, EasyDigitalDownload and Ecwid Store are available. Feature: fast reacting designs, 5 different designs, affilate links builders, many shortcuts, WooCommerce enabled, integrated review system.

It is a clear and easy to use theme that comes with review formatting for any type of work. Versatile designs and layouts offer multiple uses, and include full Parallax Scrolls and ad-sense integrations. Scores include mean values for users, values for users, and notices. Each element checked has a full-width slide bar, advantages and disadvantages, and an overview checker.

Functions: fast response time, quick response time, quick response time, front end postings, edit and delete, AJAX filter, integrated review system, retina enabled, integrated review system. That'?s a great topic for a mag. New Magic is full of Widget's and is very well optimised for AdSense and online communities. It also has a great review system that allows you to add comments and reviews to any item or item.

Modify the lay-out of each of the categories, the way your contributions are rated - star, percent, points - the home page block, or the way you want your contributions to appear. Key features: fast-reacting website designs, endless homepage designs, drag-and-drop homepage creators, endless page bars and colours, SEO-enabled, integrated rating system, WooCommerce integrated. Stylish and clear designs for creativity, journals, blogs and many other use.

In addition to the review system, it has a distinct AdSense implementation. Evaluations can be conducted as detailed as necessary and then present the overall judgement along with the definitive assessment. Featuring: fast-reacting designs, banner ads, WooCommerce integrated, SEO-enabled, 2 page template, bright and black skin, 3-D effect for your file portfolios.

The theme was developed for newspaper and journal web sites. Optically it immediately stands out and offers a nice and stylish look. There is a great assessment system because the assessor can analyse every important detail of the products and can make a concluding assessment on this basis.

Key features: fast response time, banner ads, AJAX items, various mail sizes, many Widgets, integrated review system, soft symbols. The theme was mainly developed for review pages, regardless of subject or use. Scroll through the different catagories and check everything that interests you. The WP-Critique is prepared for a sound promotional campaign as it is equipped with many advertising space and many Widgets for different use.

Characteristics: fast reacting designs, advertising banner, widget-ready, flexible layouts, ready-made page layouts, integrated evaluation functionality. Great and light weight magazine, shop and review website designs. This topic allows you to either posts ratings or give your readership the opportunity to do so and evaluate your items and more.

Characteristics: fast reacting designs, banner ads, widget-ready, light weight coding, infinite background, optimised for performance. This is a cheerful and colourful topic for review fans with an appealing look and feel. This theme comes with many elements and provides a great rating system. The NanoMag is a topic for magazines and can be used for any use.

Functions: fast response time, drag-and-drop contents creation, many mail sizes, endless page bars and colours, WooCommerce capable, boxed/wide lay-out, various widgets and shortcuts. Review is a simple, professionally designed topic for reviewer. There also comes with other functions like users reviews, advantages and disadvantages, reviews by functions and top reviews widgets. and more. Functions: fast-response interface redesign, button socialization, banner ads, CNET editor, multi-playout, review slider, Amazon styles integrator.

This is a great and contemporary multi-purpose theme. This topic was conceived as a review topic, but is also suitable for journals, on-line stores or websites. Wagenazine also offers a sophisticated review system. Characteristics: fast-response theme, limitless colour scheme, review and user-defined rating, supports real-time event, retina enabled, user-defined widgets, banner ads, 640+ Google type.

Entry is a minimalistic theme with simplicity of texture and simplicity of use. This theme was developed for journals and Blogs and retains a very tidy and well-kept appearance. Functions: fast-response styling, retina-capable, drag-and-drop page creator, multiblog layout, customized widgets, colour scheme, review system, Flickr and Twitter onboarding. This is a clear and professionally designed WordPress theme, primarily developed for review websites, but it can also be perfectly suited for a magazin.

The Quadrum comes with an innovative inspection system. Characteristics: Return on investment, portable friendliness, full featured version of the visual composer and LayerSlider 5, endless style choices, short codes, endless side bars, nine ready-made widths, full colour display, full colour display, full banner system. It is a topic that is part of a review system and is primarily suitable for review websites. It' s a multifunctional phone, which means you can check gaming, tunes, movies, automobiles or anything else.

Scoring system has user-defined preferences. Characteristics: Full weight Authors and Users reviews, full page builders, full page builders, full customized mini pages, WooCommerce and BuddyPress compliance, full color + 600 Google Font limit, pre-packaged customized Widget, short code generators, Ajax Mail filter and sort. You got any review issues you really like? Share your favourite review topics in the commentaries below.

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