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The Sermon Manager helps churches easily publish sermons online. Are you looking for a WordPress sermon plugin, then you have come to the right place! preachers The Sermon Manager is a tool created to help church communities simply post messages on-line. The Sermon Manager is used by over 9,000 church communities around the globe, how astonishing! It is a program that has been created out of charity for the Church and enables her to bring the whole earth into contact with the Lord's message.

The Sermon Manager will help church communities simply post messages on-line.

Are you looking for a WordPress sermon plug-in, then you have come to the right place! You can upload your medias via WordPress or embed them from favourite websites like YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud. To make things easier to find, we offer your audiences basic filtering and sermon browsing features.

Take an easy look at the Bible verses of the sermon through our Reftagger Inclusion. Select your favorite Bible edition. Announce each sermon with your own bulletins and notes. We' ve tried and proven the Sermon Manager to be compatible with the most common WordPress themes. Fully equipped speed dial system that lets you show exactly what you need. Complete podcast for publishing your messages in Appleunes.

The Sermon Manager will create a podcast feedback that can be integrated into your application. The Sermon Manager was developed with the "mobile first" approach in view. The Sermon Manager comes with a full-fledged application programming interface (API) and we are currently working on Sermon Manager Pro! It is an open resource program made with church in our heart.

When you need professional assistance or just want to show your commitment to the Sermon Manager program, the annual costs are low at $49. Not only does Sermon Manager provide a robust sermon area for your website, it has also provided a enjoyable user interface and creating a great user group. Sermon Manager has proven to be responsive to the needs and wishes of its customers, useful in every way, and every version of Sermon Manager is getting better and better!

I am curious to see where the Sermon Manager is at the moment, but even more curious about their dedication to making it better and better! Each of our topics has its own Sermon Manager lay-out, take a look at the demos below! Are you looking for a tailor-made one?

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