Wordpress Shopping Cart Plugin

Worldpress Shopping Cart Plugin

WorldPress is a well-known content management system. WorldPress Shopping Cart Plugin WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin gives you the possibility to quickly and smoothly add an on-line store with a fully functioning shopping cart to any WordPress website. With little expenditure you can sell all kinds of goods and/or sevices on-line! The plugin uses various billing gateway and delivery options that make it easier for your customers to securely order your product securely on-line.

This plugin allows you to define taxes and currency for different states. Allows you to associate your supplier with the shopping cart, shortening the lead times of your orders. Bring your WordPress e-commerce to a new standard in a simple way! Allows you to create your various items and categorize/organize them into different item catagories.

Easily append extra pictures to present your items, so people know what they're purchasing, and append your downloaded content to items as needed, so people can safely browse and upload your purchased content. Featuring vendors, delivery methodologies, billing gateway, item variations/customer specific boxes, item inventories, affiliated items, rebate vouchers and many other stunning functions, you can run a fully equipped WordPress store that meets your needs.

Multi-Payment Methods / Gateway Services, Inc. PayPal (Standard & Pro), PayGate (XML), 2CheckOut, MoneyBookers, Google Checkout, First Data (Linkpoint & YourPay), eMatters (HTTPS POST), LUCY (Cynergy Data), Realex Payments (Realauth direct & remote), eMatters (HTTPS), iPhone PSP (Basic e-Commerce), Authorize. They can use several pay gateway at the same time and your customer can select their preferential mode of payments during the cashing.

Currently the shopping cart plugin contains the Canada Post, Australia Post, USPS, UPS and FedEx shipment module, which calculates your customers' shipment costs and service during the order process. Offer your clients a rebate by using our rebate voucher system. Create a rebate key or enter a rebate key without having to use a key.

Giving your clients a rebate voucher will motivate them to buy your item or use your services. You can use this (m)qTranslate add-on to fully convert your WordPress shopping cart into different language versions. Store your items, category, supplier, user-defined field, variant, option, and more in more than one language as needed.

The plugin Dashboard displays a summary statistic chart with countings for each models and your overall revenue. Easily organize and categorize your company's assets by creating and editing a number of different category types. For each of your related items, you can specify related items using a user-friendly pull and dropdown menu. Similar items are displayed on a item overview/pitch page.

Rapidly build information product with a powerful widget and a series of extra panels to help you better identify your product and present it to your clients. Easily digitally download and associate more than one file with your product. Add and associate vendors with product so that vendors can be informed when the product has been ordered.

Store your item styles/fields with a caption and browse to a checkbox, checkbox, or checkbox. Build and customize your own style choices for a variety of applications. User-defined boxes allow you to place text boxes, text areas, dropdowns, check boxes, and more on your production pages so that your customers can interactively use your produce and entry information.

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