Wordpress Shopping Cart Theme

Worldpress Shopping Cart Theme

Plug-ins not required, integrated shopping cart, shipping, taxes and more! Worpress Shopping Cart - Launch an On-line Shop Today! Turn WordPress into SEO-friendly on-line shops in a few moments! Additional plug-ins not required, integrated shopping cart, shipment, tax and more! Yes, we support PayPal and all popular payment methods, AMEX included, so collect these points!

Yes, we have partnered with a community of WordPress professionals to help you with all your WordPress development needs.

Will it work with WordPress 4.x? Our topics are updated and tested on a regular basis to make sure they work with the latest WordPress release. We will do our best to incorporate it in the next topic up-date. ShopperPress does what different? We' re doing things a little differently, here is a brief outline of some uniquely featured functions in our shop theme.

The theme has everything integrated, inclusive Shopping Cart & Cashier, PayPal Gateway, Warehouse Administration, Cashier, Fiscal and Shipment. There are all the taxes and delivery choices you need with extra features like per capita rates, country/region or even per item. Set up QTY value based merchandise, and ShoppPress reduces inventory levels when an order is placed and prevents overselling.

Translation to any arbitrary country and use the administrator settings to set up optional localizations, so that your website visitors can select their website from a dropdown list. Imports your favorite Amazon affiliates with our free Amazon Importer plug-in. Customize your own design features such as size and color using the toolbar in the administration area.

Simply toggle between default, affiliated and downloaded items when you set up your shopping cart items. Customize your description with video to get more attention for your work. To get a fast sell order, please click the Buy Now PayPal link on each page of the PayPal brand. Set up customized voucher code with either firm rebates or percent rebates.

Beautiful design that we have used from the first version on!.... By far, shopperpress is the most prominent shopping cart theme. Best shopping cart application ever......

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