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The hub with the WordPress Twenty Eleven Showcase template. Theme:: Which is the Showcase template? Where' s the Showcase template? I already have five Widgets in the side bars (which I can't simply take out to make room), so I think the "Showcase Sidebar" is empty, I can put my "Follow Blog" instead. So, on the Dashboard it seems to be there, and a ledge came up and said that the changes were stored, but you can't see it in my blog?


I tried to search for Showcase template preferences, but I can't find a reference anywhere. By adding the number of hits I need to get to the frontend via the desktop, you have a very disappointed blogsman! Think the storefront template is to present a page and then has its own Widgets.

There is no need to remove any of your Widgets to create more, just simply put the following one together with the others on your sidebar. But if you specifically want to use the storefront template, then someone else will be able to consult you as I don't know it. Closes the theme'What is the Showcase Template' for new answers.

Best App Showcase 30+ WordPress Themes 2018

While your latest application or your new products will undoubtedly be a major step forward in your professional life, after the initial stages of your project there is often very little free space to build a website to showcase. You need a topic that fits, but the incorrect selection will quickly lead you to the lead you were looking for elsewhere.

Selecting a topic to present your latest offering is not necessarily simple because there are a variety of applications, items and topics. However, you will definitely want to check all available styling choices for eligibility. A simple way to build land pages and endorsements, along with enhanced galleries option and technical assistance, will also be at the top of the agenda.

In this spirit, we have gathered over 30 of the best application and presentation topics on the industry, so we are sure you will find the right topic for you. Stratus should be considered for a topic that focuses on generating leads and presenting your work. Topic customization takes place via a dashboard administration panel using a drag-and-drop page generator that lets you customize almost any page design (including land pages).

Stratus also contains over 25 shortcuts for additional features - plus accordions and tabbed pages for frequently asked questions, Google Map embeddings, slide bar gadgets, and picture frames for creating gallery images. Stratus also added a Photoshop site mockup downloaded by downloaders and a kid topic, so any changes you make will not be affected by topic upgrades.

Stratus is a topic that you can certainly use to present your latest products or services. Her latest application is up and running - and the urge to quickly build a storefront website with a bare bone topic might be too powerful to be ignored. Solid dynamic is the subject that should help you.

It is fitting that this topic bears the name massively dynamic. Last but not least, the integration of the MailChimp and Contact Form 7 plug-ins allows you to manage the e-mail address collected from interested clients directly from your WordPress dashboard. Masssive Dynamic has definitely pushed itself to the top of the line and established itself as a first-choice topic, not only for the presentation of your application, but also for the design of your whole website.

Poorly crafted websites will hamper your efforts to make profits, regardless of the amount of your investment in your application. What is needed is a topic with an outstanding performance, and Arlo is certainly clever. To maximise client convertability, you should be looking at the design of a Landing Page - and with Arlo it's simple to use the included Visual Composer plug-in.

There is a lot of rivalry among application designers, and it's no different among themes designers. The Arlo has rightfully consolidated its position as a leader in a market full of top class choices. An excellent website built with an outstanding topic like TheGem can drive lead growth and eventually revenue. It is a versatile animal, and there are many ways to customize it.

More than 150 demonstration suites are also available, and if you have your own custom designs, you can use the included Visual Composer plug-in. You can also use the included Slider Revolution and LayerSlider plug-ins to build eye-catching slider heroes and include useful extra items like price charts, contacts, testimonials, and chords - great for FAQ areas.

You' ll also want to build an attention-grabbing destination page that immediately emphasizes the best functions of your application. The LandKit also contains 13 home page layouts and nine demonstrations to help you get your website up and running quickly, plus a special design for your application showcase pages. An outstanding characteristic of LandKit is its ability to provide opportunities for prospective clients to interactively use your website.

Not only is it fully WooCommerce compliant, it also contains features for the creation of your own individual contacts. LandKit is the right choice for you if you want to make a fantastic first experience with your new application. You need a design that offers extraordinary power, conveys simpleness and forces the visitor to act - entative Native.

It has an elegant user surface that comes with a variety of ready-made template options. You do not have to adapt these layout, but you can use the supplied Visual Composer Pagebuilder Plugin to adapt it to your individual needs. You can also add tens of predefined headers to your website (which can be further customized) and use amazing special features (e.g. a parallel axis function) to create a land page that generates lead and maximizes your site conversion.

Whilst Neative seems to be another "me too" application window motif on the interface, it provides almost everything you need to build your website. When you are looking for a topic that provides complete feature set at a competitively priced cost, you might find yourself choosing Negative. There are also a host of great add-ons and functions, so you can get everything you need in a unique design.

And when it comes to turning your visitor into a paying customer, our pages are number one. Whilst there are many one-sided topics that present your application, very few are as sophisticated and smooth as Foundry. TommusRhodus, the foundry's designer, has worked hard to produce a beautiful design with a lot of versatility.

More than 20 home page layouts and a variety of menus and footers are available. When you have special layouts in the back of your head, you can use the Visual Composer plug-in provided to do this. The foundry is quite easily at the top when it comes to display case topics and is worth your while.

In this sense, if you need a sleek but practical design, consider ReTouch. Emphasis of this topic is on the creation of a page styled page layouts without unnecessary feature sets. Although there are items such as the biography of members of the teams and companies, field reports and picture roundabouts, the possibilities for adaptation are limited - ReTouch provides only six colour variants, all in distinctive reds, blues, greens, roses and blacks.

And you won't find an abundance of packaged plug-ins either - Contact Form 7 (freely available on WordPress.org) is ReTouch's only offer. So if you need a feature that goes beyond the basic WordPress and ReTouch functions, you'll need to search for free and/or premier plug-ins. However, if your primary goal is to create a showcase landing page for your application without inflated feature sets, ReTouch is worth considering.

The Appster makes it very simple to build a professionally styled page to advertise your portable application or other kinds of application. There are 12 different areas in the homepage design that offer you many different possibilities to present your contents to your users. Backend back-end features and builders are all well crafted and fully featured so you can get going right away and your website can advertise your application without delays.

Topic covers seven mail delivery modes, endless colour scheme, pallax and videos, smart phone slider, endless headline style, WooCommerce integrated and page section. Your custom look is engineered to be customizable, and much of the customization can be done with one click. One of the hallmarks of Agilé is its slim and courageous style, suitable for almost any kind of website.

It has a crisp look with clear type and clear surfaces and contours that are ideal for presenting your application. The AppTheme is a business case study to help businesses showcase their work and mobility solutions. This fully reactive topic comprises segments for an imagery collection, service and endorsements. Each item in this topic is fully customizable using an infinite range of colors, infinite backgrounds, more than 600 Google scripts, and multiple scroll effect parallaxes.

It is also optimised for searching machines and offers you the most hits. The AppTheme is styled with a shallow look and contains many light colours, distinctive symbols and a clear typeface. In Fusion, the company's designers have gone the extra mile to offer you almost everything you need in a subject.

During the development of Fusion, LiveMesh examined a number of practical landings pages, and it shows this. Plus, with a sub design, you can be sure that your customization won't be affected when Fusion is upgraded. Regarding further features, Fusion provides a selection of three slider controls to present distinctive contents to your users, and the headers can be greatly adjusted, again via a Dashboard administration console.

If you are looking for a well thought-out topic that offers almost everything you need to build a website, Fusion may be for you. Convincingly confident, the subject features Googles Material Design inspired items and an iOS-like slide-in meal, both of which look stunning. One of the few topics we've seen is Appica 2, which shows the full power of the included Visual Composer and Slider Revolution plug-ins - for example, take a look at the fantastic Helden viewer as you start each one.

The Appica 2 was awarded for its styling, and it should be. It' another topic that overtakes the remainder of the business to get your attention and, if it does captivate you, think what it does to your people. In order to help you set up your site, there are a variety of user-defined home page controls from which you can select, such as text, videos, sliders, and a Testimonials widget.

Overall, Landy refreshes his approaches - a topic that focuses on delivering the items you actually need, not the effect you don't have. When you put matter before fashion, Landy is a good choice for you. The Appdev is a completely appealing one-sided design for the presentation of applications. Design contains 70+ shortcuts, 500+ scripts, para-lax segments, and PSD file for additional adjustment.

It also has an intelligent light fixture set up, a sliding controller, many eye-catching joysticks and animation and hover effect. The Appdev is a feature-rich designer. Featuring a panel-style look typical of the Parallaxen approach, and ample room for a funny and adaptable website viewing when launching an iPhone or Android application.

It' simple, land pages are the tools to maximize your site's converting power when presenting your application. Correctly done, they can persuade folks to go aboard and hopefully open their purses - and KeySoft could be the topic to help you. Nine different headers are available to select from, displaying either the application itself, its dashboard (if any), or a registration page.

Remaining page laysouts are merged with the Visual Composer plug-in provided. With KeySoft you can bundle a number of Visual Composer add-ons to create price charts, collaborative profile and a set of additional visual tools to create your own custom proofs. The Apley is an appealing display window design with eight possible Layouttions.

This topic is translation-friendly, contains shortcuts, provides many adjustment possibilities, user-defined home pages and CSS3 scroll-offs. Customize almost any part of this topic to suit your application styling and outfit. Unique vibrant styling provides funny screens and great scrollability so you can display different facets of your application designs.

The Tapptastic is a fast and retinal design for smart phone designers who need to advertise a portable iPad, iPhone or Andriod app. It' s full of functions like an icon and videoslider, easily replaceable and replaceable monitors, the inclusion of symbol fonts, a wide range of integrated page layout (About Us, Contact, Blog and Gallery) and it's all based on the Twitter bootstrap frame for simplicity.

The Tapptastic has a neat surface with light colours and a state-of-the-art ifOS 7 designer frame. It' s a slim look with the blur and transparency that Apple customers have come to appreciate. This is a retina-enabled showcase application with many functions, like WPML compatibility, Google scripts and many shortcuts.

In addition, this topic contains two additional plug-ins: The Revolution slider ($15 value) and Visual Composer ($30 value). Design is customisable with several colour scheme and "Smart Skinning" and all the other advanced themes functions you would be expecting. It has a light and easy user experience with funny items like fancy spirit badges and lots of texts to make your showcase page sparkle.

After all, an amazing item means more consumers are willing to buy it. AppStack is recommended for a topic that provides intelligent styling possibilities to stand out from the masses. Featuring a range of colour selections and a rugged page creator accessed via an administrator control panel, AppStack provides similar features to other topics on this page.

In this way, you can view a picture of a particular item with any number of clicking and animating icons - allowing you to present the functionalities of your items, explaining functions, or providing other information that you think is important. In addition to the complete documentary, the topic also has an interactive online forums for users to get up and running quickly and answer further queries.

Overall, for a topic that allows you to build a website with a neat, contemporary look and stunning animation, take a look at AppStack. Delicious has a very attractive look that will help make sure that your high quality smartphone user feels at home when they visit your website.

In full mode, the homepage's motion control makes it very effortless to emphasize the best functions of your applications or softwares, while the three offered color variations make changing the overall emphasis of your website very effortless. Delicious is designed to showcase the best of your applications, from viewing the most common functions and posting client ratings to posting a screenshot.

It' clear to see that everything is designed to help you advertise your applications in a stylish way. Delicious comes with three widgets to display user-defined contents and a short code constructor to create user-defined layout for your pages. And there are four blogs posting template for posting different kinds of contents, while the incorporation of the LayerSlider plug-in makes this very useful bundle.

Embracing the beloved styling styles of the slim UI, Cuban creates a stunning looking application that represents a page landed website with a showcase. Topic choices make it easy to select from three high-performance full-screen wallpapers for your website: Picture sliders, Movie or Partallax. Blogs posting template are designed to the same high standards as the rest of your designs, so you can blogs with a touch of class about your application.

Using many CSS3 motion graphics functions to get your visitors' eye out as they move down the page, CSS3 is a good option for anyone who wants to keep their prospective clients focused in a distracted environment. Based on the Twitter Bootstrap Frameworks, Awesome is a one-sided showcase application with a simple and easy to use drag-and-drop build, parallel effect, and a great look.

Topic covers retina-enabled symbols, Google scripts, and PSD file for simple fitting. There is also a beautiful feedback page and great videosutorials. Avesome has a large screen area for your application picture and many button options to attract people. There is also a funny art "trick" with a heroic picture above the menue.

The Applay is a dual-purpose WordPress topic that can be used either to advertise your own applications or to create an application stores to list your product from a variety of resources. In addition to the two primary uses for this topic, it also offers many customization and setup choices to create exactly the kind of website you want.

Four showcase layout apps and three shop layout apps are also available. Selecting this topic will also give you a choice of template themes for the most common phones that you can use to make mock-ups of your application in use. Made with CSS3, these styles are quickly loaded and fully reactive to viewing on a variety of screens.

The Applay contains the Visual Composer Page Builder utility and provides WooCommerce assistance to easily add an on-line shop to your website. The Pandora Box is a retina-ready and fast-reacting one-page topic developed for application designers. Design contains a 3-D slide, more than 600 Google scripts and many plug-ins (PandoraBox sliders, sections, prices, blocks and more).

Support for one logo type in portable browser and many different stylistic choices for different framework designs. The Pandora Box offers three different designs for your website - colour, patterns or photographic backgrounds - in a single stylish way. The Appr is a minimum topic with an appealing look that contains a newsletter collection email subscribe sheet.

Based on the Twitter Bootstrapmework, the themes have retinal capabilities and offer an infinite number of colors and fonts. Contains multi-tier PCSDs and dedicated file types for iPhone 5, Nexus 5, Apple Cinema Display and MacBook Pro/Air. The Appr is designed to present your designs and quickly download them.

Lean styling contains rotten charging pictures. Lateral menus are also a good thing of this topic. The Crealand is a fast-reacting page topic with a sliding control, online videos, an excerpt list and entry or sign up form. Included in the App-Showcase themes are full featured videos, a Twitter rotation fed broadget, a sliders, an excerpt list and other inclusion features.

The Crealand is conceived to make a brave mark with a large screen and a contemporary look. Menus utilities and online share functions integrate smoothly into the overall look and feel of the website. The Sublime is a fully reactive, retina-enabled, motion-based application for apps used on Showcase pages. Based on the Twitter Bootstrap-Framework, this simple to use bootstrap customization package contains a full color customization, more than 800 fonts and an infinite number of side bars.

The topic is suitable for translations and comes with a basic Page builder. The Sublime is characterized by a sleek but slim styling that is contemporary and doesn't require a great deal of photographing or screen shots. Strong colours help to implement the designs. Mojo App is a one-sided promotional topic for softwares suitable for applications or desktop computers.

There are 20 colour themes and a choice of colour themes for easy use, short code builders, type manageability with built-in Google scripts, a layerlider, full width and box layouts as well as full web page and box layouts, as well as full web page and picture galleries capabilities. WooCommerce and WPML compatible designs are installed with a single click. Mojo has a classical display case appearance.

It' s easy to use and features button controls for iTunes and Google Play Store. The Grizzly is a fast-reacting topic with an application showcase that lets you use up to seven different gadgets. Topic also contains a Portfoliomodul, an Image-Slider, an App-Dock-Slider, limitless styles available, Google Webfonts, 179 symbols and support multilingual.

It comes with demonstration speakers for common peripherals such as iPhone 5 and Windows Surface. The Grizzly has a super-fun style for the contemporary application developer. It would be a great topic for a games or online application. The Skyray is a retina-capable, fast-reacting topic that helps companies build pages of products and targets.

The system is equipped with a high-performance pull & pull lay-out generator and an integrated "like" system. Topic also contains boundless user-defined template, Facebook and Disqus comments, backgrounds and pictures, 13 Widget and 100 shortcuts. The Skyray has a minimalistic out of the box look and is perfectly cut in art galleriestyle.

Designed with great full-width or side-bar presentation capabilities for viewing mosaics, grids, thumbnails, or lists, this site offers great possibilities for displaying your work. Further features are Roundabout, Filters, Load More buttons or Page sorting and sorting the contents by date, preferences or number of hits. The iPhone app is created for the iPhone OS unit, as its name implies.

It' s conceived so that it can be used directly "out of the box" and is fully functional. It' s WooCommerce compliant and contains a number of slide bar layout, many built-in features and endless customisation possibilities. The iPhone application has a sleek look and is a good, fast one. The Apple has a more classical skew-morphic look with some more contemporary features.

The AppLand is an appealing, palladium appealing apple page page theming with an appealing look. It is based on the Twitter Bootstrap frame and contains two designs and three colour scheme. There are also five chapters for the contents - slide show, feature, testimonial, screenshot and a contacts page. The AppLand has an entertaining and laid-back aesthetics that is suitable for almost any type of display case site look.

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