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Sharing your layouts with others or migrating your website with WordPress's built-in import/export tools. Top 5 WordPress page creation of plugins Everyone who has used WordPress knows how easily it is to use the plattform. This makes posting and page creation incredibly straightforward, and there are a variety of topics to select from to help create the look and feel of your website. But even with the built-in WordPress features, there can be many attempts and mistakes before you can create a website with style.

Here come plug-ins for creating websites into the game. The Site Build plugin is engineered to help you fill this void by making the whole thing as straightforward as possible. For this purpose, they often contain drag-and-drop functionalities that should be easily operated and effective for everyone. We' ll look at five of our favourite WordPress plug-ins in this column, each of which makes them different, how easily they are used, and how they relate to each other.

Though most often associated with its primary topic, Divi Builder is one of the most rugged WordPress plug-ins for creating websites. It may take a few moments to get into the Divi Builder, but it will take some work. Each Divi Builder for example has its own set of preferences, often tens of them.

These details give you a great deal of oversight over your website, but it may take some getting to know all the features of the tools. The Divi Builder interface - along with the Elegant themed and plugin suites - will earn you $69 a year.

Beaver Builder has only been around for a few years, but within that period it has made a name for itself. Similar to the Divi Builder, this utility is built on a system of arrays and moduls. The Beaver Builder plug-in is very easy to learn to use.

As the plug-in works entirely on the frontend, you can immediately verify any changes you have implemented. In addition, it's as simple to add or rearrange new items to your website as you drag them with the mouse. Beaver Builder is free, but there is also a free upgrade available that starts at $99 per year.

The first two tips are great if you need a plug-in to create websites with enhanced features, but they can be superfluous for easier websites. This is where SiteOrigin's Page Builder comes in. It also uses module in combination with row and column, but the whole adventure is much less noticeable.

It' the ideal choice if you are looking for a lean page builder. Of all the utilities we've introduced so far, SiteOrigin's Page Builder is the simplest to use. Although it doesn't have as many functions as its rivals, we consider the ease of use of the utility to be one of its best characteristics.

It' s simple to use and contains all the WordPress tools you already know, like calendar and current articles. It will take a few moments for you to find this utility if you are comfortable with the site. SiteOrigin Plugin's Page Builder is 100% free. The functions of Visual Composer are very similar to those of Divi Builder.

But this is probably the better known of the two, and you will often find it as an integrated WordPress theme highlight. Usability: If we were to evaluate this plug-in for its usability, it would come out a little before Divi Builder.

Conversely, if we are concerned with aesthetical designs, it would come off a little bad. It is based on a system of module, row and column, like most other utilities on this one. When you are used to this kind of system , the use of this utility will be a stroll in the park a .

The Visual Composer plug-in costs $34 for a standalone licence. Once you've tried the Beaver Builder plug-in, Live Composer will make you at home. It is a practical little plug-in that also deals with the page structure completely from the frontend, albeit with a slimmer user area. Although simple to use, this special plug-in will suffer slightly due to its port.

Although it looks great - especially when you compare it to Beaver Builder and Page Builder - it can be difficult to use. Apart from this small disadvantage, this plug-in gets a good fingers up from us when it comes to usability. Live Composer plug-in is free of charge.

Website buildin' plugins are a great tools if you are new to web designing. When you want to build a basic WordPress website, but don't have much web site creation or web site designing expertise, a website creation plug-in can be exactly what you need. Divi-Builder:

A beaver farmer: Designed to create web sites, this plug-in combines usability with a number of functions. Site creator of SiteOrigin: Streamline site builder for uncomplicated Web sites. It'?s named after you: Visual Composer: All in all, this top-of-the-range page layout plug-in is a sound choice. Alive Composer: This is a free front-end builder that contains several interesting add-ons.

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