Wordpress site Detector

Worldpress Website Detector

Portable detector An easy detector for portable equipment, operating systems and browser that allows your website to move to an optional portable topic when a portable equipment is recognized or when your visitors like it. With every query this plug-in tries to recognize whether the visitor visits your website with a portable or not. The detector also gives you some information about the equipment used, the web browsers and the operating system. Who' gonna be satisfied with this detector? When you need a quick and dependable way to see if a visitor is coming to your site with a portable unit, you'll be satisfied.

If you need detailed information about the used equipment (except operating system and browser) like monitor size, you need a detector like DeviceAtlas or WURFL. What's the best way to interrogate the detector? Set your website to change over to a topic when it detects a portable phone or when the end users request it (on demand).

As soon as the plug-in is already plugged in, a new dropdown list named Detector will be added to the Settings dialog. The topic switch is deactivated by standard. In order to activate the topic change, just choose a topic you want to use as a portable topic and the plug-in takes it all. The plug-in is based on the assumption that your current design is only optimised for desktops.

So if you are using an appealing design that adjusts to any display aspect ratio, you shouldn't use the Change Design function (don't choose a design). Every time a page is accessed, this plug-in verifies whether a cookies is present that saves which topic (mobile or desktop-optimized) the visitor searches preferentially. Once the cookies exist, the design expected by the visitor is shown.

In case the cookies do not exists (first-time visitor), this plug-in will check whether the website is visited with a wireless devices and if so, your mobile-optimized design will be used. Every toggle between topics (you must use the template features below to make a link/button in your topic), the cookies are refreshed with their preferences so that the page versions (topics) expected by the users will be shown on subsequent visit.

MobileDTS::get_switch_theme_link() Gets the actual address with an extra keyword ('switch_theme') (automatically sets to 'mobile' or 'desktop'). You need this feature to make a link/button that allows the user to toggle between desktops and mobiles. MobileDTS::get_switch_theme_name() will return the topic you want to change to (either 'mobile' or 'desktop'). You can translate the file into your own languages (the plug-in uses the functions __() of _p for 'mobile' & 'desktop' strings).

MobileDTS::is_mobile_theme() will tell you whether or not your website displays the design to the users. MobileDTS::is_switcher_enabled() will tell you if topic toggling is off or not. Let's make a button hyperlink so the users can move between the two different version of a website (theme): Add this to your template (usually headers, phone and/or footers, phone), activate topic change and start playing.

Assume that a visitor views the website (http://example. com/home) for the first moment with a portable phone and the change of topic is on.

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