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The All Site Search offers you the best and most relevant search for your website. Search all pages The All Site Search offers you the best and most important site searching for your website. It' the first all-in-one application that allows your users to browse pages, document, image, video, audio, zip and more. Like all other extensive searching functions, this is of course adaptable. is an off-site scripting tool and therefore has no access to your website.

It eliminates the worry about virus and spam that is sometimes delivered with on-site scripting tools. Simply setup and sign up your site with a few simple mouseclicks for your site to index. Easily customise, customise your results the way you want. The entire location finder is very simple to setup.

Once you have the plug-in up and running, you can use it to index your website and adjust the searching option. Installing an on-site scripting tool would probably modify your page contents, databases, and web serversettings. All Site search is 100% secure as it is an external web based web based payment engine.

He has no power over your website. Searching is also outside the company and does not burden your system at all. The All Site search function runs six different rankings in Parallel. They use the index along with several hundred rankings parameter to provide the highest relevancy for each rank.

In order to keep this page reasonably concise, here are just a few of the functions of All Site Search: Simple to adapt / design as you wish. Look for relevancy or date order. Look before, after or between data. Phrase searching. Queries words emphasized in results.

Browse multiple locations. Words to look for in meta-tags. Further information on the advanced searching options can be found under the following links. For more information, visit the All Site Keyword Site.

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