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Worldpress Pages 2016

December 19, 2016 at 2:51 am. Several famous websites are supported by WordPress, here are just a few. Thirteen Surprising WordPress Usage Statistics (Updated 2016!) Last update 18 October 2016 to incorporate the latest figures. It is undeniable that WordPress is the most widely used CMS in the game.

Unless otherwise noted, all numbers are from 2016. The WordPress service covers almost 27 per cent of the total web. WordPress is by far the most beloved CMS on the web.

You may not know, however, how much the site has become loved. Firstly, the overall audience among all CMS is almost 60 per cent. In addition, the nearest rival Joomla (here a comparision of the two CMSs) is only used by 6.3 per cent.

Yes, this is the second most beloved CMS in the game! However, the biggest big shock and by far the most impressing WordPress user statistics is the 26th WordPress user. 9% of all web sites now use WordPress. Having more than a billion sites on-line today, I will let you do the mathematics of how many sites overall that is.

Worldwide WordPress pages post 24 articles per second. By 2016, Web sites that are part of the WordPress ecosystem (i.e., Web sites either hosted on WordPress.com or external WordPress sites where the Jetpack plug-in is installed) had an annual 24-post per -second traffic rate. These are not the websites for which WordPress cannot gather stats.

For a better idea of what this looks like, WordPress.com provides a card that allows you to see updated information from anywhere in the globe in realtime. Get WordPress Pages 22. This year alone, WordPress publishers have reached a total monthly avarage of 22.17 billion page views.

Get WordPress logs 46. This means that in addition to the legal commentary that WordPress posts get every months, they are bombed by 1.4 billion simultaneous spamers. Seven million WordPress queries per calendar month. and more. Given the amount of information WordPress.com can deal with on its own, it's not surprising that WordPress is so loved and still attracts interest.

WordPress " in the USA alone gets 450,000 keywords per year. This is not even considering those who are looking for "WordPress templates", "WordPress plugins" and other WordPress specific information. In total, WordPress words (including those for "wp," a commonly used acronym for WordPress ) get between 10 and 100 million worldwide queries each and every months.

WordPress 5 sees Google Trends. Five than Joomla and almost nine more than Drupal. Looks like WordPress usability stats will just keep growing. WorldPress 4. Thanks to the large fellowship and the work of a large number of volunteers, however, this number is also adequate for the WordPress self-hosted diversity as well.

Only the latest repetition, WordPress 4. The next (big) version of WordPress is planned for December 2016. Just about 40 per cent of WordPress pages are up to date. WordPress has often made news in the past because of cracked websites and safety issues, which its creators are trying to tackle quickly with new and enhanced releases (for more safety precautions, see how WordPress sites are cracked and what you can do about it).

Not all WordPress adopters, however, support this view. Whilst the number of downloads for the latest release is amazing, there are many obsolete websites that run with WordPress. W3tech states that only slightly more than 40 per cent (40. 8 per cent) have upgraded to 4.6. WordPress.org draws a similar image.

Judging by their figures, the proportion of WordPress site visitors who operate their site with the latest release is 37. 1%. 4%, but still people should still understand why and how to refresh their WordPress page. We have 72 WordPress translation projects. As a result of the large fellowship and initiative such as WordPress Global Translation Day, the number of WordPress available tongues is constantly increasing.

Beginning with Algan, Netherlands and Japanese up to Islandic, Farsi and even Scottish Gaelic you can configure your WordPress Dashboard for (almost) any desired languages. By 2014, non-English downloading was already outperforming British downloading, a figure that is likely to have risen in the following two years. This means that now many of the plug-ins and feature names appear first in another country and are converted into German and not vice versa.

Concentrating on multi-language capabilities opens the door to WordPress applications around the world. And don't be afraid if your favorite languages are not yet available (although you may want more than Scottish Gaelic?), WordPress staff are always working to expand the WordPress translation team. Naturally posts from other people ( like you ) are always welcome!

More than 47,000 WordPress plug-ins are available. WordPress is one of the major advantages of many other plattforms because of its extensibility. Plug-ins are available for all means and ends. The WordPress.org plug-in data base recently exceeded 47,000. Whilst this is far away from the Apple and Google shops, nearly 1.5 billion signatures are still a cause for celebration.

But with more than 52 million hits, Akismet, the beloved anti-spam plug-in, has done just that. The fact that it is pre-installed in every newer WordPress builds could, however, be a contributing influence. Second place is currently taken by the contact sheet 7 (42 million downloads) and the third Young Socialist (34 million downloads), two more WordPress budget name.

These three best plug-ins account for about 0.9 per cent of all plug-ins downloaded from the WordPress folder. As WordPress continues to grow, it's not surprising that the WordPress fellowship is also continuing to grow. Incidentally, these numbers do not even count the many WordPress meetings that take place around the globe.

If you would like to learn more about WordCamps, please see our WordCamp Europe 2016 and WordCamp Berlin 2015 reports. 25% of WordPress subscribers are full-time CMS subscribers. One interesting delicacy from the "State of the Word" 2014 was that a whole fourth of the respondents who took part in the WordPress study had a full-time job with the CMS.

Combining this information with a 2012 poll that found that the average WordPress project fee per hour was $50, you don't have to be too worried about WordPress developer dying of starvation on the side of the road. Of the top million Web sites in the globe, the lion's share of those based on WordPress are business-driven.

There are many more than just message sites where WordPress is the least used. Considering that the WordPress community is so enthusiastic about WordPress, this is not too astonishing. WordPress related catchwords also usually have a very high level of competitive edge in terms of keyword scouting. The WordPress takes the on-line word by storm. What's the matter?

Have you ever wondered if the investment in your WordPress capabilities is a time waste? You can certainly clear up these uncertainties. Which other interesting WordPress related statistical data have you been reading or listening to? Were you surprised by any of these WordPress user statistic? WordPress he found when he needed a website for his first company and immediately fallen in Love with him.

If he doesn't create web sites, create web sites, or help his customers grow their businesses on-line, he can usually be found at the fitness center, doing the job, or travelling around the globe with his mom.

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