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Several of the world's most successful companies prefer WordPress as their CMS, including: TED, NBC, CNN, TechCrunch, People Magazine, die NFL, Best Buy, CBS Radio und UPS. WorldPress statistics: The ultimate WordPress statistics listing (data, studies, facts, facts)

Okay, so write a post/article or create another bit of WordPress related stuff, but you want to make a bigger impact on what you say... to communicate better with the readers. Crude files are just very hard to disregard and attract everyone's interest. Everybody has their opinion about things, and you can't tell at first glance whether they're real or not, but you can''t disprove them.

These are the most interesting dates and stats from all over the world of WordPress. You can use them when you're working on a new item, blogs posting, infographics or whatever else you have in stock. Oh, and don't forgive sharing and linking. For the first year in 2014, the non-English WordPress files exceeded the German one.

As a CMS WordPress (47%) is almost 12 fold more liked than Drupal (4%) in India. Of the 10 most beloved free designs on WordPress.org, only 4 come from third parties (not from WordPress.org or Automattic developed). WorldPress is the most frequently chopped CMS of all. Of the 8,000 compromised sites analysed in a survey, 74% were created with WordPress.

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Surprising Statistics on the Use of WordPress 14

Update: Take a look at our latest article which gives you the latest WordPress stats, a great deal has happened since 2014! It is undisputed that WordPress is by far the best known CMS on the market. Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little's WordPress idea has become a superstar in the 11 brief years since its release in the blogs.

They may think that you already know how much WordPress really is loved. Consider it again, because these 14 WordPress user stats can give you a break. If you consider that there are an immense number of alternate CMS solutions, these figures speak volumes about WordPress's prevalence.

When you choose to work with WordPress, you will definitely be in good hands. New York Times, CNN, Mashable and eBay all run their own blog on the world's most beloved CMS - WordPress. 74,652,825 pages out there depend on the good old WordPress. About 50% of this number (nearly 37 million) are housed on the free website WordPress.com.

WordPress makes up 18% of self-hosted websites. This is all the more amazing when you consider that over 70% of websites in the world do not use CMS. Just the word "WordPress" alone gets more than 450,000 accurate hits every year. This is only "WordPress", not "WordPress Help" or "WordPress Plugins" or anything like that.

By counting the queries of all WordPress or WP (a popular acronym for WordPress ) Keyword search terms in them, you're getting a massive 37 million queries a month. Under the assumption that this number will remain the same, WordPress 2014 will receive 444 million search queries. That is almost one and a half time the U.S. WordPress populace is sought fivefold as Joomla and ninefold as Drupal.

Lucky if English is not your native tongue and you prefer Croatian, Netherlands, Estonian, Finnish or Flemish (see full WordPress translation list) for your desktop. WordPress is constantly adding new languages to its translation database. Of the 100 domain names registrated in the USA, 22 will run on WordPress.

If you consider that on avarage 120,000 domain names are registrated per annum world-wide, you can safely say that WordPress is increasing by leaps as well. WordPress.com has an amazing 126 million visitors per months, while Amazon has a significant backlog of 96 million per months. In order to put this in relation, Amazon.com has 88,400 employees running their businesses, 38.603% more than WordPress.com.

Each second, nearly 6 (the real number is 5. 7) new postings are posted on WordPress. com blogs. com. WordPress. org is not only the world's most beloved self-hosted CMS hosting system, but the free edition is also the second most important on the free of charge platform ranking board, with Google's own blogger coming first.

WordPress.com has a clearly arranged mapping page on its website that shows you the whereabouts of a person who posts a blog entry in near-life. In 2012, a poll showed that the mean WordPress production speed was $50 per hour. It' s nothing to go home about, but $50/hour is a good amount for most people. oDesk, one of the most sought-after outsourced sites in the world, ranks WordPress as the fifth most sought-after capability.

Fremelancer.com, a similar site, has so far generated over $3.5 million in sales for WordPress developer. Developing WordPress is clearly a invaluable ability to study - one that can definitely make a difference in the world. Undoubtedly, plug-ins are the most important features that distinguish WordPress from any other CMS.

Plug-ins expand and utilize the WordPress features - accessing them would paralyze WordPress user (and that's one of the main reason WordPress.com is second only to Blogger). Quite the opposite, the plugin-base of WordPress.org has recently reached 29K and almost every lesson a new one is added.

All in all, these plug-ins were more than 286,000,000,000 copies of which were download. Additionally, WordPress.com sources are refreshed 60-80x per diurnal and output multiplex per diurnal. The changes are synchronized with the WordPress.org plattform on a regular basis. By July 2013, the free WordPress.org Web site, which hosts self-hosted sites, had been downloading 46 million copies, equivalent to approximately 100 per diem downloads since 2003.

WordPress may not have been down-loaded and even added to your FTP client, but when you used Fantastico or the beloved 1-Click to install it, it was considered a down-load. In 2014, as blogs have only become more fashionable in recent years, the number of daily bloggers downloading is significantly higher (think of ten thousands) than in 2003.

Out of the 1,000,000,000 websites worldwide, the number of WordPress-based businesssites (most liked with WordPress) is fivefold the number of WordPress-managed newssites ( least liked with WordPress). These statistics are not too amazing since on-line WordPress marketers often talk more about WordPress than any other CMS out there.

WorldPress also ranked highly as one of the most blogs subjects in the blogging industry in the on-line market research industry and almost all of its flagship products have very high PPC contest. Akismet has got the most free packs of all 19,000 available for downloading. This is mainly because Akismet is automatically reinstalled with the newer WordPress releases.

Acismet was a total of 18 million copies download, a truly breathtaking number. Almost 06% of all plugins on WordPress.org were downloadable with the antispam plug-in alone. WordPress is the most CMS in the world and the stats are really amazing. WordPress had been dominating the CMS industry for eleven years.

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