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Are you looking for a high-quality free slider plugin for WordPress? Top 10 popular free WordPress Slider plugins revised To find the right slider for your website is by no means an simple job. According to the last counting there were 690 slider controls in the WordPress plug-in repository. Who has the elapsed testing period to test every plug-in? In order to help you keep the grain from the hay, I have sorted and checked the top 10 most beloved free slider plug-ins in the library.

Those slide controls have been relatively recently upgraded and all have got more than 10 voices from WordPress people. The Meta Slider is by far the most beloved slider for WordPress, with 467,707 downloaded files so far. Comes with four jQuery faders -Nivo Slider (fast response, 16 transitions, four themes), Coin Slider (four transitions), Flex Slider 2 (fast response, two transitions, roundabout mode), Responsible Slides (fast response, smooth only).

Slider creation is easy - just append your picture, choose the slider you want to use, and the plug-in spits out a short code that you can paste anywhere on your website. There is also a trial copy of this plug-in if you want to make a payment for additional functions. Easing Slider Lite is the second most common slider plug-in in the library with nearly 400,000 hits.

Easy to use, this plug-in allows you to adjust the size and length of your slider and gives you the ability to make your show more appealing. It has two transitional modes, i. e. blend and slid. As with many slider, you must use a short code to attach your slider to a posting or page. With this plug-in you can only make a slider, so if you want more than that in your website, you should look elsewhere.

With a customisable wallpaper and interval of slides, Smooth Slider provides a rich media and picture show that you can place anywhere on your website. Functions of the plug-in include an appealing look and six transitions. There are also user-defined sliders, categories sliders and sliders for the last post. Tried to create a new slider, but the plug-in would crash every times I tried to get into the plugin's preferences.

On the Smooth Slider supports page on the repo site, I have looked at it and it seems that other people have had problems with current WordPress releases. The Wow Slider is uncommon because you need to get a WOWSlider assistant to make a slide show, which is a stand-alone application. After you have created your slide show, you can load it into the plug-in.

You must copy and paste a short code to add your slider anywhere on your website. vSlider allows you to show an infinite number of picture slider on your website, although I'll be surprised how many slider are too many?

Slider can be inserted into your website, either with short code, a user-defined Widget or by using it as a functional in your design. It contains a useful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and a Videos-Tutorial which shows you how to configure your first slider. The SlideDeck is a beloved and complete premier plug-in that provides enhanced features when you're looking for a feature-rich slider.

However, if you just want to start using slider on your website, it's a good idea to try the latest release of our site, which has just received a major upgrade. The SlideDeck features an appealing look, optimized advanced features for smooth operation, full-width slider, transition, browser compatability, full width overlay, slideshow link, call to action buttons and much more.

1. Six million WordPress supers are reading and trusting our blogs. SimpleRotator pledges that user "beautiful, fast-reacting rotator photos and faders to your WordPress page in seconds", but it actually needs a little time to set up. First, you need to download the Flash application to make your transparencies - or rotating files - on your computer, which I must say I find bothersome.

You can then build a new rotator from the page or the mailditor. Once I took the time to install the Flash application, it didn't work when I tried to install a simple slider from the MailOditor. Having dug around a little, I found that this plug-in doesn't work with Safari/Chrome.

It' s easy to setup, you don't have to go through the process of downloading and uploading your own files, and you don't have to go through the process of creating your own files or playing around with the preferences. Once you have added your pictures, choose the slider resize, the slider velocity and click "Publish".

" You will then need to copy the resulting short code to any page or article where you want the slider to appear. Although it is a Louite edition, it still has enough functions to make trying it worthwhile. The Cyclone Slider 2 brings the slider back to the point. There is a basic plug-in set-up that displays a basic picture slider and provides advanced controls such as delay, dimension and floating notch.

YouTube, Vimeo, HTML and Testimonial-Slider are supported. By dragging and dropping, you can rearrange your transparencies, and the slider controls respond. There is also a plug-in available as professional edition. Responsible Slider is a very basic slider plug-in, which is equipped with a few adjustments, but compensates this by a user-friendly operation.

It' s easy to create new transparencies and you can place them anywhere on your website with a short code or feature call in your design. You can use the Preferences to adjust the width and hight of your slider, apply a transitions effect, a delays, the length of the motion and the auto-power on.

If you want to create several faders on your website, you should try a different plug-in. Meta-slide control: Relax the slider "Lite": Plain slide control: WOW-Slider: vSlider multi-slider for WordPress: Lite SlideDeck 2 Lite Responsive Content Slider: The EasyRotator for WordPress - Slider Plugin:

Fast response WordPress slider - Soliloquy Lite: Sliding cyclone controller 2: Fast response slider: Meta-slide control. WordPress has a good plug-in when it sees it. Not only is Meta Slider the most frequently used slider plug-in, it has also earned the highest user ratings in the market. The vSlider Multimage Slider, SlideDeck 2 Lite and Soliloquy Lite are also great slider plug-ins if you have an image-heavy page and want to make the most of the controls.

When you want a very straightforward slider without a bell or whistle, give Cyclone Slider 2 a try. It is a great base slider that is easily setup and not burdened by innumerable preferences and choices. However, if you're out on something with more bit, more functionality, and the possibility to place slider controls on your website, you can't get past Meta Slider.

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