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Worldpress Splash Page

Simple Splash Page is a simple plugin that allows you to add a welcome page with background image or video to your existing design. A tutorial to set up your custom WordPress (child) theme with an opening splash page followed by a static home page. Spare yourself the hard work of finding great items and discover the items lonny_it recommends in her collection, Wordpress Splash Page.

Extremely simple splash page

Quite simple splash page is a easy plug-in that allows you to create a welcome page with wallpaper or movie to your current design. It reacts completely, is very easy to set up and use. Easily insert images or videos with introduction text and a buttons. Navigate to Very Simple Splash Page Options and enable the Enable Splash Page checkbox.

You can now customise your splash page. Is it possible to include videos as background? Navigate to Very Simple Splash Page Options and activate the Enable Splash Page checkbox. You can now customise your splash page. I' ve been using this plug-in for a few months and like it very much, it's just as specified and works well.

"Very Simple Splash Page" is opensource software. Following persons have added to this plug-in.


These tutorials describe how to build a splash homepage in WordPress and how to coexist it with a normal homepage. As this page is still quite often visited, and both WordPress and my technology have developed since the first letter, I have made some changes. It was the brainchild to build a website with a splash homepage that opens when you click on the homepage.

Immediately after the first welcome the splash page should not bother the user any more. Splash page requirements: Duplicate the headers. php filename and change it to header-splash. php filename. It is also possible to delete unnecessary script (for this page) that have been thrown in the top area. Copying page. copy page. php and call it page-splash. put the php files in the /wp-content/themes/yourtheme directory.

  • The first part of your phone book makes sure that WordPress sees the splash. phone book as a page style. - The second part of PhP contains the headers information from the header-splash. Php files. calling the files. Now open the bottom line. open and copy the contents to the page-splash-splash. pdf. Ensure that you delete the line get_footer(); from the initial page splash. file.

All you need from the bottom is to close the divides and tag (like mother, wrappper, body and html ) and any Google Analytics or other script you need on the page. In WordPress, make a page named Splash (or Welcome, or whatever you think is a good name) and associate it with the Splash page style sheet in the Page Builder.

Look at the screenshots below to see what the Page Templates selection button looks like (default in the right sidebar): 11. Now you can insert your contents into the page using the Page Editors. It is also possible to type the contents directly into the Page-Splash. php file. The amount you should remove will depend on the page you' re creating), and then adding your new things.

/images/enter.png" border="0" How you build your homepage is not important for this product. If you want, you can make another templates filename (my home pages are usually very different from the rest of the site ), as you did with the splash page, but you could stay with the standard page filename.

Don't neglect to include this page as Home in your Home screen! In the WordPress admin, under Settings, set the splash page as the start page Read ? It' also safe for you to use because you can configurate your own splash page for WordPress, just like any other page, and you even have the head meta data added to the splash page.

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