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A collection of beautiful and professional sports WordPress themes for sports-related websites, fitness centers, personal trainers or other sports. Premium themes and the free SportsPress plugin are designed specifically for sports organisations that want to create professional club and league websites.

Best 20+ Sports WordPress Topics 2018

"while sports bring them together. "Nowhere is this feeling more appropriate than when creating your own sports WordPress website. However, this is a free fantasy if you don't know what to look out for on a topic. It' easy - you search for functions and feature sets that allow supporters to connect with you, collect information about your squad, and easily buy formal merchandising items.

That means you want a range of commitment opportunities, ranking section, games and players information, and a high-quality e-commerce platform you can depend on. Page Builders plugins for designing your website and comprehensive customisation possibilities are beautiful, but not absolutely necessary. Recognising that it is difficult to limit the choice, we have compiled this best available sports theme guide.

If you dig a little ditch, your perfect theme could be under it! If you are creating a sports website, you will want to inform your audience about your association or your squad by staging your designs with as much suspense and as much impact as possible. And the best way to achieve this is to choose a sports theme that provides many possibilities for adaptation - such as Big Slam.

While Big Slam is primarily centered on baseball, it also works well for almost any type of sports you play. With this theme, it's easy to build customized events pages to keep your audience up to date on your team's latest matches, as well as players listings that showcase your most important talents.

They can even build custom pages for single gamers, matches and groups - a proces simplified by the multitude of demos available. It is fully compliant with SportsPress, for example, which provides functions such as match results, automatic ranking lists and gamer ranking. After all, there are a lot of adjustment possibilities that can be used during the designing phase, such as different headings, navigational style, side bars and coloration.

When you want almost complete creative freedom, along with a range of practical functions specifically developed for sports web sites, Big Slam is an issue that' s definitely something to try out. This is a nice topic for a sports magazin that is especially tailored for football-based web sites. Genuine football uses large, powerful images: ideal for presenting your teams and players on your website.

He is able to generate detailled players profile, ranking table, schedules and results. Google Font, WooCommerce Integrator and matching report make the subject even better. $23 Master Slider is free with the bundle. Sports is a vibrant, luminous theme developed for sports associations of all types - whether sports, society or non-profit.

As well as attractive designs and retina-ready images, this ThemeCanon offer offers a wide range of customisation possibilities for the presentation of your clubs. At the top of the page-filling slide control is a clear, easy to use navigational toolbar, followed by what you select: messages, incidents or even a timer for your club's next game.

Versatile and scalable, Sports allows for limitless head and layouts variation and offers a variety of colour and type styles, two of which are ready-made skinings. Sports also comes with 16 broadgets and six plug-ins, among them the Revolution Slider. Short codes, SEO functions and multi-language capabilities complete the offering.

Is this topic all three points, or is it just a big, bold airball? When you load the homepage you will be welcomed by an eye-catching screen using the included Slider Revolution plug-in. You can create the remainder of your page layout with the included Visual Composer plug-in, with a variety of other adjustments found in the WordPress Customizer.

You can also integrate it with the SportsPress plug-in. It provides match charts, match schedules, and players and crew profile to give your supporters all the information they need to get a foothold in your game. Whilst we will refrain from clich├ęs about this topic, it is certainly strong and versatile enough to build a sound collaborative website.

Basic sports clubs are the heart and soul of their matches, but they often don't have the means to force supporters to participate in their next match. WP Soccer looks at first sight like it would be suitable for a newspaper size that, for example, covers a large number of clubs within a team.

Although you could certainly do that, this topic is best used to present particular groups. A Themeum Soccer plug-in is provided that allows you to create pages for your team, match schedules, players list (including custom players profiles) and match list. There is also an add-on within the supplied Visual Composer plug-in to show a count down time for your next device - a useful complement.

Another neat addition is the Themeum Poll plug-in, which helps you build surveys of fans so your fans can directly engage with you and invest more in your group. Font Google capability, WooCommerce compliance, downloadable demos and the FlexSlider plug-in that comes with it complete this impressive feature-rich design.

Sport topics can often be divided into two main catagories. Fansites are devoted to a specific association or division, and teams' displaycase pages provide comprehensive information such as match plans, results and highlighting. The majority of sports topics concentrate on "national" sports such as ball games, sports clubs, sports clubs, sports clubs, basketball, sports clubs and more. But it is good to see that Oxigeno also covers other favourite sports such as swim.

Naturally, you can use the included Bold Builder plug-in to build a website for any type of sports you want to work on. In our view, however, Oxigeno does not feel as much polish as many similar topics. When you look at items like the bottom line in the theme's demonstration, you can reason that this is not the best look of the sports-oriented option.

Oxigeno is a sound topic for journeymen. Sport is a WordPress theme that has a great and original look, ideal for a sports blogs or clubs website. The theme is prepared for an audiences from all over the world. With the WPML plug-in, your contents can be converted into various different nationalities. Galerie plug-in ($15 value) is free of charge.

Sportie is also very fast and well documentary. KickOff covers a similar area as WP Soccer and is intended for those who want to build a turntable for their team or league, but don't want the GoodLife bad-nails coverage styles. With KickOff, you can present your important contents in front and centre with a range of slide control plug-ins - bxSlider, FlexSlider, Nivolider and Revolutionlider.

The Mega Menue plug-in is also provided for a large navigational menue full of important, media-rich contents. Dashboard contains administration for all the above areas, and with the built-in Xpress Page Builder, you can view information within a one-page layouts. It is a pleasant tactile action and in combination with a compliant plug-in such as the Event Manager plug-in to show your forthcoming devices, it gives your guests a feeling of priority.

KickOff has almost everything under control with the Contact Form 7 plug-in and MailChimp plug-in for contacting e-mail customers. Combined with a large colour range, comprehensive user manuals and WooCommerce compliance, KickOff is the almost ideal way to present your teams or leagues. The Sports Club is another theme that, like GoodLife, will attract those who want to concentrate on a particular division or game.

Featuring bulky typefaces and two supplied slide plug-ins (Layer and Revolution Slider), Sports Club may look a little too similar to the other topics in this series. With the Visual Content Composer plug-in provided, you can simply build an all too trusted website. Yet, by dragging the palette of colour choices and selecting one of the hundred Google typefaces, you can make a website that looks relatively one-of-a-kind.

In addition, the Sports Club is one of the few topics that offers pallax scroll wallpapers - something to keep in mind when trying to distance yourself from your website. The Sports Club is not characterized by concentrating on team and player like KickOff or message like GoodLife. But it is characterized by the fact that it brings up-to-date information about your division to the fore.

When your guests need such information at a single look, the Sports Club might be the right place to go. Much of the theme presented in this range is concentrated on the daily work of your group. But if it's just as important to expand the commercial side of your teams as what's happening in the fields, consider AllStar.

The theme provides the game schedules, match charts and players profile that other topics provide, but in addition, AllStar is focused on promoting your team's brands. Using the Revolution Slider plug-in you can give your users a clear call to trade (e.g. a shortcut to your contacts page, your info page or even a shortcut to donate).

CleanTabs plug-in provided (something we haven't seen in other topics) allows you to make accordion-style FAQs. There are plenty of possibilities for adaptation in AllStar, and handicrafts are promoted by the addition of a children's theme. Page pages are generated using a user-defined drag-and-drop page generator, and the design also features a headers generator with over 40 different adjustment choices.

You can also apply styles directly from the dashboard using the Final Call stylesheet plug-in provided. Demos have been added to the theme, but with over 700 web fonts and a full colour gamut, AllStar covers you with virtually every customisation you need. The Champion is a distinctive theme with a clear, easy to understand design designed for sports associations and organisations, especially those involved in sports such as footballs and sportswear.

There is a slide control for the galleries on the start page that immediately strikes the viewer, but beyond that you can see a well thought-out invention. There is a brand new line of messages, the Revolution plug-in slide and inclusion in community networks, as well as areas for viewing affiliate logo and price list. Customize with five headline choices, two galleries, more than 600 Google Docs, and the WordPress Live Customizer.

Champions is SportsPress compliant and provides point table, game plan, player and crew administration. WooCommerce is also supported by the WooCommerce plug-in and WPML for the finished translations. Bonuses includes free tech support and the option to upload contents from the demonstration. Clubs Sports is a well organised and tightened sports theme that would work well for a soccer, ball game, sports field, sports field, sports field, sports field, sports field, or a field game unit.

Created with HTML5 and CSS3, this 100% reactive theme has an enhanced theme option pane. Practically limitless colour choices are available with the backend colour selector and a one-click demonstration upload to get your website up and and running quickly. The full-width theme also comes with a tacky headers for improved ease of use.

Functions for players, schedule and teammanagement help you to administrate the constantly evolving information simply and efficient. The Equipo is a perfectly sports theme with an stunning look. Equipo's sophisticated theme option panels are quick to respond and retinal, making it easy to customize this theme. Many user-defined shortcuts and several new widgets are combined with the remainder of the theme's capabilities, including 600 typographic choices, default page styles, and user-defined mailboxes.

SportsAK is an alternate to the other team-based topics on this page (WP Soccer and KickOff) and is suitable for those who have already chosen their own plug-in to improve it. SportAK's adaptation is similar to other topics (i.e. with million of colours available via a colour chart, along with a range of fonts), but is extended by the Visual Composer plug-in provided.

The WP Less plug-in is also contained, which will help you to code your style sheet using the dashboard. But since this plug-in has its own encoding convention, it is not really suited for novices to using CSS. However, this plug-in is not really suited for those who are new to it. SportsAK contains the free JP Widget Visibility plug-in, which allows you to specify which pages display the widgets.

Because WordPress is no longer fully supported, however, WordPress might cause issues with subsequent WordPress upgrades and you might be left searching for a viable workaround. Contacts Form 7 and Yet Another Related Posts plugin are two more plugs related to this topic, but since they are both available on WordPress.org (like JP Widget Visibility), they don't include a value for premiums.

Briefly, this topic is often perceived as inadequate in relation to its clustered plug-ins in comparison to alternate ones. SportAK is probably only a minor option to WP Soccer and KickOff even with the intelligent adding of an integrated Google Map in the bottom line (based on the addresses of your teams).

SPORTGEGE is a great choice for someone who wants to create an inventive sports magazines website. The theme comes with full featured results and a fantastic homepage slide to show off your work. User-defined header files are available in almost all important sports. You can customize your WordPress settings by changing colours and background directly from the WordPress Administrator with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, you can also create your own background and color settings.

It' s cross-browser compatibility and powered management capabilities make your website look great on any machine. The Sports Theme is the perfect tool for a sports association, a small football division or a sports education project that wants an individual website but does not have the necessary knowledge of coding. This WordPress theme and plug-in allows anyone to create a great-looking collaborative website in just a few moments.

And you can even design your website with your own colours and your own company name. Utilize sports-related background and pre-defined scripts to connect your new website. The Sports-Team Theme makes it simple to create a website that presents your team's achievements while keeping them all in touch.

The Sportsline was designed with this year's World Championship in view. It' s perfect for football messages, but can also be used for other sports blog or website. Completely appealing, this design allows you to view your contents on a variety of different media players. Sportline is a good option for someone looking for a turn-key sports theme that can also improve your rankings in your results.

WordPress is a multi-purpose WordPress theme publication that is perfect for any sports website. With this look, the theme will fit sports sites that write more newscasts than anything else. User-defined displayboard, off-canvas navigator for portable styling, and gooey navigator for desktops make it an even better fit.

The Goal Golf Course is a neat theme developed for your sports association or organisation. Multi-style display and management of games, results, player, team and rankings. Chimpstudio's theme was created with HTML5 and CSS3 to give you a completely appealing look. The best feature of its designs are the eye-catching slide control for the galleries and the solid headers, which are ideal for navigating between pages.

The Goal Club provides full language plug-in compatibility and integrated SEO capabilities. In addition, it uses the WooCommerce plug-in with good effect: The shop page is simple to use. Customize with limitless page bars and menus, and add drag-and-drop capabilities to organize your pages. The Jockey is a stylistic theme; ideal for sports magazine and breaking stories.

Full -page pictures help you attract your audience's interest to your contents, but if you find them overwhelming, you can select a smaller picture size. Supporting a variety of mail sizes, featuring side bars, endless scroll and endless colour scheme, as well as shortcuts for ease of customisation, it is also a great tool for the user to create and edit a new look and feel. As well as supporting RSS feeding, there' s support for integrating RSS with your online community and integrating online community; functions that allow you to easily distribute your information across larger communities.

When you are not connected to a specific group - maybe you want to present many different sports locally - and you are looking to excite supporters with your contents, GoodLife can be the theme for you. The GoodLife has three different headstocks - which include display room -, a slide bar accessed from the administrator interface, and a large, comprehensive navigational menus.

There are six different picture and videogallery layout choices (full and half page) and five different layout choices for your blogs. The GoodLife was designed to split contents by being integrated into Jetpack to deliver socially shared badges and counter, and it also contains a BuzzFeed-like Quick Build plug-in, Viral Quick Build.

In addition to the aforementioned plug-ins, GoodLife also features Visual Composer for customizing your pages to your precise needs, Maintenance Pro for displaying a forthcoming page to your visitor, and Rankie for tracking your index words, which are useful for your rankings and provide high performance reportability. Although GoodLife is strongly committed to providing message delivery, GoodLife clearly lacks the features to publish teams and players profile, match charts and schedules.

Overall, however, if you cover many different sports in your area or your schools, GoodLife could be a good bishop - especially considering the plugin bundles it includes. Game Day is a premier WordPress sports breaking story and medium topic. Some of the main arguments are the user-friendliness, the outstanding styling and the outstanding technical features.

It has many enhanced functions, such as the inclusion of a user-defined displayboard, a drag-and-drop home page, and a slide bar for each categorie page. The topic is retinal and fully reactive. Their contents will look great no matter how they are seen. The best part is that it' easy to add so you can create a complete website in no time.

SouthClub is a charming WordPress theme developed for live sports message sites and portal of sports magazines. With its box look, the theme's box theme serves its purpose well and includes different colours that compliment each other well. Apart from this disadvantage, there are several positive aspects such as a novel slide control, an sleek points chart and much more.

The Soccer Club has several animated rollovers, the whole Font Awesome iconset and the style for contact form 7. The topic's ready-to-translate source is optimised for performance and searching engine performance, and is definitely poised to cause serious harm to your competitors. Sporttimo is a WordPress theme, perfect for a sports website or an on-line magazin.

Designed with features that make it quick and effortless for you to create and manage a website. And you can also coordinate your colours exactly. Easily append or modify your contents with the drag-and-drop user-interface and save your layout with the templates system for later reuse on other pages.

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