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Would you like to know which is the best WordPress eCommerce plugin? WordPress is easy to use and free of charge. You are not sure which WordPress eCommerce plugin you should use?


When your website is authorized, an Store box appears in your Dashboard. Please click on this point to build your shop. When you click this element, the store that is setup by default starts and you see a progressbar as the store is made. Once you have finished creating your shop, you must first build a retailer that you want to resell.

This can be done by pressing the "Add a product" icon in the shop's dashboard. Use this page to include a name, picture, text and other information. At this point, you can also enter variants of your products - for example, different dimensions or colours of a single one. You can also define a level of stocks for each item or variant so that you don't have more of a item to resell than you have in store!

Detailed instruction on adding/editing a specific item can be found on our item description page. Your shop is configured by standard so that it offers free delivery to all users. This can be changed in the dispatch preferences. The shop offers three delivery methods: free delivery, lump sum or pick-up locally. When you need more method or oversight over your shipment - e.g. by weighing - you can use a WooCommerce expansion to do it.

It is also possible to create different sending areas by using different sending methodologies for each area. You can pay by PayPal or Stripe, or pay off-line by cheque or COD. Within the Preferences you can activate or deactivate certain types of transactions and specify the store language.

The Store uses TaxJar, a third-party services, to automate the VAT calculation. TaxJar needs the costs of the order, your adress and the adress of your client to be able to calculate the VAT. More information about how this works, up to and beyond deactivating TaxJar, can be found in the TaxJar knowledgebase file.

As with many on-line Shops you can furnish advertising campaigns (e.g. coupons) and Produktbewertungen. WooCommerce Extensions can be used in your shop if you need to make extended adjustments to your shop, include extended shipment costing, add extra pay gateway or import/export stock. To see a complete listing of available WooCommerce extensions, you can visit the WooCommerce website and view the documents.

WooCommerce enhancements must be administered via the WP Admin dashboard, which can be accessed via My Site -> WP Admin.

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