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Getting WordPress support right and asking for it Every day we help tens of thousands of users who provide free WordPress support, either through our twitter or our online support team. Volunteering to provide free support, it is sometimes difficult not to be disappointed by new members who ask accusing and questioning terms without taking the trouble to think, reading or searching past information.

Simultaneously, we also get the sense that we are totally overcome by so much information because at some point we were also novices. We will show you in this tutorial how to correctly request and receive WordPress support. But before you ask, you'll understand: But before you ask for WordPress support or help with a particular plug-in or topic, you need to realize that WordPress is an opensource community work.

Everybody is welcome to make a plug-in, a topic, patch the kernel, suggest/fix errors, etc. WorldPress is free, as are most of the topics and plug-ins you use with it. Single plug-in developer or topic author are NOT always part of the WordPress kernel crew. Frequently, the plug-ins they publish for free are something they made for their own use in their spare hours, or something they made for a customer.

So, unless they sell the plug-in or topic, you should expect them to make no profit from it. Although most programmers agree to help with a few small things, everyone will have a different point at which to get rewarded for the additional support.

Make sure you have reviewed the FAQ page before posting the support threads. You want your support threads to be respectable, clear and succinct. There' s a bug with your @#$1 plug-in. Don't make *&%^ if it doesn't work. Thanks for making your great XYZ plug-in.

I am using the WordPress version: plug-in name version: This is what I was expecting the plug-in to do: With a support notice like the one above, you address all sorts of things a development engineer would need to know to get your questions answered. Once you have set up the support threads, you can always contact the developers on Tweets, which can help you get a quicker reply.

I have a problem with the plug-in name. Support threads linked. A supporting yarn + twine, for example, is good enough. It is always advisable to use the appropriate support channel when using a commercially available plug-in or topic. The majority of commercially available items such as Gravity Forms, StudioPress, Sucuri, etc. have special support areas.

To ask a question that is asked outside the support areas you have defined would not bring you much help. Example: If a subscriber comes to us and asks for support on topics of a business nature, we just ask them to ask on the appropriate canals. If you buy a plug-in or topic, you get support.

When you have down-loaded a business plugin/theme without having to pay for it through a twist web site, you don't earn our support. After all, just because you bought the item didn't mean you shouldn't be cute. Always be kind to the support staff. Please be kind. Always try to fix the most frequent WordPress issues.

Best way to test plug-in conflict is to disable all WordPress plug-ins and enable them individually. Whenever you ask for WordPress support, you always want to be cute. If you have any further question about WordPress, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via our website or our webcam.

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