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These are the best WordPress Helpdesk plugins for customer support. This is ONE Support Ticket Systems number on WordPress.ORG.

Best 7 WordPress Customer Support Ticket System Plugins

Contented clients are crucial to the overall sucess of any service-oriented company. Whether you want to provide your clients with leading-edge technology or create an on-line marketing platform to drive your product, you need to make sure your clients are pleased with the level of customer experience you provide.

Oral propaganda is the best way of advertising and for this to occur, you should take all possible measures to solve the problems addressed by your clients quickly and in an organised way. Keeping in constant contact with your clients is essential to build a trusting and respectful customer-base.

Establishing a dedicated Help Desk can help you stay in touch with your clients. In addition, it can be the easiest way to solve client disputes and systematically answer their questions and grievances. When your corporate website is WordPress driven, it's easy to create a ticket-based support system.

A number of plug-ins are available, both free and paid, that give you the functionality you need to effectively manage a support system. Let's take a look at some of the top valued and feature-rich WordPress client service system plug-ins. IncTicketing is an end-to-end end-to-end support system that includes a ticket system, database, and trouble-shooter, all in a unified suite.

InkTicketing is the best choice if you are looking for a way to communicate with your clients and solve their problems in a well organised and professionally way. Whether you operate an e-commerce website or a service-based on-line store, this plug-in can smoothly consolidate all customer-centric operations under one umbrella.

Although the system is equipped with a clear and concise graphical display, clients can inform themselves about the operation of the system in the section Knowledgebase. In addition, the Troubleshooter section can act as a self-supporting gateway and allow end-users to resolve their problems on their own - without having to create a support pass.

It comes with a full messaging system that can be customized to automatically deliver e-mail alerts to clients. It' a great way to keep your clients up to date on the status of their ticket. IncTicketing allows you to prioritise your ticket according to the type of request so that higher prioritised ticket can be viewed immediately.

Support an indefinite number of support agent. They can assign support staff to certain divisions and the issues can be forwarded to them accordingly. If required, you can also assign your ticketing to other divisions. Ticketing can help support staff allocate the workload according to their band widths.

Comes with a developer license, which means you can use the plug-in on an infinite number of sites. Given the large amount of equipment, the purchase seems to be justifiable. Overall, if the budgets are not limited, InkTicketing is the way to deliver your best possible services to your clients.

IncTicketing functions: An end-to-end ticket issuing support system designed for all kinds of on-line shops and e-commerce sites. Provides troubleshooting for the user to resolve their problems themselves. Extensive messaging system with automatic mail notifications. Support interrogation filtering using various parameter settings. Possibility to set prioritization of ticket according to request category.

Unrestricted number of support employees, as well as the number of support staff, as well as the number of support items and divisions. Departmental allocation of tickets for workload distribution. Unrestricted licence and lifelong support. Periodic upgrades for advanced functionality. One of the world' s premier plug-ins for WordPress web pages. It is an outstanding option for interaction with your clients and fostering a working relation.

The system has a multitude of functions that suitably supplement all your demands on your CRM. This plug-in allows you to customize your own field so that you can gather the information you want from your clients. A clearly laid out graphical environment will help clients to generate their enquiries with ease.

Clients have the option to select the ticketing preference and division affected. Automatically convert e-mail to ticketing.

Possibility to order ticket by precedence, division, date or other user-defined field. The Awesome Support is probably the best open code ticket system plug-in for WordPress. It is free to use and you can add the plug-in to any number of sites. Joining your support team is as easy as download a compressed version, install it on your desktop, and activate it from your plug-in repository. What you need to do is get it up and running.

It is good enough to be able to use all the general functionality of a helpdesk support system, but if you are looking for advanced features, there are a number of additional features that can be bought seperately. Constructed with the Titan Framework, most adjustments in this plug-in are adjustable. A Helpdesk agent can be used to administer and react to your ticket.

This also allows the user to append attachments to their ticket as well. Great support features: Open Software Licence - You can use the plug-in for free. Possibility to create several Helpdesk Agent. Support for uploading data. Support e-mail notifications. Multilingual support - available in English, French, Netherlands, Hungary, Italian, Portugal, Spain, Swedish, Persic, and Polish.

There must be something unique about a plug-in that can wear some of the world's top names like Warner Bros, Sennheiser and Whirlpool. The HappyFox Helpdesk has some unique functions to be among the best. HappyFox is a multi-faceted, ticket-based client support system that allows you to systematically track all your client interaction, as well as your responses, grievances, compliments and requests.

It is a cloud-based application that can be easily incorporated into your WordPress website via a single call to the Application Programming Interface (API). It can also be installed on your WordPress Dashboard using the classic plug-in setup method. Easily display and edit your ticket using your WordPress dashboard. Frequently asked questions and knowledgebase sessions are designed to help the user create a ticket.

The HappyFox software provides multilingual support and is available in over 35 different programming interfaces. It is fully reactive so your clients can purchase your ticket conveniently from their hand-held device. All your information is high-security with integrated SSL support and you can limit ticket accessibility by maintaining your privacy settings. Last, but not least, you can sign up for a 30-day free evaluation to test the system before you decide to spend your big hard-earned time.

The HappyFox Helpdesk functions: Display and administer your ticket via the WordPress dashboard. Multilingual support, available in 35 different tongues. The SupportEzzy Ticket System is a premier WordPress plug-in equipped with a comprehensive range of functions to help you administer your support work. Net, it is conceived in such a way that it is customer-friendly. While your support staff will enjoy the stylish and clearly laid out front-end design, they will have a feature-rich back-end user experience to display, monitor and edit your ticket.

With SupportEzzy you can easily generate an infinite number of issues, divisions, products as well as agent. Support user-defined arrays and files for upload as attached files to your ticketing. Support staff can find and organize tickets by issue ID, division, type of item or date. You can also send your own ticketing with your own memos to other wards.

Here you can adjust the ticketing priorities and the state. Confirmations and alerts are sent routinely to the customer's e-mail as soon as the issue is refreshed by a support representative. Clients can also e-mail a particular P.O. Box location to generate new ticketing. The SupportEzzy features: Possibility to generate indefinite tickets, divisions, products as well as agencies.

Support user-defined field. You can upload your data as a file attachment. Search and sort your issues as needed. Possibility of transferring messages between different divisions and/or agencies. ClickDesk Support, another open code WordPress website Ticketing system, differs from other similar plug-ins in the way it provides access to real-time chats, speech and music.

It is a combined package for client support that not only assists you in managing an organised ticket system, but also offers several ways to engage with your clients as needed. The plug-in is interoperable across browsers and reacts to natural environments. Support is provided for a number of different tongues. In addition to the ticket system, it allows your clients to use speech and web chat directly from your website without the need to install extra softwares.

Operators can respond to chat and videocalls via ClickDesk's on-line ClickDesk terminal or incorporate it into Google Talk or Skype. ClickDesk® Live can also give you detailed information about the customer's IP whereabouts and IP addresses. Includes ClickDesk Support features: Open Sourced Plug-in can be freely down-loaded from the WordPress Plug-in Depot.

Full featured client relationship manager offering ticket system, face-to-face chats, voicemail and streaming capabilities. Integrate G-Talk and Skype with online chats and videos. Multilingual support with "Click-to-Translate" function. Support Dynamo is a premier WordPress support system plug-in with many useful functions. There is an integrated CIM ( Customer Interaction Manager) to analyze customer behavior and preferences.

Not only does it give you an opportunity to communicate with your clients, it also allows you to get to know them well. Enables your customer to send support ticket via e-mail or via an easy-to-use Customer Support Portal (CSP), while you can handle your customer requests directly from your WordPress Dashboard.

With this fantastic ticket creation utility you can prioritise your ticket and allocate it with a user-defined state. You can also simply add a new user-defined box to your ticket system. Optionally, you can keep your support system open for your members only or allow unregistered users also.

You can also customize a number of functions such as Knowledge Management System (KMS), graphic report and analysis interfaces, ticketing metabox, client value calculation and the Dashboard widget. Your one-month schedule for a website begins at $9. 97 while you can choose to spend a one-time $199 charge and keep enjoying the fantastic functionality forever.

Dynamo functions supported: Support for more than one language. Choice of pure member support or open support for all. Using a Costumer Interaction Manager (CIM) to analyse customers' behaviour and preference. Integrated Costumer Support Portal (CSP) for creating and managing tickets. Enables you to adjust your tickets priorities and states. An integrated knowledge managment system (KMS).

Today's web-based companies don't consider a support ticketing system a priority, it's an order. Not only does it help create a great consumer experiences, but it also enables companies to engage with their consumers, know their tastes, and gain insight. When you' re on a tight squeeze, the open-source plug-ins are there to help you, but otherwise you should seriously invest in a reputable premier support system piece of code to better service your clients and take the relationships to the next levels.

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