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drag-and-drop page creator for WordPress More than 40+ pro style styles are built into the Builder (and our roster of styles is growing!). Create and construct by drag and drop items with one click. Organize virtually all of your grid grids using the Builder's columns option. These are reusable parts which can be added to the Builder.

Styles everything from colour, backgrounds, fonts, distance, borders and even the entire subject colour! Builder has its own caching system that can reduce the amount of servers resource and speed up page processing. The contents created within the Builder are 100% 100% compatible with SQL and can be fully indexed by webmasters. The Builder is built modularly and optimised for better throughput.

The Builder works with individual WordPress locations or multi-page workflows. With the Builder you can run as many web pages as you like! Builder kernel is fully compliant with WordPress localization so you can easily localize to any translation you like. Do you need more than what is contained in the Builder module? The Builder is fully extensible by the installation of add-ons!

The Builder plug-in is designed to work with any topic and offers a full back and forth warranty should it not work with your chosen topic. Stand-alone Builder plug-in works with any WordPress topic and offers a 30-day back-warranty. Is it possible to use the Builder plug-in to build topics? The Builder plug-in is not a design change plug-in; it works alongside the design in use.

It is the Builder plug-in to change the contents with the help of Drag&Drop-Module. Is it possible to use the Builder plug-ins after my subscription has expired? Yes, you can still keep and use the Builder plug-in that you already download during your subscription. Does the Builder plug-in come with the Club Member Pack?

The Master Club only contains the Builder plug-in and all other topics and plug-ins. Builder plug-in is fully compliant with StudioPress, WooThemes and other premier content.

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