Wordpress Template Detector

Worpress template detector

The WordPress Topic Detector: An updated and enhanced resource for detecting themes and plugins. The WordPress Theme Detector, the free on-line tools for detecting themes and plug-ins used by WordPress websites, has just been relaunched with a new look and new functions. What's most striking for the end users, however, is the new UI used to view the recognition results, which now contains many detail that has never been provided before.

Indeed, the recognition utility now provides so much information that its outputs had to be divided into several foldable parts (child topic, parent topic, themes provider, plug-ins, etc.). Rather than a spreadsheet containing the information gathered from the style sheet and a listing of plug-in designations with insecure link information, you now get a full review of the analyzed website with up-to-date real-time information, topic prevalence, plug-ins and vendors, and statistics.

In most cases the utility will also tell you whether a topic or plug-in is free, paid for, free, or even user-defined. Regarding the overall topic, the utility will tell you that prototype is a free topic (it's actually free, but you can get help and extra help by subscribing ) and provide link to the author's page and downloading and demonstration of the topic:

Then, the topic vendor detail is shown in a new section. As the topic hybrids are ranked 48th in the statistics of the WPThemeDetector Top Thread Providers, even information about the provider's attractiveness is displayed: According to the section theme(s) and provider(s) it is finally up to you to find out about the recognized plugs.

Lots of new features have been added in this version, such as an picture for each plug-in, its specification, information that the plug-in is free, whether it is free or not, whether it is free or free, or more popular. With the exception of some plug-ins, which have not yet been recognized by the Google searching function, the Download Plug-in function will now take you directly to every plugin:

Eventually, the utility will indicate whether the site uses CDN based servers or is host by a particular server that specializes in WordPress based server management to increase its speeds and throughput. In most cases there is no way to know whether a certain topic is free or premier, not to speak of a description or even a plug-in image.

Using the information from hundreds of search queries, WPThemeDetector also creates statistic summaries for top topics, plug-ins and vendors. Each of these updated reviews shows the development of rankings and stats and includes pictures and screen shots as well as description, fundamental price information (Free-Freemium premium), statistic information and some other functions (e.g. when a topic vendor provides a framework or has a price structure for topic clubs).

So if you've used WordPress Thread Detector before, but haven't seen the new face and new functionality yet, try it now and tell us what you think about the changes. As a Spanish telecommunications engineer, he is the inventor of WordPress Thread Detector and currently participates in several WordPress project.

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