Wordpress Template Editor Software

Worpress Template Editor Software

I' ve always imagined a point, click and create frontend design software. Site-Editor PRO - WordPress Site Builder, WordPress Site Builders, WordPress Site Builders, WordPress Site Builders, WordPress Site Builders, WordPress Site Builders, WordPress Site Builders, WordPress Site Builder and Page Builder Which is the Site Editor? The Site Editor is the most efficient Site Builder developed for WordPress. It' a high-performance, progressive, easy-to-use front-end editor that lets you create your website with just a few clicks of the mouse and full of full featured features. Site-Editor is also a high-performance front-end development environment.

And why Site Editor? Cause you can make your website more efficient, more flexible and much quicker. The Site Editor allows you to easily and quickly generate all parts of your website such as pages, topic,... in an integrated front-end editor. When you are not a programmer and want to make an awesome and nice website, Site Editor has the best tool for it.

Add footers, headers, and other topic lines to all pages by dragging and dropping, or specify pages, and add all pages and messages by dragging and dropping. Actually, you don't need a CODING KNOWLEDGE in order to design your website. When you are a programmer, you can quickly and simply design your custom topics and plug-ins with our front-end platforms, resulting in very user-friendly enhancements and more satisfied workstations.

The Site Editor headers constructor allows you to build your own user-defined headers and applies them to all pages or a group of pages. So does the Flooter constructor; you can adjust page headings, and in top of that, you can build any user-defined open lines for the subject area and use them on all pages or specify pages.

Actually, you can edit your design in our frontend editor fully. It is our most exclusiv features and does not exists on other WordPress plugs. For the first of its kind, this function is implemented by the Site Editor. Use the Site Editor to build all of the site's page contents, such as page contents, postings, and user-defined mail type.

To do this, you simply need to add simple plug & play to your page contents and modify the plug-in options while seeing exactly what it looks like. Site Editor allows you to quickly, simply and truly build page contents in real time. View the changes as you make them in a front-end editor, and after changing each item, you can see changes on your page and no longer need to toggle between the administration pane and website to see the changes.

There are +30 types of options in our Options Framework, including : All text on the pages can be edited conveniently with our text editor. Even manipulate all your postings, page content, and even topic text with this high-performance text editor. Now you can visualize the style of all your items, themes and pages and even without programming skills.

Let your fantasy run wild and realize any demanding and professionally designed lay-out in the graphical editor and experience the changes first-hand. When you are a Topic Engineer, Site Editor lets you create your designs very quickly and simply. With the front-end options-framework you can add all your topic option and your Page builder module and also synchronize our module with your own designs.

When you are a plugin programmer, you can create your plugins in our front-end editor with front-end option frameworks and test them in the editor. Note 1: To test these features in our editor, you must enable them in WordPress Admin > SiteEditor > General Settings > Developer Sample Options. 2.

AND IT WORKS WITH ALL TOPICS. You can modify the topics as often as you like, Site Editor works with them. Each part of a Site Editor such as moduls, skin,... is well adapted to the display dimensions and you can define reactive settings for each modul and see the changes in our previews of the Site Editor.

The Site Editor allows you to build an amazingly appealing website layout.

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